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Horizontal directional drilling as a method of communal equipment, tracks Equipment engineering roads is one of the main events dealt with by municipal services. The traditional method for performing such a job is considered to be equipment of trenches. However, it cannot be used at the intersection of the working area with highways. In this case, it applies trenchless technology. For several decades, is popular for horizontal directional drilling. Features [...]

The Popularity of wooden houses, Many private house owners think that home from a bar and a wooden frame inferior to their concrete and brick counterparts in the competition. Yes, this is the truth, the concrete, brick or stone have now become the most preferred material than wood in the construction of private housing, but this does not mean that the construction of the wood does not have a positive [...]

What are the properties of the brick Brick is a building material with centuries of history. Many cities boast historic brick buildings Dating back a hundred, two or even more years. Brick as the main building material for the construction of foundations and walls are still relevant today, surpassing many of the properties of some modern building materials. What are the properties of a brick? Strength On the strength of the brick is inferior [...]

Construction, repair and maintenance of swimming pools Swimming is one of the few alternatives to maintain excellent physical shape and health. But not everyone can afford to constantly fly to the warm sea or visit a sports club with swimming pool. And the problem is no longer financial and time constraints. After all, the life of a successful modern man is continuous hold "hands [...]

Industrial dismantling of buildings the Demolition of worn-out or lost your buildings need need in many cases. Such works have their own characteristics, requiring the involvement of experts as to obtain an optimum result during removal and for the safety of the people surrounding buildings. When it is necessary to remove Usually there are several situations for partial or total demolition, analysis of structures [...]

The House of the profiled bars from the company BrusGost At all times wooden houses were particularly popular. And all due to the fact that wood is an environmentally friendly and natural material. In addition, modern technology of construction of houses of timber allows you to build quickly and efficiently. Especially if we are talking about the company BrusGost. Particularly the construction of wooden houses Shaped beam deserve [...]

The House of the profiled bars Urban dwellers in the choice of material for the construction of the cottage in the first place is thinking about sustainability. For this indicator, the lead wood. House of timber not only environmentally friendly, beautiful and unique, but also allow you to build a cottage in a fairly short time. The advantages of profiled bar Selection of building materials for country houses large enough: brick, aerated and [...]

The advantages of wooden houses Before you build a house, you must choose a primary building material. As a rule, for proper material selection must take into account many factors, among which special mention climatic conditions, assignment, and security buildings. Among the best known of the modern materials used to build houses, you can mark the wood. This material is familiar to the builders since ancient times. Thanks to a unique [...]

How to build a house of timber Choosing the inexpensive option of wooden houses, developers often focus on one type of beam — neprofesiona or profiled. Beams makes it a versatile all round performance. Timber homes are built relatively recently when compared with rounded log. However, within a short period timber houses received only positive characteristics and [...]

Technology construction Technology construction of cottages are based primarily on the choice of the architectural style of the building, and taking into account all the peculiarities of the territory of the location of future buildings. Traditionally, depending on the chosen technology and the applied construction materials cottage house divided on the Assembly frame, wooden frame, Assembly frame and panel and cottages with frame-bruscolini walls. The emergence and popularity of the Assembly and frame technology owes America, where [...]

A Fence made of concrete: is it worth to build? Today many private homes around can be seen fences made of concrete. Some people consider them a model for reliability and style, the other is impermissible simplicity and the lack of taste of the owners home. To understand all the nuances, you need to begin to study the issue. Undoubtedly, about emotions-it is difficult to tell, as even the cost of concrete [...]

Prefabricated panel houses In today's dynamic cities, more and more people are thinking about their own country house, however, the specifics of building a house using traditional methods (so-called capital construction), forcing many to abandon this idea because the capital building is a long, expensive process that requires constant attention, monitoring and direct involvement of the customer. In this case, comes to the aid of [...]

Machine for piling the Construction of the Foundation is a very important stage in the construction of any building or structure. To transfer loads from structures on the durable layer of soil, not enough to seal the dense soil is usually used pile foundations. Piles hammered into the rock by the amount, and depending on the conditions of construction are selected individually, different material (concrete, metal, [...]

The Process of the construction team building the Creation of your home by a team of skilled professionals, focused on your needs. One of the contractors has completed its cycle of operations, and the other just started - it all happens under the guidance of the superintendent of your Builder. He or she will manage a small staff, to monitor the quality of their work and to uphold the interest of the parties. Key members of this [...]

What is the piling work? Piling work is piling to increase the bearing capacity of weak soils. They help to reduce the load on the soil and to protect the land from the water. Piles are installed in the Foundation of houses, bridges, towers bridges, in short, all the buildings, poor soil or a lot of moisture. Very often piling works are indispensable for the construction of [...]