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Heat Meters: the problem or the right solution Most people think that, after installation in the apartment gas meters, water and heat, they free themselves from the grueling calculations and trials with "community services". About gas and water, perhaps. But with heat measuring devices is not so smooth. Say warm in kilograms not measured, and "the glass is not [...]

Fans of industrial purposes and their varieties the Main types of industrial fans and related components are presented: 1. Axial, centrifugal and roof. 2. Air-heating units. 3. Equipment for ducts of circular and rectangular shape. 4. Shumoizolyatsionnye fans. Let us characterize a number of types of such equipment. Fans of axial type is a generic type of the equipment categories considered as intended for use [...]

The Potato for vegetable farms farms use different agricultural machines. Attachments tractor equipment is popular among consumers. Farmers and agriculture use canopies at tractor in order to effectively cultivate the land to grow crops. It is profitable to buy grain thrower for storage of cereals in the Internet. The device allows you to quickly store the grain, to ship grain crops in the cargo [...]

A Large selection of hoists in the Internet the electric Telpher popular lifting equipment, widely used in various sectors of the economy, including in construction. The device is equipped with a powerful drive system, which allows to develop rather high speed of moving loads in both vertical and horizontal planes. It can be used both independently and as part of a cantilever and bridge, and [...]

Features of the model circulation pump Alpha3 Products Grundfos is represented on the consumer market a large range of fluid pumping units. Among the models of pumps have products that are different high-tech solutions for the organization of work of systems of water supply, heating or Sewerage. Very popular installation, is capable of operation to perform not only basic, but also auxiliary functions. Series models are characterized by high Alpha [...]

Obtaining nitrogen nitrogen is mainly used to produce fertilizers and explosives. In the oil and gas industry it is used to improve the performance of wells and extinguish fires. To obtain special designed nitrogen unit, which manufactures it in high enough concentrations. With the help of such systems in engineering are doing nitriding (saturation) of the surface of metal parts to increase [...]

Pneumatic forging hammer forging MA4129 At the enterprises of machine-building, shipbuilding, forging shops are widely used pneumatic forging hammer. It is used to perform various operations: hole piercing, precipitation, broaches, cutting hot metal on the flat and shaped dies and many other works. One of the most popular models of this fixture is a blacksmith air hammer forging MA4129. With the help of this [...]

How to clean electronic equipment? Cleaning electronic equipment is not a difficult art, but you should know the basics of handling devices during this procedure not to damage them. We'll show you how to clean the casing, screens, cables and keyboard, gadgets from consumer electronics. Electronic equipment, like any other object in the house, over time, collects different [...]

Landscaping as part of the installation process pool Not many people, installing a pool, think about his gardening. In General, this idea should be part of the planning process prior to installation. Let's say you want to install a pool in his back yard. You thought how it will really look like? Imagine a hole in the ground filled with water. The picture is not very impressive. Therefore you should think [...]

Gasholder choose wisely Gasification system an Autonomous system is a system which is simply indispensable for country houses, as it is considered the most economical solution. In such a system, the main element of the gas tank. Actually he looks like a tank, which is used to store liquefied gas mixtures. Such containers have different volumes sizes, from small to [...]

Features facade fillings Selection of ready-made facade putty — quality in priority. Any construction or repair involves carrying out works that require time, effort and money. Ready plaster is a cost – effective and quick solution of all "repair" problems, moreover, it is advantageous in terms of reliability and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the carefully selected composition containing cement, minerals, and modifying [...]

The Use of antifreeze in the heating system When the heating boiler is installed in a country house, it is necessary at the design stage to find a suitable coolant to circulate through the heating system and warmed the room. Coolant for the heating system can serve plain water or special coolant. Water can be used only if you are sure that the heating system will not be [...]

Sandblasting brickwork Sandblasting is the influence of compressed air on the surface of a variety of material using sand or other abrasive powder under high pressure. Abrasive cleaning can remove designs with old paint, rust, dirt, and other contaminants. The most common use of sandblasting is the construction and repair work. With the development of infrastructure and building of these cities [...]

Boilers with atmospheric and fan burners Gas boilers are considered the most reliable and powerful heating systems installed in most rural homes. In reality, all gas-fired boilers are divided into two main categories – equipped atmospheric and fan burners. Which ones are considered the best? From the point of view of reliability – boilers with a simple atmospheric burner as a priority choice. [...]

How to choose a gate for a country house? Many owners of country houses prefer to use facing brick or stone to create a beautiful fence. Such materials are perfectly combined street gates made of metal. They give the house a stylish and solid appearance, especially if the input metal doors Solnechnogorsk, Lobnya Moscow and other cities have already appreciated this combination. [...]