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The Art of being a woman it's not just empty words for them is difficult bumpy road of self-improvement, learning most of yourself, we want to try a little easier for you this way tips, knowledge, information about all the intricacies of being women.

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Varices gives way to onion skin. Varicose veins cause pain in feet, swelling, fatigue. Will help the sore legs onion peel. Prepare a decoction of onion peel, the stronger the better. Before going to sleep make a foot bath by adding warm water and onion broth. the Duration of the bath is 15-20 minutes. Opolaskivaniem feet with cool water. is Then rubbed into the skin massaging movements onion oil. To prepare onion oil. For the 5 a handful of carefully mashed powder onion peel pour 100 ml of olive oil, add 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar and insist in a dark place for 2 weeks. Onion oil will combine the cosmetic effect of foot lotion and a remedy for varicose veins. Be healthy!

The Wiener Schnitzel. The name "Wiener schnitzel", tells about his belonging to the Viennese, more Austrian cuisine. the Wiener schnitzel is a thinly repulsed veal or pork, breaded in bread crumbs and fried in plenty of oil until Golden brown.

Men's tears Salad is not just salad, but a dream, because it combines the most delicious products. It is no secret that men have a weakness for a delicious and hearty meat. Then the salad "Male tears" is exactly what you need. Be sure, after trying this salad, your husband cry with delight and joy.

Salad Venice — one of the few salads that everybody likes. Variations of this dish abound. It can be prepared with smoked meat or sausage, with pickled cucumbers, mushrooms, carrots in Korean, pineapple and so on. Any of the recipes has its own flavor and incredibly tasty.

Prepare yourself cake with yoghurt cream is easy if you know some secrets of dessert. It has a lovely creamy taste, low calorie and delicate soft texture. Adults and kids love dessert for palatability and hostess for ease of manufacture.

Little, who doesn't love soup in all its manifestations. Our recipe will help you prepare a fast and delicious soup at home. the Recipe is simple — All the ingredients finely crumble, then all diluted with yogurt. the classic Okroshka on kefir Ingredients 3 cucumbers; 2 radishes; salt; the bunch of greens of dill and onion; boiled water; 4 boiled potatoes; 1 liter of yogurt; 3 boiled eggs; 50 ml lemon juice or vinegar; 300 g of the cooked sausage. the Method of preparation 1. Bunch of green onions opolaskivaniem, dry and finely chop. Put in a pan and RUB with salt with a pestle. 2. Cucumbers and radishes soaked in cold water, dry and finely crumble. 3. Shoot with boiled in their skins potato skins. Two potatoes, finely crumble and mash one potato with a...

How nice to see kids who are dressed nice and fashionable! Today we will try to link summer hat for girls. In the stores the choice of Panama is incredibly high, but what could be nicer than their hands to associate his beloved daughter comfortable and practical headdress in the form of Panama! Summer hat (beanie) crochet knit video lesson or master class

French Meat can be cooked any kind of meat. Tender and juicy meat and delicious cheese verhushechka – mmmm... yum! recipe meat in French +pork. My blog find on following phrases trees beaded photo Necklace beaded master class rose from satin ribbon MK necklace in a bunch of trees from beads of schemes and photos of cross stitch houses scheme Client for WordPress review Rating: 0

Unusual decorative scarf with a pretty arancini weaves and is knitted on the needles of good woolen yarn. Conceived as a stylish accessory of the wardrobe, can be in a whole new light discreet jacket or coat. But in bad weather he, undoubtedly, will be useful. scarf Length 254 cm, width – 23 cm will take a lot of Yarn, 700 g. the Density of knitting is as follows: 10x10 cm work, if you go 13 rows of loops 16 (Fri). the legend — lcpt – facial PT; — izpt – reverse PT; — SN – remove PT; — ZR – at work, — PR – before work; — ZS – rear wall; — SN – anterior wall; — 3 FR Auburn 1 yo; 3 izpt; down yo PT 3; — 4-p RPC – SN 1 PT for SP/GSP SP; 3 lcpt; 1 izpt with SP/GSP; — 4-p LPC — SN 3 PT for SP/GSP PR; 1 izpt; 3 lcpt with SP/GSP; — 5-p RPC – CH 2 PT for SP/GSP...

We Offer to your attention a very simple video recipe tat. even if this recipe does not claim to the title of authentic Tatar recipe, nonetheless it is practicality and availability of ingredients. and most importantly — belyashi obtained amazingly delicious... Watch the video recipe TAT. Rating: 0

In the human body at the same time a huge number of processes. If one of them fails — it affects all organs in varying degrees. It is therefore very important to understand the alarm signals the body sends us. You can learn about 13 important symptoms and advice on how to respond to them. the Human body is a fully self-regulating system. It focuses on the restoration of disturbed functions and maintaining life expectancy. But the body can recover only under the condition that a person follows a correct mode of work, sleep, rest, nutrition, and shows daily physical activity to the extent necessary. Many of us don't pay attention to it. But it is always better to fix the problem initially than to deal with complications. WHAT are SIGNALS the BODY is telling...

Great recipe for a festive cake with chicken, mushrooms, potatoes, eggs and fresh herbs. To prepare the most delicious cake we need — One can of mushrooms (marinated) three Hundred grams. chicken (fillet) Two pieces of carrot Three pieces potatoes Three pieces of chicken egg Three pieces cucumber (salty) Two slices of peppers (pickled) One can of corn (marinated) One bunch of green onions three Hundred grams. mayonnaise to taste — peppers (ground) salt to taste 1. Boil carrots with potatoes in the skin and eggs , cool and peel. Cans of corn and mushrooms open and drain the liquid. 2. Chicken fillet cut, salt and pepper and fry in oil for 3-4 minutes until a beautiful Golden brown, you can add spices for chicken. 3. Prepared carrots, potatoes, eggs...

The Rhythm of modern life, poor diet, stress – all this leads to a significant decrease in immunity and an overall decline in strength of our body, prolonged stay in such a state inevitably leads to the aggravation of chronic and new diseases. We have prepared for you a selection of unique recipes to strengthen the body, restore the lost strength and boosting the body's defenses. Drinks and extracts to restore the lost forces: 1st recipe: lemon honey jelly. Dilute three tablespoons spoon of starch with half a glass of cooled boiled water and mix thoroughly with fresh juice of two lemon, put on low heat and cook until thick, then remove from heat. Wait until the jelly has cooled a bit (at least up to 45 degrees), then add the honey. 2nd recipe: to make the...

Today I will share with you my favorite recipe for easy homemade cake on kefir. Such as a fermented milk product kefir is a favorite beverage of many people. They say that kefir is a medicine that rejuvenates and helps against aging. Prepare pie yogurt with jam: — Pour jam into a container, add the baking soda and the resulting mixture mix thoroughly. — In a separate container will try to whisk the eggs and sugar. Then pour in yogurt, add vanilla sugar. Slowly add flour and thoroughly mix. — In the dough add jam with soda, mix into a homogeneous mass. — grease the pan with oil. Pour the finished batter into the pan, distributing the batter across the surface. — Baked pie on the yogurt with the jam in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees Celsius for 25-35...

We often refuse sweet fruit, afraid that the sweet fruits are high in calories and eating them increases our weight, and consequently to be overweight. This can be overlooked when you turn in your diet — dates. the First question is, what is contained in the dates and how they will help us to lose weight? the Dates fruit is sweet to the taste, eating a dozen dates already you already want is not dates, but just to drink, you get thirsty. This is normal, this product is excess sugar contains fructose and glucose, as well as elemental such as Riboflavin, Niacin, vitamins B6, B1, B12, vitamins A and C. in Addition a number of salts and trace elements such as zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron, sodium, manganese, boron, cobalt, selenium, sulfur, cadmium...