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News site about Volgograd and regional events. News, politics, Economics and incidents

News site about Volgograd and regional events. News, politics, Economics and incidents

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Documents kept in the archives of the children's camp named Guli korolevoy found scattered in the desert from near Orlovka. The answer to the question, why of paper that contain personal data of children and their parents, were thrown, should give a service check.

14-year-old girl named Julia, a native of Volga, died 7th Oct. However, her mother asked the police for help, not from a girl and before this case was sometimes gone for a couple of days. Then the girl found friends and everything is back to normal. But now she was gone for too long and it took police and volunteers.

In the near future in the village of Srednyaya Akhtuba is planned the construction of the club sport aviation, as well as the center, where it will be military-Patriotic education, in which citizens will be trained for military service. In addition, it is planned to conduct pilot training La small aircraft. It is not excluded the possibility that it will assemble the planes.

Young flamingos, dying of cold and hunger, discovered on the river Targun. It is assumed that he was lost, repulsed from the pack. Gusev, who is Deputy of the state Duma, is now looking for a zoo, whose experts would be able to catch an exotic bird and provide it with proper care.

9 Nov Buhantseva on the street about the house No. 66 under the wheels of the car were two men. The incident occurred in a residential yard. Pedestrians standing on the roadway, and they were moving the car brand Cadillac. The driver after the incident fled, but law enforcement officers managed to apprehend him after a few hours.

For several years the residents of Volgograd region are concerned about the time zone. Hundreds of people are wondering - what is the ideal time for our region. Volgograd lawmakers have given the nod to conduct General survey and roughly involve the holding of a referendum on 18 March 2018.

The Number of retailers in the Volgograd region increases. Almost every month new shops are opening in different areas. "Pyaterochka", "Magnet", "Pokipoki" and other networks are displacing small shops. For 2017 from January to September in these stores sold goods worth more than 93 billion rubles.

Today held another round of football national League Russia. Met a Dynamo (Saint Petersburg) and the Rotor (Volgograd).The game was held at the stadium "Zenit" in Volgograd, a special experience for the fans was not impressed and ended in a goalless draw.

Currently is preparing to complete construction of the long-awaited bridge through the river Akhtuba. At the end of December it is planned to open the movement of vehicles through the new bridge. But the full completion of construction deferred to 2018. When you will learn the new route?

In the 12th arbitration court of Saratov the decision to confirm the verdict of the local court. He decided to keep with the JSC "Gamesinterracial" debt in the amount of 112 million rubles and 10 million rubles as interest for using other people's money (in total more than 123 million). Funds were sought in favor of the "Rise of Finance".

Since the beginning of the academic year in educational institutions of the Volga began to introduce the idea of cashless payment in the canteen. Parents stated that schools will be equipped with terminals, and the children will be able to choose food, and after paying her with a specially decorated card.

Real estate Investors of residential complex "Octoberfeast" was held a new protest action. They camped near the city hall of the Volga. Each tent indicate the number of uncompleted flats. The so-called housewarming party called the Governor to the mayor of the village.

The City ended up in 99th place in the ranking of hundreds of large Russian cities regarding the prices and standard of living. In a survey of rotor, which asked whether they felt comfortable to live in Volgograd and whether they are monthly earnings, they put their city estimate of 3.9 points out of 10 available.

LTD "Volgogradsetremont" is an endless correspondence with the administration Kotelnikovo. According to Director of the construction company, they construct two homes intended for military personnel. The contract with the Department of the Ministry of defence was signed in April last year.

The Level of housing prices in the city since the beginning of the year decreased by 24%. According to the Association of builders of Volgograd region leads to the collapse of prices. Now the price sq. m. in the secondary market equal to 42 495 rubles. Many tend to buy property because I see this as a profitable investment of funds.