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Hockey coach, led in the 90-ies of the Moscow "Dynamo" victory in the championship of Russia, having worked in various teams of the KHL, and now the coach of the Nizhny Novgorod women's team "SKIF" Vladimir Golubovich shared c AllHockey.Ru my opinion about the first the past games of the conference semifinals.

Honored coach of Russia Yuriy Novikov has shared with the correspondent AllHockey.Ru his opinion about the forthcoming series of the second round of the playoffs Cup of Gagarin, and also elaborated on a series between SKA and "the Dynamo" which should be the decoration of the conference semifinals.

In recent years, our consciousness has come a long way and became perceived as normal and ordinary, something that until recently was wild and impossible. And now we come to the fact that March 8 don't know whom to congratulate: whether women, as we have been doing all my life, whether judges, or our favorite players.

Fettered severe Siberian frost pond "southern", which is located among multi-storey buildings of one of the districts of Tyumen, 11 Feb 2017 participants of the hockey tournament "Red Bull Helmet and Leathers" fought on the ice with abandon, without any discount for extreme weather conditions.

Almost a week reduced the site of the "Jubilee" was preparing the national team for the premiere showing of its capacity on Thursday evening. And this evening, the match against the Czechs finally came. About him and the accompanying entourage of journalists correspondent AllHockey.Ru from the scene.

Died down fanfare of the recent "Gagarin" Sharma match for the Cup Opening. Ahead of the 11 matches in two days. The most interesting of which voyage SKA in Chelyabinsk and Kazan premiere of game with the "Slovan". About this and everything else in the previews of the games on 23 and 24 August from AllHockey.Ru.

It's 25th season (minus 2004/2005, when there was a lockout) in the history of "San Jose", and during this time they fell 18 times in the playoffs four times and played in the Conference finals before this season invariably losing streak, and finally got to the final. For the first time in their history, they will really compete for the Stanley Cup.

Long, cold and very busy hockey season came to an end. Here and collections are going on vacation. And those guys that were not included in the list of snarky, already enjoying a welcome rest. We decided to spy on the players, it is very interesting how they spend their free time.

Saturday game day of the world Cup finally will entirely consist of meetings worthy each other opponents. And it's no wonder the semi-finals should get the strongest, otherwise what's the point in the entire tournament? About the chances of a team winning in the preview AllHockey.Ru.

Flown by on one breath world Junior championship in Grand forks again thoroughly gilded Finnish hockey system. First at home in Helsinki at the youth championship, and then on the overseas ice UCM-2016 Finns wiped his nose all leading hockey powers.

Today in "the West" can be defined the second finalist. If this happens, it seems, already nobody will be surprised. AllHockey.Ru trying to understand how the keys look, which managed to pick up in St. Petersburg, for the sixth match back to the course of the series into their own hands.

The Seventh of February will be the fourth match under the name of "Russian classics". This year it will be dedicated to the game 50 years ago, we would never know. AllHockey.Ru names five reasons why everyone who calls themselves a fan of hockey, can not miss this event.

Having Beaten Denmark, Sweden clinched first place in group "a". Ending the cycle of materials about the major faces of the tournament favorites, AllHockey.Ru calls those who contributed to this result the team, which was appreciated, but mainly below has been evaluated by North Americans.

Grand Eastern conference from Omsk had a ball of confidence for a young professional. Homegrown, but from Junior hockey. In fact, the assistants Kornoukhov picked up a match for yourself. The headquarters of the coaches, however, have already sunk into oblivion. But the reality for "avant-Garde" is becoming harder.

Every season in the KHL there are new young talents that his game chew out a place in the starting lineup, displacing veterans by the wayside. But today we will talk not about them. What about the ones who despite his already advanced age continues to progress, showing excellent results.