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THE DEAD: Beginning for Android is a Stunning action game in which you have to defend the city, joining the team. All you need is to pick up a powerful weapon and destroy the walking dead by any means, but if you will attack a large group of zombies, then just launch a grenade at them. Destroy hordes of evil and travel through huge locations. In the game you will find exciting gameplay, three-dimensional generation graphics, intuitive interface and simple operation, but also have the ability to pump your character. Screenshots, Video Info

Rock Bandits — Adventure Time on Android — a Stunning platformer with elements of arcade, where you play as a character named Finn and help him and his friends to bring fans who were kidnapped by Ice king with his rock band. In the game you need to go on a dangerous journey to defeat all evil opponents using blade and super hit faithful dog. Go 4 colorful Kingdom, destroy the competition in music and bring their fans back. The game has excellent graphics, exciting plot and a great soundtrack. Screenshots, Video Info

CreeHack (Krichak) – is an amazing application created specifically for fans of all free. This utility gives the opportunity to make purchases of all sorts of game resources in the Google Play Market without hacking Your Android device. That is, in order to play a paid game there is no need to elevate to super user. Krichak is characterized by its speed of operation and practical hacks all games in a couple of clicks. To hack the game, you must run CreeHack in the background. In the device settings choose "Stop" the Google Play service. Then make the necessary purchases and enjoy free games. This program will be useful in those games where initially they can be downloaded free of charge, and in the game you need to buy all sorts of game resources. It can be...

Epic Pool is an unusual Billiards for Android users. This game was developed for fans of pool. However, the developers decided to distract the player from the same type of classic pool and added in puzzle elements. To get points, players will get a lot of unusual obstacles. In different places before you can be piles of bottles, fans, that powerful stream of air may blow the ball from the right path and jumps and all sorts of traps. You have to remember all the laws of physics to avoiding the traps the ball got to the destination.

Subway Simulator 2: London is a fascinating realistic simulation of the underground of London. In this game you can become a real subway driver. The plot and game controls are very simple. You will need to carry passengers and to observe the rules of driving a train. With each mission you have to carry more and more passengers, for which he received remuneration. However, in no event it is impossible to exceed the speed limit. The motion of the train will accelerate faster than 110 km/h, and when approaching the next station to have time to slow down to 50km/h and stop in the designated place. Not to get penalty points. Once you manage to earn enough money you can buy new trains to accommodate more number of passengers. the Interior and the gameplay of...

Pokemon Go – multiplayer online RPG, which was expected by many people from all over the world. This game for a short time became extremely popular and now has many fans. So what is it unique you ask? Why some pokemon became so popular among mobile device users? Pokemon Go is unique in that thanks to the geolocation , you shift the game in your real world. You with the camera will find the pokemon in your city, in your reality. You will have pokebola, with which you will be able to get pokemon from other players or just following geolocation to look for them in your real world. This feature has attracted millions of users. Quick features start the game Pokemon Go. to play Pokemon on your mobile device needs to be GPS and permanent Internet access. If you...