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CreeHack (Krichak) – is an amazing application created specifically for fans of all free. This utility gives the opportunity to make purchases of all sorts of game resources in the Google Play Market without hacking Your Android device. That is, in order to play a paid game there is no need to elevate to super user. Krichak is characterized by its speed of operation and practical hacks all games in a couple of clicks. To hack the game, you must run CreeHack in the background. In the device settings choose "Stop" the Google Play service. Then make the necessary purchases and enjoy free games. This program will be useful in those games where initially they can be downloaded free of charge, and in the game you need to buy all sorts of game resources. It can be...

Epic Pool is an unusual Billiards for Android users. This game was developed for fans of pool. However, the developers decided to distract the player from the same type of classic pool and added in puzzle elements. To get points, players will get a lot of unusual obstacles. In different places before you can be piles of bottles, fans, that powerful stream of air may blow the ball from the right path and jumps and all sorts of traps. You have to remember all the laws of physics to avoiding the traps the ball got to the destination.

Subway Simulator 2: London is a fascinating realistic simulation of the underground of London. In this game you can become a real subway driver. The plot and game controls are very simple. You will need to carry passengers and to observe the rules of driving a train. With each mission you have to carry more and more passengers, for which he received remuneration. However, in no event it is impossible to exceed the speed limit. The motion of the train will accelerate faster than 110 km/h, and when approaching the next station to have time to slow down to 50km/h and stop in the designated place. Not to get penalty points. Once you manage to earn enough money you can buy new trains to accommodate more number of passengers. the Interior and the gameplay of...

Pokemon Go – multiplayer online RPG, which was expected by many people from all over the world. This game for a short time became extremely popular and now has many fans. So what is it unique you ask? Why some pokemon became so popular among mobile device users? Pokemon Go is unique in that thanks to the geolocation , you shift the game in your real world. You with the camera will find the pokemon in your city, in your reality. You will have pokebola, with which you will be able to get pokemon from other players or just following geolocation to look for them in your real world. This feature has attracted millions of users. Quick features start the game Pokemon Go. to play Pokemon on your mobile device needs to be GPS and permanent Internet access. If you...

Developer: KS Mobile Current version: 4.2 Requires Android version 2.2 and higher Price: Free With the development of smartphones sharply raises the question about saving battery on Android devices. Powerful processors, brighter displays — all this greatly consumes energy. And although the producers are trying to reduce the energy consumption of various components, but still a large number of new phones can boast of its long battery life. App Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) will help you significantly reduce the battery consumption on your device. This program shows exactly how much charge is still left and how you can save by disabling one or the other app will not allow you to prevent overcharging of the device. Battery Doctor is one of the best...

Playing games on personal computers, to work around limitations in any game resources, to increase their number and thus to make the passing game very simple, we used a very popular program called Artmoney (Artmania). For devices on Android devices this app is Game Guardian. Thanks to this wonderful program you do not have to spend not only time but money to buy some resources. To use Game Guardian is very simple. Those who once used the Artmoney program, all easily cope with this program. No wonder they call ArtMoney Game Guardian for Android. But, for those who have never done anything like this will be a brief instruction on polzovaniya. So, after running, minimize the program and start any game. After that, the screen will display a set of values and...

Umbrella Jump for Android mobile — fun arcade runner in which you have to control a funny character with an umbrella. Use your magical accessory to overcome a dangerous precipice or jump insidious, deadly traps, which will constantly meet on your way is not easy. As you progress through the levels, don't forget to collect unique power-UPS and stars, with which you will be able to unlock new characters, as well as pass difficult route section. The game will delight you with excellent drawn graphics, simple controls, addictive gameplay, lots of levels, and will give you hundreds of hours a good time. Screenshots Videos

Wave Raiders on Android is an Interesting three-dimensional shooter with elements of arcade game in which you must assemble and lead a team of brave pirates. Travel the seas, avoiding various obstacles encountered on your way, fight strong opponents and seize the treasure to build and improve yards, docks, warehouses, and other buildings. Upgrade your ship and suck the team, not to leave the slightest chance of winning to other players. In the game you will find excellent 3D graphics, exciting gameplay, simple and intuitive control and more. Screenshots Videos

Moto Cop Dash Android — a Great racing game in which you have to control the car and avoid different obstacles at high speed in heavy traffic. But because of illegal racing, you can not avoid police harassment. Blast through various obstacles using powerful weapons, as well as on the way to victory, remember to collect unique power-UPS that will help you in difficult times. In the game you are waited for by good graphics, addictive gameplay, breathtaking racing at a crazy speed, and more. Screenshots Videos

Run Run Super V on Android is Exciting arcade runner in which you have to manage five brave Rangers, complete quests, fight the insidious bosses and their army. In the game your given a choice of five characters, each of which has its own unique abilities and weapons. Also you always have the opportunity to choose a mission and like to "shoot" the enemy's ears. The game will please you with its exciting gameplay, simple to understand controls, excellent music and lots of interesting missions. Screenshots Videos

Zombie Cruise for Android — an Interesting quest with puzzle elements, made with a great an exciting storyline. It all started when a cruise liner has set sail on the Caribbean sea with a large number of tourists on Board. Everything was excellent until that moment, until the passengers discovered that the ship, strange things happen. But it was too late. A deadly virus has infiltrated the ship and the people began to turn into bloodthirsty walking dead. In the game you will find a large number of puzzles and riddles, the possibility of interacting with objects scattered around the ship, addictive gameplay, simple and intuitive control gameplay, excellent graphics and much more. Screenshots Videos

Miles From Tomorrowland on Android is an Interesting arcade game made by the same cartoon. In the game you have to go on an exciting journey with the main character and his faithful companion — a robotic ostrich named merc. During the stay on the planet, do not forget to collect different gems for that in the gaming supermarket you can purchase unique upgrades for your character and a rare bonus that will help you pass the difficult level. Screenshots Videos

SirVival for Android — a Fascinating arcade platformer, in which you must guide the knight through all the levels. While destroying all enemies in its path, avoiding devious traps, obstacles and jumping chasms. Use your spear to destroy the enemies, collect bonuses and earn achievements to win the final battle. In the game you will find excellent hand-drawn graphics, simple controls, addictive gameplay, good music and a lot of exciting levels. Screenshots Videos

YAMGUN on Android is an Interesting arcade action game in which you need to protect the wall from attacks of enemy combat units. The turret control and destroy enemies, and do not forget to collect them from the metal, otherwise your gun will not fire. The game features a unique leveling system, which will help you not only improve, magazine capacity, rate of fire, their kit guns, but also add certain abilities. The game will delight you with excellent hand-drawn graphics, exciting gameplay, simple controls and gives you a good pastime. Screenshots Videos

Space Pilgrim: Tau wander on Android is an Interesting puzzle game with a story line that will appeal to all without exception. In the game you will find the author's story for over 160 levels, different mini games to develop your logic and wit, namely, puzzle games, fifteen puzzle, and other. Also, the game is very well drawn and detailed illustrations for the story scenes, fascinating gameplay, simple control gameplay, a good musical background, hundreds of hours of play and much more. Screenshots Videos