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The Main character of this cartoon — the Garfield is a huge lazy fat cat who thinks everything and everyone revolves around him. Although it is impossible to reject, the owner of which lives Garfield does what dictates the cat. But it lasts not long, respectively, while his owner has a new pet puppy named Odie whom Garfield disliked at first sight. All anything, but the owner falls in love with a girl, and the cat understands that his life will never be as before.

Boris doesn't like to do homework and to get out, but likes to read books about pirates. He takes a handkerchief waves it and the desire takes him on a desert island, he also nakoldovat sweets. The boy realizes that the handkerchief is magical. He brings back his friends Yuri and Mila and parrot flint. Yuri is skeptical of the magic handkerchief, but Bob makes it black.

Person who is stuck on a desert island, trying to find some way to get out of there. It firmly holds in its thrall the sea, which spreads for hundreds and thousands of kilometers on all sides. Without hesitation, the hero builds a raft on which he could leave the island, but, alas, he fails to do so, even the third time, since its in a way not let the huge red turtle.

The Continuing adventures of the main character, a parrot and his, now wife, and Gems. They have already managed to get three funny kids - a girl and a few boys. Parrot accustomed to life in the colorful carnival town, where he accidentally threw the fate of life flows quietly in his bed.

Teenager Hiro, with great intelligence, lost his brother and he is driven by revenge. He has a friend, the robot, created by a guy on the latest technologies, which also protects it from all sorts of dangers. Despite the fact that Baymax the robot, he is cute and kind. Yochai - the villain, the person he always hides under the mask.

Love, romance and friendship. Lived parrot in the American state, in his gilded cage well-maintained, regularly had food, was the toast mistress. But suddenly he has the opportunity to visit the homeland of carnivals. Rio dream and dreams of many, but it will give your home a parrot?

The adventure Begins with the fact that Dori remembers his parents and asks for Nemo and his father to sail with her to look native. Although her house is on the other side of the ocean, they did not hesitate to agree. So the joint efforts of friends to get to California, but losing each other. In the end Dori gets to his house, but everything is not so simple. His help in finding her old and new friends.

In the depression at the bottom, inhabited by monsters, under the guidance of the Abbot. It's time to leave and you need to choose the receiver on his title. Candidate only two, lonely Medvezhut and the winner of two heirs - Swinger. Upstairs, in the human world Ren lives, he is an orphan and lives with other people, which he did not like.

Is a huge place, divided into several zones, which can accommodate various animal species. Each zone has its own living environment suitable for the animal, where it feels as good as in nature. As in any locality, it has its own infrastructure and even a police station. Once it is replenished arrived in town Judy.

Theatre gradually fades and Buster - the Koala comes up with a way to save him. Along with Eddie's sheep, he organized a singing contest. But the ad incorrectly stated the amount of the reward, accidentally inflating it. Those wishing to participate in the competition is rife. And now selected five of the best vocalists.

On the ocean coast teenager living Kubo, a descendant of a noble family. He loves old legends, especially one about his legendary father, the great and brave warrior samurai. He will have to fight against spirits with magic powers. With mom, little heroes becomes its strength and ability to resist evil spirits.

Learned in previous history that he has a father and the clan to which he belongs, is sent in search of them. He will have a tough road with many mystical adventures. But it is waiting for another surprise - Panda, post-extermination, become very peaceful and martial arts are used only for meditation and not for combat. This surprised many, because he took that as an opportunity of defense and attack.

For many years a Dangerous little mouse was the darling of the public, but then he suddenly disappeared from sight. Apparently, fulfill a special mission, because the mouse is the most mysterious agent in the world. It aims to help people in trouble. Now a Dangerous little mouse back again to the beloved audience, to lift the curtain of its secret life. As before, supertiny agent works in a team with his friend Ernest Penfold. The hamster is not as brave as the mouse, however always supports him, albeit reluctantly. The super-agents have a hard time, especially as arch-enemies, the Baron Steeles Dollar and his henchman Stilett just waiting for their opponents fell into a trap.

In an ordinary forest is a very unusual tree, which houses a veritable city of Triopolies. Live in butterfly, acorns, toadstools, woodlice, spiders and many, many other forest dwellers. The existence of this town people did not even know, but once this terrible secret became known to the little boy. He received a magic belt, which compressed it to the size of an insect and flew to Triopolies, to save the inhabitants of the magic city from the troubles piled up on their heads. But Tom is unable to cope with the wicked, he needs the help of young viewers who will say with superhero magic and unconsciously to strengthen coordination.

Little Justin loves to travel in the fantasy world. With him are always his constant friends Olivia and Crumb. Each day brings the three friends to an unforgettable adventure from which they will learn for themselves the lesson. Traveling back in time, they will meet fierce barbarians and you will understand why good manners are so important, and you can walk on a Roman chariot teach Justin to respect your bike. Young viewers thanks to the little adventurer having your leisure and learn lots of interesting and informative.