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Movies online good quality hd 720p, watch free new movie 2014-2015

Best movies in good quality hd 720p. Movies collected for you to view online in HD quality all free of charge and without registration, the new collection is constantly updated.

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Information about the film: He is a dragon / fantasy / 2015 He is the dragon online in HD 720p In the midst of wedding Princess Miroslav steals a dragon, taking in his castle on the island. In the past, has left family, fiance, and now only the stone prisoner in the company of a beautiful Arman... but who is he and what was on the island? The world will understand this too late: love for him, man-dragon, will reveal to her the bitter truth — love is scary.

Information about the film: The Shannara Chronicles / science fiction, fantasy, adventure / 2016 the Chronicles Channary online in HD 720p the events of the series occur in the distant future. The war has divided North America into 4 parts. Some of them are inhabited by elves, other people, third — and fourth trolls — the dwarves. the Main characters of the series will be the offspring of an ancient family of the elves of Shannara. It is from them will depend the future fate of the planet...

Information about the film: Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens / sci-Fi, action,adventure / 2015 Star wars: the force Awakening online in HD 720p thirty years after the death of Darth Vader and the Emperor, the galaxy is still in danger. Public education the New Order led by their mysterious Supreme leader Snowcom and his right hand a pick Wren follows in the footsteps of the Empire, trying to take all the power. During this difficult time fate brings a young girl RAE and the former stormtrooper of the New Order Finn with the heroes of the war with the Empire — Han Solo, Chewbacca and Queen Leah. Together they must fight the New Order, however, comes the moment when it becomes obvious that only the Jedi can stop Snooka and a pick Ren. And in the...

Information about the film: The Last Witch Hunter / fantasy,action,adventure / 2015 the Last witch hunter online in HD 720p the Modern world hides many secrets, but the most amazing of them is that witches still live amongst us. This evil supernatural beings whose goal is to inflict deadly plague on the world. Armies of witch hunters battled with them for many centuries. In our days there's only one left, the witch hunter, Calder, who once managed to kill the Almighty witch Queen. But Calder doesn't know yet that the Queen has risen and wants to take revenge on his killer...

Information about the film: The Martian / sci-Fi,action,adventure / 2015 the Martian online in HD 720p Mars mission "Ares-3" in the process was forced to urgently leave the planet because of an impending sandstorm. Engineer and biologist mark Watney suffered an injury suit during a sandstorm. The mission, believing him dead, evacuated the planet, leaving Mark alone.When he awoke, Watney finds that the connection with Earth is missing, but fully functional residential unit. The main character begins to find a way to hold on to available stocks of food, vitamins, water and air 4 more years before the arrival of the next mission "Ares-4".

Information about the film: Hitman: Agent 47 / action, Thriller, adventure / 2015 Hitman: Agent 47 online in HD 720p the Story is about an elite assassin, created by genetic engineering, combined with the woman to help her find her father and uncover the mystery of their origin.

Information about the film: The Transporter Refueled / action, Thriller, adventure / 2015 Carrier: Legacy online in HD 720p Frank Martin — the most skilled carrier, which only can be hired for money. The stakes are higher, the technology has advanced to a higher level, but the rules are the same: never change the deal, no names and never open the cargo.When Frank hires a crafty babe Anna and her three charming Confederate, he quickly finds out that he was being hoodwinked. Anna and her team stole his father to force Frank to help them deal with a group of ruthless traffickers.

Information about the film: Fantastic Four / fantasy, action,adventure / 2015 Fantastic four online in HD 720p the Story of four young astronauts who ventured on an adventurous journey to a parallel dimension for the study of anomalous waves of cosmic energy. After returning from a trip, they discovered superpowers, which forever changed their lives...

Information about the film: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation / action, Thriller, adventure / 2015 Mission impossible: the Tribe of outcasts in HD 720p When STP dismiss, and Ethan hunt out of business, his team are suddenly faced with an extensive international network of highly professional agents — Syndicate. This "tribe of social outcasts obsessed with the idea of establishing a new world order and is planning a series of devastating terrorist attacks. Ethan and company merged with the discredited British agent Alsoi Faust and start the mission impossible, realizing that everyone can be on the side of the Syndicate.

Information about the film: Ant-Man / fantasy, action,adventure / 2015 ant-Man online in HD 720p Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in size, and have a great strength, a con man Scott lang must become a hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, to keep secret the existence of Man costume-ant from the threats of the new generation.

Information about the film: Insidious: Chapter 3 / horror,mystery,Thriller / 2015 Astral: Chapter 3 online in HD 720p the Story of how gifted psychic Elise Rainier reluctantly agrees to use her ability to establish a connection with the dead to help the teenager, who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity.

Information about the film: Monsters: Dark Continent / fantasy, Thriller / 2014 Monsters 2: Dark continent online in HD 720p 7 years after the events of the first part, and the 'infected zones' have spread worldwide. Now humanity is fighting for survival. Emilio, a young doctor, joins the rescue operation to search for the missing in the Central area of monsters. The horror of what he learns during the expedition, defies description...

Information about the film: Mad Max: Fury Road / action, Thriller, adventure / 2015 Mad Max: fury Road online in HD 720p Shortly after revenge for the death of his wife and son, Max Rockatansky left the ranks of the "Main force patrol" and went into the wilderness, where wanders alone, as the world slowly falls subsequently, the oil crisis and global war. With nothing but his car the Interceptor, max must learn how to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and fight cruel, ruthless warriors who inhabit it.

Information about the film: Ex Machina / fantasy, drama / 2015 Of the car online in HD 720p In the center of the plot — a young man is hired by a billionaire who made his fortune on high-tech developments. The task of the worker is to spend a week in a remote location, testing a female robot with artificial intelligence.

Information about the film: Cinderella / fantasy,action,adventure / 2015 Cinderella online in HD 720p the Father of a young girl named Ella, having become a widower, married a second time, and soon Ella is left alone with the greedy and envious new relatives — stepmom Lady Tremayne and her daughters Anastasia and Drizella. From the mistress of the house she turns to the maid, soiled with ashes, for which he receives from his grumpy pivot sisters nickname is Cinderella. Despite the misfortunes that befell her, Cinderella does not despair, because even in the most difficult moments is something that helps her think positive: for example, a chance meeting on a forest path with a wonderful young man. Ella even suggests that he met with the Prince, and the Fairy...