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A Relatively new material - timber insulated - not that other, as a special slats with shaped edge, which are connected by ribs. When this insulation beam reach fill the space between the slats with polyurethane foam. It will not only provide timber for the record insulation, and will further strengthen the Board, connecting the slats. Profiling allows you to carry out the building of timber in a short time. [...]

Wall is sufficiently important components of your home and that is their strength and appearance will depend on the form just outside your home. That is why the walls to be one of the most important stages of construction. Because of this stage depends on both durability and ecological compatibility and security of your home. Moreover, the aesthetic [...]

Useful tips for kitchen renovation starting to plan the renovation of the kitchen, each of us is faced with a huge variety of information that can be bewildering, especially if we still don't know what I want to see their future kitchen. In this situation, of course, you must listen to yourself, you can also listen to the advice of his friends and acquaintances, which in [...]

Suspended ceiling is a decorative design, which is attached to the base of this ceiling. Their goal is to create the sets and to improve the acoustic properties of the room itself, to suppress noise. Close irregularities main ceiling. Fixed ceilings on a wooden or metal frame. It is fixed to the existing ceiling with special suspensions. If the mount is not used, then the form attached [...]

Almost any man who chose his apartment to install plastic Windows, one is faced with such a pressing issue as the condensate, which for unclear reason sometimes appears on the Windows. People are confused, often blame or those who are open manufactured, or those who assembled - but actually not always the reason [...]

Walls, as one of the most important stages in the repair of the premises, is a way to embody in reality unusual design ideas and imagination. Papering is not the only possible option available. Many methods of finishing will allow everyone to find the optimal solution. Painting the walls is not so boring option, as it may seem. Many painted walls [...]

A long time ago people trust those Windows that were made of natural wood he used for centuries, clean and safe from the point of view of ecology, are unprecedented long term, in General, they can only praise. If you evaluate the specifics of the industry today, it is worth noting that the process of making Windows from natural wood - a new level [...]

Paint for ceiling When the ceiling repair and is ready for painting, the owner of the house or apartment you need to decide how to choose paint. At the moment this finish has been widely used. Paint for ceilings vary in colour and composition. Important choice. In relation to oil paints, it is desirable [...]

Linoleum - is, of itself PVC, soft, practical, elastic material for residential buildings. Before laying linoleum you want it a couple of days lay in a collapsed condition in the room in which it will lay that he was used to the atmosphere. When laying linoleum, takes less time to work than when installing laminate or parquet. First of [...]

If you open any dictionary, we can see that the word "bath" comes from German, means "the pool of a different sort" of such dimensions that they can freely accommodate people. For example, the dictionary Dahl notes, usually wooden bath and marble or polished copper, it can be silver and even gold. Of course, silver and [...]

Mold and mildew in the house appear due to high humidity and dampness in the house. The destruction of building materials and appearance of the housing is all the damage from mold. Dampness can have damaging effects on health, Allergy, bronchitis, dermatitis, headaches and so on, People with weak immune systems, children and the elderly are experiencing this attack in the first place. [...]

Laminate: the pros and cons of Laminate, in everyday life, also known as laminate, in the CIS countries is relatively recent, whereas in Europe it is used to finish the floor with the 70-ies. This convenient, eco-friendly material quickly gained popularity among both artists and buyers. Laminated countertops, kitchen furniture has been used for quite a long time, but the idea is to use laminate [...]