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Area of confusion – issue No. 87 Shop mania in our time become not simply a disease, but literally the meaning of life, people buy anything they liked and no matter need this thing or not it becomes literally doesn't matter, just buy. But if the sale starts, people are crazy they are willing to kill for unnecessary [...]

Area of confusion – issue # 86 the Headlines of Western Newspapers, the murder of Boris Nemtsov was planned by the Russian authorities, the British newspaper mentioned the Murder Nemtsov beginning of a new era of Putin, and such diverse titles of articles in the foreign media. The articles describe what Nemtsov mentioned the following words, “I'm afraid Putin will kill me – I believe he was associated in [...]

Area of confusion – issue No. 85 Most people believe that the next step will be a negative movement for the majority of rulers in our world – he leads them in the direction of totalitarian capitalism. We see how our planet becomes a machine and we're the raw – cows and sheep. And it all happens for the sake of wealth some people about [...]

Often have to ride the subway, you probably noticed a designer variety in the subway in St. Petersburg. But the metro station Novocherkasskaya particularly striking, copper lamps, do not know how the other passengers, but to me personally they seem to more unusual and look like space ships. Usually architects and designers, to build on some things to create [...]

Area of confusion – issue No. 84 of these people unanimously believe that they are the absolute heirs of the great Ukrainian state and therefore they argue in the best traditions of the first and great Nations. The achievements of others they consider, not the first freshness. What is considered great Ukrainian civilization which was able to subdue even the ancient Byzantium? Talking about it [...]

Area of confusion – issue No. 83 You probably saw one very interesting map wandering around the Internet, is not displayed on the Russian territory is divided into 30 parts, it only shows only the Central Federal district and he marked Russia, and all the rest divided plots of land of an independent state. But it's not someone's stupid joke, but this [...]

Area of confusion – issue # 82 Most Western countries believe that Russia is underdeveloped, dirty country in a perpetual drunken stupor. They believe that the Russian people aren't tolerant, stupid and hinder the development of a new generation. Many believe that the West is much better, there all rich and happy there are no stupid laws and they all act. And perhaps [...]

Area of confusion – issue No. 81 What will happen in winter 2017, the citizens of our country will spend their last savings, but not on equipment and machinery, and cereals, canned goods, sugar and matches. Because of economic sanctions, the current standard of living fell, import substitution which promised us the government has not acted. What to do if many experts have rushed [...]

Miracle Formula a Few years ago in a small village Korunas in South Ossetia scientists witnessed a mysterious phenomenon, the explanation of which is not found until now. During the reconstruction of the local Church in the fresh cut logs stood out of Jerusalem crosses. Every time when the workers were sawed logs crosses appeared again. Scientists are unable to explain it other than a sign, symbolic [...]

The Start of the universe, Human civilization has caused irreparable damage to the earth, the constant extraction of nonrenewable resources emptied the bowels of the planet. Oil in Russia will end in about 50 years, and to develop the society should consume. Very soon we will have to look for new locations of mineral deposits and most likely already in the solar system. Waste has polluted our water, air and [...]

World of ghosts of the Second world war Greece, Crete, German troops occupied the island. Early morning in July sentries guarding the coast at castle Franco Costello heard voices and the clatter of weapons, and then saw the castle from the sea approaching army of ghosts. War in black robes emerged directly from the air, terrified German sentries opened fire but the bullets do not [...]

Strange sun In March 2012 the whole world circled sensational shots that were made by the astronomers, NASA, strange dark sphere approached the sun, the mysterious object was lowered into a hot plasma long black pipe. After a few hours the tube was hidden back in the dark UFO balloon broke away from the sun and flew into space. Many saw in these pictures is terrible omen, on the [...]

Demons of the sea in the Autumn of 1977 in the Barents sea, an incident occurred, and that its members prefer not to remember. A meeting of Soviet submarine with the Ghost ship. In a closed area of our battle of the polygon which afterwards became a grave for Kursk, our nuclear submarine came to the surface position, the bridge went up a smoke commander and officers. Suddenly, the visibility began to plummet, [...]

The Whole truth about the Apocalypse Famous five lakes in the Omsk region stores an ancient legend, here, under the water hides an ancient temple of a powerful civilization. It was built to work with a magic crystal, a technical device which gave people space teachers. This place was destroyed by a global catastrophe, but crystal still manifests itself in different anomalous phenomena in [...]

In search of purgatory Recent discovery astronomers have completely turned all the usual notions of the afterlife. First there was scientific proof of the biblical legends about the existence of heaven and hell. Such a stunning conclusion the researchers came after using the Hubble telescope, has discovered an unusual nebula in the form of an angel. This part of the record which he managed to do astronomers. The nebula is located in [...]