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Esoteric, all about monsters, ghosts, UFOs, abnormal places.

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Not so long ago in the Internet appeared the video, taken outside camera video surveillance, on this record, etched, the evidence of the theft of a car together with a driver. On the record clearly shows that the car moves down the street going down the road, but suddenly there is a bright flash of white light and the car disappears from the road. This entry was made in the USA [...]

Manual mind Vladimir Bekhterev academician of science and Yuri Durov animal trainer, suppose, in real life between dog and man is a strange mental connection. Probably many have heard that simple domestic dogs can be used for medicinal purposes since animals have instincts in the human disease they can cure physical diseases and mental. After all, they say, [...]

Online debate going on about strange ice balls which covered the entire coast of the Gulf of Finland. A huge number of residents of St. Petersburg are witnesses of this strange natural phenomenon. The whole Bay was covered with ice balls 5 to 10 centimeters in diameter, they are flush with each other. The photo of the ice, more like white rocks scattered across [...]

On the shores of the Caspian sea near a small village Garaban in Lankaran district was found an unusual find, the skeleton of an unknown animal. Local resident of this village say that long skeleton of about 1 meter and 30 centimeters. According to them, they say they don't like what they saw. This skeleton has a very strange structure with only [...]

Strange discovery was terribly frightened employees of the library of the famous University of Harvard and horrifying. Among the old and dusty tomes, which are of historical value, was discovered a strange book, initially, the workers did not understand what made her cover, as it turned out it was made of human skin. As employees of the largest libraries in the United States were found three more [...]

Country: USA Genre: fiction, genetics, action, Thriller release Year: 2005 Duration: 02:15:59 Translation: professional full dubbing Subtitles: no Director: Michael Bay starring: Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Bean, Steve Buscemi, Djimon Hounsou, Michael Clarke Duncan, Ethan Phillips, Brian Stepanek, Noah Tishbi and other Description: Genetic firm conducts research and creates a clone of the people on the former [...]

Area of confusion - issue 80: 1. Day after tomorrow the world will freeze, why do scientists say about the new ice age? 2. Ukraine is not Europe, as it will survive this winter? 3. The mystery of the vanished continent, what bequeathed to remember the old-timers? 4. Monkey turned older person, why Darwin's theory is again bursting at the seams? 5. The incredible paradox of science, as I shall explain, that after the first [...]

Area of confusion - issue # 79 1. Forbidden mystery of archaeology, where in Central America, people are giants? 2. The unfathomable mystery of ancient Egypt, who was buried in a seven-meter sarcophagus? 3. Sensational expedition of Russian geophysicists, where they found Atlantis? 4. Macabre mysteries of the crystal skulls, gather thirteen and will blow up the universe. Release date 21.11.2014 - Archaeologists, people, giants, America, Egypt, [...]

Area of confusion - issue No. 78 1. The forbidden secrets of the Vatican, which is cut from the text of the new Testament? 2. Sensational archeological finds, which is the highest pyramid on earth? 3. The correct translation of the Bible, who supplied the first people appliances? 4. New mysteries of the cosmos, the aliens send us a Hello. 5. About strange from the life of stars and our sun, a bold theory [...]