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Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 often turn to service centers with the same or similar problems: not turn on the Tablet, not loading Starts but hangs on the Samsung logo the Firmware on the tablet is not set or does not correct the problem

What to do if tablet does not turn on and no signs of life? With this question sooner or later almost every owner of both a new device and already former in the use. And it's worth noting that the difference from the manufacturer's no. Whether it's a gadget well-known companies such as Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Motorola or cheap "Chinese tablet" to describe all tablets have unpopular brands. The reasons can be a lot of different ways to solve them. Let's have a closer look at the two most common problems that can include additional reasons.

After you try disassembling the Galaxy S4, the iFixit team gave an assessment of the maintainability of the phone 8 out of 10. It should be noted that Samsung deal and not hard to replace many parts quite easily. In addition to the protective glass and the front panel. But in any case do not try to repair the phone yourself, be sure in case of breakage, contact your authorized service center "MegaTELService" in Kremenchug. Improper disassembly can damage components degustatie, break the display, to break the adhesion of the parts to the motherboard, etc.

6P Huawei Nexus is a well built case with great specifications, but to replace faulty components in case of breakage will be pretty easy. On the Internet a lot of positive reviews about Nexus 6P, but judging by the information from the site iFixit, it is positioned as one of the most difficult in disassembling gadgets. the Nexus smartphones from Google, always showed himself well in terms of disassembly and replacement of components, such as the Google Nexus 4 maintainability data 7 out of 10.

Cracked HTC One M8 and we hope to repair by yourself? Forget about it. If your HTC One M8 into a "brick" that is broken and You want to take it apart and see what happened to him? Want to disappoint you immediately, like the first HTC One M8 won't be easy to disassemble, and even more to repair by yourself. You should be very careful and it is better to refrain from such actions so as not to result in complete unfitness favorite phone.

Let's compare the characteristics of the protective films and glass Price: Tapes are much cheaper than tempered glass. Depending on the quality, you will pay anywhere between $ 1 to $ 10 for a single film. Tempered glass from $ 2 to $ 35. The price difference is because of the quality and technologies like oleophobic coating (leaves no fingerprints). Strength: Glass is much stronger than film, it is certainly important, since the shot damage the glass, not the screen. And in the case of film - can break the whole display module. Films, especially cheap, easily scratched, unlike glass.

First, let's understand why we need screen protector for tablet or smartphone. If the screen is covered with plastic, the film just needed, plastic is very scratched if you put the phone in your pocket with keys then a couple dozen scratches and scuffs You provided. Eventually have to change, so as to see anything on the screen it will be hard. the Glass on the screen though and much better than plastic, but are also exposed to all the above mentioned factors, the truth is not so fast and not so much. On the more expensive models of smartphones and tablets put the protected glass. The most common is Gorilla Glass, glass increased resistance to scratches and shocks used in the displays of mobile devices. In 2014 was presented Gorilla Glass 4. In comparison...

Service center "MegaTELService" do not recommend themselves to replace the touch screen (touchscreen) tablet Samsung, HTC, LG, iPad, Prestigio, as not having the necessary experience and special tools can be easily worsen the situation, namely inadvertently damage the tablet display. the process of replacing the sensor in words is not complicated, the glass must be heated with a special dryer, then remove. In the case of broken glass, gently remove the fragments. Then remove the display. Around the perimeter of the plate is glued with double sided tape. The display is installed and the adhesive tape is removed. From the surface of the display Hairdryer blown dust and other small particles, even microscopic size can be a serious hindrance in the work with...

GPS Navigator, like any other complex equipment could be damaged. What to do when a true helper in the road, suddenly broke down? I believe we need to take the device to service center "MegaTELService" in Kremenchug, where will repair a GPS navigation system as a fast, for a reasonable price, with the subsequent guarantee. Repairing Navigator independently is highly undesirable, as, not knowing the specifics of the repair, and, also, without proper equipment and experience, most likely have to buy a new Navigator, the price of which is much higher repair costs. the Fault on which the Navigator will need repair, can be very different.

The firmware is the operating system of your gadget. Without any firmware tablet Lenovo, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Prestigio, or another Chinese tablet – a set of dead iron. And if on the computer, the operating system we install, recording it on his hard drive, the tablet operating system is stored in its internal memory. the Procedure "install" the operating system on the tablet and is called firmware because it is written (flashed) in its ongoing, internal memory. in addition, the file with the operating system, which is recorded on a device is called firmware. Since stuffing each tablet is different, the firmware is created for each device separately.