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During the improvement works the contractor paved area, around the perimeter of the hospital campus install the new fence and created a new entrance from the street Yurina. On-site installed new lighting and flower beds were laid. Also made alterations to the land, sowed grass and planted trees (birch, Rowan, guelder rose, Apple trees) and perennial shrubs. the Last time the hospital was renovated during the construction — over 50 years ago. To conduct these activities from the budget of Altaisky Krai has allocated 73 million roubles. Now, city residents can not only directly treated, but also to walk around the grounds with maximum comfort!

Agricultural holding "Sanocka" on the territory of advancing socio-economic development in Krasnoyarsk has opened a new production of universal feed for livestock and poultry production based on soybean. Total project cost — 94,8 million rubles. Full commissioning is scheduled for February 2022. In the first year of the project, the company plans to produce 1200 tons of feed per month, when reaching the project capacity production capacity reaches 24 thousand tons per year. at full capacity the plant will create more than 40 jobs for residents of Komsomolsk-on-Amur!

A resident of the Altai village of carp rescued perishing in the ice-hole large bird similar to crane. The river brought the first ice, flutter in a medley of snow and ice the poor man was doomed. If not for the meeting with the man. the Foundling moved into the warm, dried, warmed. Home was very surprised when zhuravlenok flatly refused to select a handful of grain: it looks very weak. The situation was clarified, veterinarian: "It's a grey Heron! And she eats only food of animal origin: fish, frogs, small rodents". Had to feed a carnivore meat. And another lovely guest enjoyed the local minnows, which spoiled his anglers. it took us Three days pet, to finally feel healthy. However, their own pack, went to warmer climes, he will not catch up. Will have to...

Residents of the Altai territory over 65 years, it has become easier to undergo medical examinations In the framework of the project "Development and implementation of a program of systematic support and enhance the quality of life of senior citizens "Senior citizens" national project "Demography" older people delivered in medical institutions of the region. To do this in 2019 purchased 15 vehicles for a total amount of 28.3 million rubles Such machines transport seniors to medical examinations Alascom, Biysk, Saranskom, Rubtsovsky, Blagoveshchensk, Trinity, Rodinskoye, Pavlovsk, Simonovska, German national, Ust-Kalmanka, Bayes, Kamenskoye, Pervomaisk, Burlin, Smolensk areas. Through this program since October 1, more than 200 seniors were able to pass the...

In 2010 on Altai have found one of the unfinished projects of the military-industrial complex. This command "Sphere", which could withstand a direct hit of a nuclear warhead. Because now the object is abandoned, you can see how they were arranged like buildings in which an outsider to penetrate it is impossible in principle. Photo: Eugene Machinev Now the "Sphere" cut into scrap metal, but the remnants of the building and photographs can be understood that it represents. The object was designed on the principle of "Russian dolls": a concrete shaft, in which a metal capsule and inside the capsule is a four – storey block, suspended on shock absorbers. This unit is instrument and control with all systems "Spheres". Photo: Eugene Machinev shock Absorbers need...

The city of Barnaul ordered a project to overhaul the fountain in the square Sahorova. the Initial price of the contract amounted to 2.2 million rubles. The funds will be allocated from the city budget. According to the conditions, the contractor will be required to develop a project with the estimates, involving the repair of the fountain bowl, separate utility room and internal utilities, including lighting equipment. is a New fountain in the center will be able to smoothly change the height of the jet and create water pictures, by illuminating a special waterproof lights. In the future city hall plans at the fountain to make a show-program with music, it will set speaker system, writes Amitel.

Good afternoon. I want to draw attention to the terrible work of transport in our city!!! Namely, the route number 20 which is operated by the company VEGA TRANS!!! the lower the temperature outside, the less you can find the bus... in the Morning to 8 in the morning to leave, you need to stand at least 20-30 minutes in the cold, and in the evening longer. And often do pass by three buses in a row. And it's 19-20 PM... the Feeling that you just mock people. And after that, you still managed to survive and get into the bus. The conductor claims that blatantly lying to you and just stand in the cold for 30 minutes! This can not be, that would not be bus, because the interval according to her, it is just 6 minutes... I would Like to summarize, why every city...

The Company S7 Airlines 22 Nov opened the sale of tickets for scheduled flights Barnaul — Novosibirsk. It will run five times a week by plane marks VS Embraer 170, is the smallest representative of the family of Embraer aircraft, designed in the early 2000-ies of the namesake Brazilian company. ⠀ the First date on which the Barnaul can book your flight on 2 January 2020. The cost of tickets in one direction – from the 1930 rubles. The flight duration will be about 50 minutes. ⠀ the Flight from Barnaul is scheduled for 18:55. And arrival to Barnaul from Novosibirsk at 18:20. ⠀ it is Noted that the evening flight from Barnaul to Novosibirsk conveniently fit in with the flights to the far East (Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and other cities). Also in the evening...

In the Night from 19 to 20 November in the village of Ust ' -Kalmanka in the cafe "Fortuna" girl sitting with a guy and drank, went to the bathroom, which is on the street next to the cafe and dropped the phone for 25 thousand rubles. First tried to get a rake, but failed. Then the girl took off his jacket and jumped into the hole of the toilet, the waist drowned in content. Started to pull out but she got stuck and then called rescuers. 20 minutes she was in the cold in this hole, but it managed to pull out before the arrival of rescuers. Video here unfortunately, to pull out the phone to the girl and failed. About her condition after a prolonged stay in the cold unknown.

Truck Driver left on a strip of oncoming traffic where faced the car "Toyota Raum". . Then crashed into a roadside cafe building, which subsequently caught fire. Firefighters work, a lot of police. Motorists trapped at the scene say that the driver of the truck was driving on its lane, and "Raum" flew in the forehead. This version is confirmed by the driver of the truck, which dragged for a few seconds before ignition. as a result of road accident the driver and the passenger of the car "Toyota" from the received traumas has died on a scene, also injured the driver of the truck.

As we have told in city traffic police, the accident occurred at 19:10, Lenin, 181, according to preliminary information, the driver born in 1998, driving a car VAZ 21102, made arrival on the pedestrian passing the carriageway on not to the adjustable crosswalk. as a result of accident injuries of varying severity were got by the man and woman 1959 1955 year of birth, they were given medical assistance at hospital No. 1, hospital. On this fact police officers carry out an inspection. With the onset of the fall season, reducing the light duration of the day, the traffic police of the city of Barnaul appeals to road users and encourages them to be extremely attentive on the roadway. Drivers, when passing pedestrian crossings to slow down, pedestrians to use...

Passenger plane Boeing 767 airline Air Azur flew from Vietnam to Barnaul. In Barnaul airport, the plane, the landing lit up the front chassis. Evacuated 334 people, no injuries. The open fire was not, at planting side of Vietnam puffed chassis. "In the Main management created an operational headquarters, opened a hotline," – said in the MOE. "21:21 local time occurred emergency landing of Boeing-767, flying from Cam Ranh (Vietnam-Barnaul)," – said the Agency interlocutor. After landing the aircraft was evacuated 334 passengers and 10 crew members. The fire is extinguished. the Ministry reported that the dead and injured in the incident no.

The Incident occurred this morning, September 25, at St. 80 Guards division, 29. the TFR in the Altai territory reports that 42-year-old suspect struck at least 4 stab wounds to the chest and belly of her 5-year-old son. From traumatized the boy died. currently the place of work investigators and forensic investigators. The suspect is detained as article 91 UPK the Russian Federation, the investigators conduct the necessary investigations and find out the motive for the murder of a minor. ⠀ a criminal case under paragraph "C" of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (murder juvenile). On behalf of the head of the investigation Department, the criminal case was transferred to the fourth division for investigation of particularly...

The Workers of the Contracting organization on July 29, started the installation of the roof system on the roof that was damaged by fire at home in Barnaul. Recall, the house on the North Vladykinskoe travel, 60 burned on July 10. the Fire covered an area of 2 thousand square meters. With the amount of work the management company alone can't do it, so the decision was made as part of the introduction of mode CHS in the Industrial area to provide operational support of the budget allocated 11 million rubles. the pre-treated Materials fire-retardant compound, fire barriers wood. the roof Repair will be completed before 1 October.

Pirates attacked the ship "Marmolite" off the coast of Cameroon and seized three citizens of Russia, the Ministry of foreign Affairs.According to authorities, the incident occurred on August 15 in the port area of Douala, the ship was sailing under the flag of Antigua and Barbuda. As reported by the St. Petersburg recruiting Agency "Marlow Navigation Russia", pirates have seized eight members of the crew, including three Russians the Government of Cameroon and representatives of the company-the shipowner shall take measures to clarify the circumstances of the incident, added the foreign Ministry. Russian diplomats are working on the release of the Russian citizens.