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News website icons, embroidered beads

Icons made from beads using truncale, rhinestone, pearls, amber,semi-precious,semiprecious and precious stones. faces painted in oil on fabric.

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The Holy GreatMartyr and healer Panteleimon studied medical art, then, as a Christian, treated without charge all those who turned to him, having received from God the gift to heal the sick by calling on the name of Jesus Christ. other doctors envy, denounced him to the Emperor. for helping Christians, languishing in prison, the Saint was captured. he refused to offer sacrifice to the idols, and confessed himself a Christian and was devoted to cruel tortures.

Day of the Holy Trinity. one of the greatest holidays of Orthodoxy. celebrated on the 50th day after Easter and has a different name — Pentecost. the event to which it is devoted, occurred when a large crowd of people and with the participation of the disciples of Christ, who before his ascension, told them "not to depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the father about which you have heard from me."

Blgv. kN. Alexander Nevsky (1220-1263). the son of Grand Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich of the second Alexander was considered a Prince of Novgorod from 8 years (at this age, the father sent him to reign in this freedom-loving city), but only 16 years has assumed the management and was appreciated by his contemporaries as a clever statesman, a brave and skillful warrior, a brilliant military leader.

The mother of God depicted in the icon "the unfading blossom", holding his son on his right hand and in her left hand she has a Lily flower. this symbolically signifies the unfading flower, the color of virginity and purity of the Theotokos. the first lists with this icon are among the very ancient