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Unable to understand that domestic flights are not well developed, that there are many problems and difficulties. But welcome departure tax abroad... Instead of having to subsidize, to introduce tax breaks to stimulate domestic air travel, it was proposed to tax foreign. Read more

The Government decided to lift the ban on holidays in Turkey. The exact timing of the lifting of restrictions on the entry of Russian tourists to Turkey yet, but there is a condition "further steps to ensure the security of Russian citizens on the territory of Turkey". Read more

A Couple of days ago in the media appeared information that the state Duma is once again discussing the possibility of introducing exit visas for Russians. This proposal was made by the Deputy Vadim Solovyov. on the Internet there arose a considerable noise, because to get any document in Russia is a bureaucratic Saga. Only one passport is worth, and then there's one regular “hemorrhoids” was proposed. Read more

On the principle of "prepare sledge in the summer", I decided to tell about the winter holiday in Andorra. 1. To conquer the highest peak of the Andorran Pyrenees, the peak of Coma Pedrosa! The altitude 2943 meters, to climb a further long descent will help the ski lift in Arinsal. Read more

Today I want to dispel one myth of the Egyptians, to talk about what the peculiarity of Russian tourists cause the Egyptians grin, and what actions the Egyptians travelers know is completely wrong! I always say that we are Russians and Egyptians are different. We have a different mentality and attitude. Contacting with each other, we often completely misunderstand the actions of the other party. But to understand the true cause or the possible consequences of this or that deed can be, only with considerable experience of immersion in the opponent. And if you are permanently resident in Egypt compatriots already ran through all the rake and know about the peculiarities of local mentality, in the case of the tourist Egyptians have a distinct advantage in...

Olga Kostyuk – blogger, traveler, former travel journalist, a happy mother and wife. Olga was published in magazines "Discovery", "CITY.Magazine", "Eclectic", and many others. The main directions of Olga — New Zealand, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and Belarus. For a long time she lived and worked in Moscow, but left the capital for life in the journey. Herself Olga from Belarus: from a small local village, and the path of the traveler, according to her, beginning "in the first independent children's travel to Spain, or when he left Moscow and flew to Indian Goa". Our editors thought long and hard about what to ask Olga, then we came to a consensus that the most interesting to start with life in New Zealand. Read more

Every day I read various media for useful thematic news and every time never ceases to amaze. Every Agency has different information sources, and write all about the same thing, but operate on different numbers of them served under different "sauce". Read more

Packing my bike for the flight – a very important matter. Only with proper packaging, you can get your "steel horse" of Luggage in one piece and in the future to get maximum enjoyment from your trip. For this it is necessary to correctly disassemble and pack the bike with maximum protection from drops, bumps and other external influences. Read more

Falling dollar and the Euro staged a slight thaw in the market of outbound tourism. Stirs the interest of travelers to other countries and the fact that from the 15th of April the price of tickets decreased by 10% according to information from the International air transport Association (IATA). Read more

Fashionable tide time to come and in the tourist industry. The Internet is not difficult to find plenty of offers from so-called expeditions. You will offer an amazing route and unimaginable adventures. Definitely be on the expedition? the First Russian expedition to the North pole Read more

March is not particularly pleased interesting visa events that would be worth a separate topic. So, once again, shared the announcement, only for the month of March. Changes in the visa regime both in positive and in negative direction has occurred in different countries. Read more

In Thailand, you can find everything you need for a family holiday: beautiful nature, rich culture, excellent climatic conditions and reasonable prices. This is one of favorite places freelancers Udaltsov and downshifters from around the world. Conditions for recreation and residence in the country for foreign tourists is excellent. Read more

2014 and 2015 were critical for the tourism industry in Russia. Living our short history, a little more than 24 years, the industry is constantly swayed on market waves. A few years happy voyage ended, and a new crisis rocked the ship with a new force, burying in its waves are weak part of the crew and passengers. Photo: Babak Farrokhi, CC BY 2.0 Read more

To Celebrate the New year and drink champagne at the Eiffel tower - this was the slogan when we bought the tickets Nizhny Novgorod - Moscow - Paris on 31 December. Arrival must be 17 PM local time. Just time to move, eat and go out to celebrate, but first things first. Read more

Peter Kutis founder OneTwoTrip gave an interview siliconrus (CPU), in which he shared his opinion about the possible collapse of the Russian service ticket. The interview turned out developed and interesting, with the reasoned opinion of the founder of one of the largest services ticket service. Read more