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Conducting regular interviews and communicating with the blogger-traveler, we have heard him say the phrase "I'm more just look and read the same as I, my content somehow not interesting to the masses". Such statements we met several times previously, they encouraged us to write the material, "Content strategy for travel bloggers. Why is it scored?". Photo: Doug Robichaud Read more

In this article I want to introduce you to the traveler and Roman Chromium. About four years ago he took a one way ticket and, after leaving his native Krasnogorsk, went to travel. “I thinking about this horror. To spend a quarter of life, existing in scanty radius! Yes, you go to kindergarten, school, College, find a job. But imagine: a huge world to close his life in such a framework! It's just a nightmare. And I'm happy that I escaped from this radius restrictions, including limitations of consciousness”. Read more

Slowly coming to the end of the ski season, revision decided to find out what percentage of injuries skiers get on the trails, and what is outside of them. In the survey participated skiers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania, only 162 people with various injuries. Read more

Yesterday the state Duma adopted the law on the reform of the tourism industry, and it immediately caused a wave of discontent from tour operators. This law was initially in doubt and disagreement tourist industry. Everyone expected that the law before the adoption will be significantly changed, but this has not happened. Read more

Not too difficult to stay warm during winter activities. But for this you need to follow a few basic rules of equipment. If you have to Wade through the snow, go ice rocks or skiing in a strong wind - avoid several common mistakes when choosing clothes. This will help you to stay warm, not to get wet and feel comfortable during outdoor activities. Read more

Unfortunately, outbound tourism has become too expensive for many, even in those countries that traditionally were cheap and popular with tourists from Russia. Many people choose domestic tourism or even stay in the village with my grandmother". Accordingly, to issue a passport is not necessary. Read more

Every time when ordering tickets through the Internet, we are confident that this guarantee yourself a seat. In most cases it is true, but there are some nasty exceptions. Every year thousands of travelers, especially during holidays, such as Easter or Valentine's Day, faced with the fact that even booked a ticket does not mean there is space. Read more

At the end of last year, we interviewed Elena Asanovoy, couchsurfer and traveler. The interview was interesting and discussed, users and readers were divided into two camps. One was supported by the Helen and couchsurfing, the latter was skeptical about this direction and answers Helena. We thought "popullit and will fail", but no, the questions people still have. And we once again turned to Elena. Preface Elena, your interview resonated on our website. Just recently one of the readers wrote me VKontakte and asked a number of questions to answer only you can do. Requested clarifications and other visitors to our site. In the end, I have created for you a new set of questions. Read more

The Growth rate of the currencies stronger effort on outbound tourism. Not a week goes by that another company has not announced the price increase, bankruptcy or default on its obligations. The media also regularly publish materials on the reduction of exit and growth of domestic tourism. Read more

Rural tourism travelers recently become interested more and more. Often called green tourism - in part, they are similar up to a full mix. Green tourism - ecological tourism or ecotourism, about it we already wrote earlier. Rural tourism is a subset of ecotourism, but with their characteristic differences. Read more

The Opportunity to travel around the world and a successful business - what more can you ask for? What man would not want to work in that place where your heart desires, to live according to your own schedule and be your own boss? At first glance, nothing difficult about it, but often this way of life involves a lot of difficulties. To avoid them can help you the following 5 secrets. would you Agree to exchange your vacation, learn about new countries, places of interest and people on a regular phone calls, writing business letters, the inability to break away from the Internet waiting for an important message from the client? Certainly, there. It is better to close the laptop and go off to the beach in the company of new friends overseas. But this is not...