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What's so special about this Google? Why, you ask, nobody in Russia proposes to optimize the site for other search engines? The thing is that these two search engines cover the maximum share of Runet users. So, if your site will get some indicated further features, you can be sure that it will succeed. While each of these search engines have their own requirements.

Let's Say you woke up one morning and decided I need a website. What's next? Try to do it yourself or contact the experts? While many people think that creating a website is difficult, expensive and time consuming. As professionals in this field, we can say: this is both true and not true at the same time.

As you probably already know, the landing or landing page "landing page" is a part of your website, the purpose of which is to encourage the visitor to action: register, show, click and, eventually, to buy your product. But how to learn, not Khalturin whether the developer on its creation? We gathered for attentive customer 9 characteristics of the perfect landing page.

What will be the CMS of the future site - almost the first question should ask yourself the owner. It is obvious that the known engines of different functionality, and describe each of them in detail it makes no sense, especially if the main goal of the site is not to entertain the visitor, and to encourage them to purchase. As you might expect, not all platforms for this same approach.

Nobody loves dimension, but all talk about it! Constantly there are new articles about how to analyze your web site, how to increase the conversion rate, how to calculate ROI and there are plenty of smart indicators. Hope you all had tasted it and you are tired. Are tools for those who in the company more than 1-2 people do marketing. For the rest it's enough to know where are the clients and develop these areas. But one channel analysts need to use constantly and all.About him we'll talk.

If you and two of your friend are all of the readers of your corporate blog, then probably you missed. A corporate blog, even about the most boring things in the world you can make a popular. I saw the blog about the lawn, with attendance of more than 9,000 people a month. Believe me, you will be much better.

As you have seen, most companies publish articles in social networks, even if there are 10 employees in their groups, no one is, why are they doing this? We decided to answer this question, and at the same time to give a few tips on how to post links on the social networking site.