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For the preparation of infusions and decoctions of medicinal raw materials are crushed. Grass, leaves, flowers, crushed to a particle size of not more than 5 mm, stems, roots, bark up to 3 mm, seeds, fruits - to 0.5 mm the Raw material is placed in a porcelain, enamel or glass vessel, pour room temperature water, close lid and heated in a boiling water bath with frequent stirring: infusions within 15 minutes, the concoction for 30 minutes. After this, the vessel is cooled at room temperature infusions within 45 minutes, decoctions for 10 minutes. Then the content filter, pressing the remainder of the raw material and add water to the appropriate volume

In a separate collection of medicinal plants must adhere to certain terms and rules of collection, as only at certain times of the plant has all the necessary to ensure the properties and save them is possible only with proper collection and storage.

Honey is very good for health, so very often it is used in folk medicine. Honey normalizes the work of many internal organs, improves the blood, improves the immune system, is a powerful source of energy that protects the body from premature aging. Honey normalizes physiological functions of the body, so it must be recommended for treatment of various diseases. Honey is often used in cosmetic preparations, as well softens the skin, improves skin tone, dryness and peeling. Honey is a good conditioner. The main nutrients of honey - carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc. In the decomposition of glucose and fructose produces a large amount of energy needed for life processes of the organism.

Almost all plants have a multi-faceted effect. Aralia, for example, has a tonic, antitoxic, diuretic, antihypertensive and glucose-lowering action. It is used in a variety of situations, including cancer, respiratory infections, diabetes, and reduced function of the Central nervous system. Therefore, to facilitate orienting the list of diseases and plants recommended for treatment.

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx that occur most often when acute respiratory viral infections, flu and other infectious diseases, and overvoltage voice. Symptoms. Change voice hoarse from mild-to full STI loss, cough, dryness, soreness in the throat. Sometimes small fever, headache.

Sore throat is a contagious disease, which afflicts the Palatine tonsil: the Disease occurs very often, especially during cold and wet weather. Pathogens infections are staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci. Angina affects mostly people with chronic diseases of tonsils and tooth decay. Symptoms. General malaise, pain when swallowing, fever, headache. There are catarrhal, follicular and lacunar angina. In catarrhal sore throat tonsils become swollen and reddened. When tonsillitis in Minda - cracks are visible purulent tube. When lacunar angina tube cover the entire surface of the tonsils.

Adenoids, or adenoid growths, is defective changes in pharyngeal tonsil. Usually they occur after infection (measles, scarlet fever, influenza, diphtheria) or are hereditary defects. More common in children the age of 3-10 years. Symptoms. Persistent nasal congestion and discharge from it, nasalized speech. The mouth of the patient open, sleep accompanied by snoring. Often have headaches. Children fall behind academically, physically weakened, sometimes there is bedwetting. Adenoids can become inflamed, closing when the Eustachian tubes and breaking ventilation of the middle ear, which leads to occurrence of frequent otitis (inflammation of the middle ear).

Prayers for the health 't Even come to the truth and to God the people know that the greatest value of any human health. Because only then you can be successful in the faith and to exercise the various Christian virtues fuller and avnei than being sick. In addition, the health of the person is calm of his relatives, but because it is necessary from time to time praying not only for healing or deliverance from the disease, but also for the health of the person. Power prayers for the health has been known since the beginning of Christianity - our Saviour himself has repeatedly made wonders, restoring health to the sick and even raising the dead.

Prayers for luck In every man's life there comes a situation when you want to resort to spiritual help. We must not succumb to despair and to experience such a life band. It is much wiser, and just as a Christian would be to read some prayers that are recommended in such situations. Failure, disappointment in his plans - it is in these moments you want to use prayer for good luck. They will strengthen Your confidence, and You try to think of words such as "success" and "confidence". Here is one of the prayers is designed to help

Prayer for children we are All someone's children, and there comes a time when we have taken up the baton from their moms, dads, and themselves become parents. 's first cry, the first laugh, the first word... For each of us, these moments are priceless. God made sure that parents are absolutely sincerely wish your child only the best, showing people how much he loves them, and how they, like Him, should love each other. Many things we do for his children from the first second of their life, try to help them, to specify the correct path to save from their mistakes

Abscess (abscess) - limited purulent inflammation of the tissues in the subcutaneous tissue that occurs after penetration of microorganisms through damaged skin (injections, wounds and abrasions). Palpation of the abscess causes pain, and if the bubble will burst inside, there might be a blood infection.