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Topics: People Not all rich people were rich initially. Many of them had to go through a thorny path, earning their millions-billions. And the way this has left its mark on the faces of the lucky owners of huge capital. We offer you to look at how the rich have changed over time. We can assume that time changes the wealthy in exactly the same way as others. But the test still stands.

Topics: Culture for some reason, many people think that the police in the performance of their official duties completely lose their sense of humor. Perhaps this misconception came from the fact that only a few dare to play a trick on the guards, because it can lead to serious trouble. And may not result. Convinced of this 33-year-old resident of Montreal, Simon Laprise, which was originally planned to play a trick on...

Topics: Science There is reason to believe that daily mental switching between languages gives the advantages that develop the ability to learn and perform simultaneously many tasks and this has a positive effect on mental health

Topics: Psychology All I want to do everything well. But for some reason not well at all. And like it happens that people good and bad no one did, but life is full pipe and hopelessness. Well, not pipe, and some signs of that pipe somewhere close.

Topics: People,Travel Frustrating when you go to a restaurant and are faced with poor service. For example, when you order one dish, and bring you more. Surprisingly, the same restaurant is not considered bad service, on the contrary, it is regarded as absolutely normal.

Categories: Test the Staff of the University of Copenhagen and the Us National Institute of health found a substance that can slow the aging process. But, quite often, the biological age does not correspond to the psychological. Sometimes "premature aging" of the soul. Our today's test will show how old you really are.

Topics: People Skier from Venezuela Adrian Solano was unable to complete the qualifying race for 10 kilometers at the world Championships in ski sports in the Finnish city of Lahti. Solano fell steadily, demonstrating a specific technique, and fizzled out at around 6.1 kilometer. Speech by the Venezuelan made the audience laugh.

Category: lifestyle "Be simpler!" the matter teaches advisers: often unbidden. They can understand what you easier, the more convenient for them. You can respond to these calls, and you can afford to be complex and of multi-stage, multi-layered and multimaterial fun.