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On 22 March in Athens was the opening Executive center of the DNI in Greece. The reaction of the foreign Ministry of the country to this event was underscored sluggish, but for Kiev bezrybe cancer – a fish: even a brief review of the Greek diplomat there presented as a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine.

Moscow, March 14. The General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation needs to strengthen the control over public procurement and defense procurement, as well as to deal with the misuse of budget funds. The order gave the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Russia will not take the first step in the abolition of Western sanctions, said in an interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN, the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov. the Original news Inotv:

World oil prices on Friday was not played decline Thursday, but tried to do it. Although American statistics are not conducive to growth of quotations. Apparently, the oil market is subject to speculative laws of motion, if each failure, he responds with adequate rise and Vice versa.

The leadership Style of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has won the praise of the leader of the Australian party "One nation" Pauline Hanson, according to British newspaper The Guardian. "So many Australians want Australia was a leader," — said Australian politician. Words Hanson immediately condemned the labour leader and Prime Minister of Australia, who are convinced that Putin's Russia is not the subject of admiration.

Geneva, 5 March. The Syrian opposition group "Hamim" doesn't want to cooperate with the special envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) for Syria, Staffan de Mistura. On Sunday the journalists said the member of the delegation Mais Cride.

Moscow, March 5. For the past days the Syrian army liberated from terrorists the two settlements, now a number of settlements, denuded of fighters had increased to 99, it is stated in the information Bulletin of the Russian Center for reconciliation in Syria on Sunday.

Putin is no accident so invested in the election trump President of the United States, is now to leave him at the mercy of the jackals of the Senate. Both p resident perfectly understand each other. They understand the real purpose of each other, as well as the rules of political play and the limits of the possible.

Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz believes that the EU can accommodate the reception centres for refugees outside the block, for example , in Egypt, Georgia and Western Balkans. According to him, the centres for refugees outside the EU could be in joint management with the UN Agency for refugees.

Fine with the help of Western "cookies" Bandera coup in Kiev, encountered in the South-East of Ukraine with Russian spring, which led to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia and the uprising in the Donbass, once again raised the question about the "unpredictability" of Russia's actions in acute crisis situations.

Inasmuch as the world order changes and the new political reality requires new approaches to the management of world Affairs, the West more and more deeply immersed in the contradictions. With the arrival of Donald trump to power the Western world has become even more disjointed than it was before.

In the United States Congress introduced a bill to "punish" Russia for alleged violation of the Treaty of medium-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF). Its authors — senators-Republicans Tom cotton and Marco Rubio and Ron Johnson insist on adopting the following responses:

Damascus, February 16 . The leader of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad said that he does not consider the main task of the liberation of the Syrian Raqqa, the "capital" of the extremist group "Islamic state" (banned in Russia) on Syrian territory.

More recently, in Ukraine a concern of her own diplomacy. It is not only the loss of Hillary Clinton, which put everything from the ordinary to the winners of the Maidan to the Ministers. And not only in Natalia Galibarenko, which was allocated from the total number of ambassadors herself Elizabeth II, and sarcastic British press, following close the Royal eye, glorified all over the world. What power — such and the Ambassador.

For the past six years in Syria is a war with insurgents. And if the past still get some assistance With saudovskoy Arabia or Turkey, that ordinary Syrians, in addition to international organizations, Russia and some countries of Europe, to expect help from nowhere else.