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C of the Russian Paralympians, suspended the decision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) from participation in the Paralympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, will be held at the sports facilities of the Moscow region on September 7-8, said the Agency "R-Sport" the President of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC), Vladimir Lukin.

Negotiations on a Transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) between Europe and the United States suspended. However, to celebrate the victory of the opponents of TTIP yet. As noted by Wikileaks, behind closed doors, the preparations continue another trade agreement that may have even larger consequences than TTIP

JSC "Sukhoi Civil aircraft" (SCAC) has delivered two Sukhoi Business Jet (SBJ) Royal Military-Air Forces tion of Thailand (Royal Thai Air Force, RTAF). The aircraft would be used to transport top officials and Supreme command of Thailand. Under the contract, the RTAF c provides for the delivery of two aircraft. Put SBJ — first business jets, the company purchased a foreign customer.

There is a "revolution of a gidnost" beginning, but no end to pokraschennya. Ukrainian MoE announces the transition to the new system of payment of grants from the beginning of 2017. This joyful news to the Ukrainian students, poguliayev last days of summer vacation, said at a briefing first Deputy Minister of education and science Mr Kovtunets.

There is an opinion that the Crimea in 2016 has taken such a huge number of tourists because of the rupture of the relationship th between Russia and Turkey. Supposedly the Russians to go nowhere: the crisis in the yard, cheap Turkish olinklyuziv unavailable, will have to settle for domestic resorts. Whether so it actually?

A year ago, the Ukrainian "independence day" was marked by a call to Berlin Petro Poroshenko (Waltzman) and a sharp reduction of tensions in the Donbass, but this year the leaders of Russia, France and Germany just showed the oligarch his place in the conflict, and Ukraine – on its role.

The Russian Government ordered to create on the basis of the Great Soviet encyclopedia and other Russian scientific's publications "national scientific-educational interactive encyclopedic portal". The corresponding document was published on the official website of legal information.

The US Desire to impose its interests disfigured world — any military intervention Washington has become the basis for a more serious conflict, writes senior fellow at the Cato Institute, former special assistant to US President Ronald Reagan Doug Bando in his article in The National Interest.

Is fading, the Olympics, and trouble at vada are just beginning. A calculation was made of the fact that the past successes of the Russians can be blamed for doping. This calculation failed. Our team, in spite of everything, performed brilliantly. What are the implications of the move of the WADA, said the former head of anti-doping service of the Russian Federation Nikolay Durmanov.

On their own, but often (?) by the well-known formula of "voluntary-forced", but most users of personal computers, tablets and smartphones have updated the "window" of their machines and now Express delight or indignation about how these "Windows 10" work.

One of the detainees on charges of planning acts of sabotage, Evgeny Panov, has revealed details of its tasks and identified those who led the operation. In addition, became aware of the indications of the Crimean energy Marlen Aliyev on his contacts with the detainees.

The Results, details, implications] Somewhat belated (for objective and independent of my reasons), but in many ways comprehensive information on the development, goals, timing and course of the failed anti-terrorist operations. Customers, the beneficiaries, the geopolitical results and little-known aspects of the incident.

Russia's Policy towards Ukraine, its actions in Syria and the reconciliation with Turkey, demonstrate the desire of President Vladimir Putin to create around Russia a new international order, significantly reducing the influence of the United States, stated in an editorial that the Turin newspaper La Stampa published Sunday under the headline “Putin's Great game: the strategy on three fronts”.

The Current state of Affairs between Russia and the West resembles not just to the cold war and pre-war situation, said in a broadcast Press TV analyst bill Jones. In his opinion, in the past six months, Moscow and the Western powers was so close to the war as was not since the Cuban missile crisis.

"Provocation" in Crimea and the rapprochement with Turkey, Russia "tickles nerves" and divisive in the North Atlantic Alliance, says the Sunday Times British newspaper. According to one expert, Mr. Putin, it is natural to use the rapprochement with Erdogan against NATO". the Original news Inotv: