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Vladimir Putin can be criticized for its political decisions, but nevertheless, he established himself as a patriot and a trusted leader, protecting the interests of their country and having a clear strategy, writes Nouvelles de France. In comparison Francois Hollande, much like the traveler who are in quest of markets and voters". On the qualities of the French President clearly inconsistent with the position held, the article says.

XI Jinping's Visit to Moscow marked the entry of Russian-Chinese relations on an unprecedented level of cooperation. Beijing, contrary to the predictions of Washington, gave the project of the Eurasian economic Union key impetus to growth, says Indian ex-diplomat.

As reflected the anniversary of our Victory in the foreign media in the Morning of the 9th of may, many of us sat in front of televisions to watch the parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the great Victory. The event was so impressive that, I suppose that many of us took our breath away. As it turned out, not only for us.

Remember these words grandmother Merkel said it a year ago, right after Putin took the Crimea? the Time will put everything in its place - in this political moment it is clear to everyone that Putin never out of real Madrid did not drop out, but Merkel seems to have finally settled in the world, invented for her by the Washington regional Committee.

Euronews presented March "Immortal regiment" in Donetsk as the procession of the Stalinists In the English version of the report Euronews about the celebrations in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory marchers "Immortal regiment" in Donetsk became "separatists with portraits of Soviet dictator Stalin.

White house: Russia will face new sanctions punishment, which will deal with the Europeans 1 may, speaking at a press briefing, White house press Secretary of the USA Josh Ernest said that America is considering options for increasing pressure on Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

Showing my Fi, following the lead of Washington, still suffering Ukraine, entangled with the sanctions, Europe is shitting in his pants already. It was in dual, triple position. And to come to Moscow and not to come too. But they were even stupider than they thought.

The Soviet Union's Contribution to the victory over the Nazis was more than the contribution of all Western countries combined. But the leaders of the US and the UK, instead of honoring the memory of the dead, used the anniversary of the Victory for petty humiliation Putin, writes the American magazine The Nation. To do so is just shameful, says the author, political scientist Martin Sieff.

In Moscow again, talking about the return of the intelligence center at Lourdes. the Deputy Chairman of the security Committee Dmytro Korniyenko after an official visit to Cuba of the state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin in interview "news" said that Russia may step up military-technical cooperation with Havana, and also to resume the work of radio-electronic intelligence center in Lourdes.

The German newspaper Junge Welt interview with the German Colonel General Horst Stechbart April 13, former Deputy Minister of defense of the GDR and the head of the army of the GDR celebrated its 90th anniversary. In spite of such advanced age, sobriety of mind that person can be the envy of many modern politicians.

A growing number of States are turning against US and trying to protect themselves from American influence due to the ongoing aggressive military policy and interference in the internal Affairs of other countries. So says political columnist for the online portal of the Nation of Change Michael Payne.

The Europeans, thanks to the Russian bikers for what they have not abandoned the idea of a run and go on their way."Night wolves" paid homage to the Soviet soldiers in Brno. Bikers laid flowers on the graves of soldiers killed in the bloody battle for the liberation of the Czech Republic.

Helmut Schmidt — fifth of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, who held the position from 1974 to 1982. At 96 years old he looks strong and like a chimney on fire, not shy of the cameras. He continues an active life, being a co-owner and regular contributor to the weekly newspaper Die Zeit, where he writes articles on political and economic topics.