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The Permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that Ukraine enlisted the support of the member countries of the Council UN Security meeting on the situation in the area of Avdeevka in Donetsk region. He also added that Ukraine has not benefited from the meeting and provocative statements about Russia and Donetsk.

Bavno today to see that changes to reflexes honed tactic of "changing shoes" with the characteristic theses "we failed, let's see what will come from them." And really, let's see. Discard the subjective opinion of the Western media and the Russian skeptics, and look in the face of objective reality.

While aerospace forces in Syria accompanied achieve military success of the Syrian army, establish humanitarian corridors, engaged in settlement of relations with the armed opposition, the EU did anything, but not fight the threat that plagues not only the middle East but also many European cities.

Post-Maidan Kiev junta in January this year, attempted large-scale attack on the Donbass, which, however, was Proval Noah . Punitive Ukrainian troops met fierce resistance from the militias who stopped the so-called "creeping attack" militants "Square".

Russia and the United States have tverdila the mood for active cooperation for stabilization and development of relations on a constructive, equal and mutually beneficial basis. Telephone conversation between presidents of the two countries was held yesterday evening, reports channel "Russia 24".

Trump, trump, trump! He's everywhere. On the Internet, on television, in Newspapers and magazines. The winner of the presidential election in the US was the. com that is "closed" in 2016. And the same Donald trump at his inauguration became a man "discovering" the year 2017.

Telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald trump ambiguous impact on the entire world community. What you can see p on the reaction of the national media. And while Russia and the United States perceive the beginning of a new dialogue for granted, with moderate and justifiable optimism, many allies of Washington rather nervously build numerous predictions and change the rhetoric, and along with the General political course.

It is, of course, is preparing a major showdown. And the reasons for this are already there: "the false news was spread by intelligence, which knew no n ikak evidence". Trump, in accordance with these "news" is supposedly "on the hook from Putin." Most clearly on this occasion expressed a press-the Secretary of trump: "the media are spreading blatant and irresponsible information."

“makes No sense in the General offset, during active deployment of the guard,” raves the Chairman of the legislative body of the district of Columbia regarding the removal from office of the chief of the National Guard of Washington to major General of Errol R. Schwartz. However, his authority ends at 12:01 on 20 January at a time when Donald trump will give the oath.

Analyzing the causes of the collapse of the USSR by publishing the proposals of the activists about the ideological foundations of the new society, provoking the reader to the heading "what begins Motherland?", it was impossible to circumvent the pressure point, the question of the national idea — base the entire ideology.

The Increase of petroleum's price, combined with hopes for a thaw in relations between Russia and the West under President Donald trump increases the yield of ruble assets and contributes to the inflow of capital from abroad in Russia, writes the influential business newspaper Financial Times.

As mentioned in the morning press review, prepared by Bi-bi-si, in an editorial "Naive big deal" by the prestigious British g azeta told about the unpleasant Western elite prospects for U.S.-Russian relations under the new occupant of the White house.

After a day of rest ha waiting for the start of the seventh special stage was for the teams particularly difficult because riders had to get up at three or four in the morning, drive 500 miles, to cross the border to Morocco, travel to Morocco and stay here waiting for the start.

Donetsk people's Republic ranks arrived the next humanitarian aid from the Russian Federation for the restoration of electric power facilities. Today, 30 December, took place the unloading of emergency in a warehouse of the Ministry of coal and energy DND, the correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk people's Republic.

According to this , the world will soon see the dramatic exposure of the false policy of Obama and his protégé Clinton. The court in Washington will consider the claim filed from the CIA, FBI, DHS and the office of the Director of national intelligence. The plaintiffs — the journalist Jason Leopold and Massachusetts Institute of technology graduate student Ryan Shapiro — require intelligence agencies to disclose evidence of cyber-attacks "of Russian hackers" who allegedly influenced the election of the President of America.