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Russian liberal journalist Anton Krasovsky very sharply expressed on the topic of Ukrainians, called them idiots and scum, and said that Ukraine will not go. The journalist was angry about statements of Ukrainians about the victims of the disaster TU-15 4 , in particular the desecration of the memory of Dr. Lisa.

Federal news Agency is translation of the article the US is ready to confront China if it continues overreaching yourself in the South China Sea "US ready to confront China if he didn't temper their ambitions in the South China sea" , published by informational and analytical resource Business Insider .

Provocation with the announcement of rocket firings in the territorial waters of Russia near the Crimea to the Ukrainian authorities need to keep the United States as its main protector. This was stated today to journalists by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

The Decision of Angela Merkel to nominate his candidacy for the post of Federal Chancellor for a fourth term allows us to discern the main lines of confrontation in the election campaign. General elections in Germany to be held between 27 August and 22 October 2017, and the new composition of the Bundestag elect the Chancellor.

In the European Union countries intensified criticism towards further integration. Nekomplimentarnymi expressing the Anija are heard not only among the population, giving more votes to the opponents supranational institutions, but also from the very top of the political establishment in European countries.

Institute for the development of the Internet in the next year will launch the service with which Russians will be able to diagnose myself online, loaded Ziv MRI, ECG, ultrasound, x-ray and other medical images. About this RT Chairman of Council of Iran, adviser to the President on the Internet Herman Klimenko. The new service will be available online and as a mobile application.

Today our country maintains diplomatic relations with 28 of the 33 States of Latin America and the Caribbean. Some researchers agree that the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States(CELAC) claims to be the leader of Latin America, which until now were played by the Organization of American States.

11.11.2016 OPCW (Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons) has issued a document, hereinafter referred to as resolution, which implies that Syria is guilty by default, so should be denied the right to vote in the OPCW, Syria should not hold senior positions in the organization...

Abroad drew attention to the Russian engineers developed robotic complex "Flight", designed to protect the country's borders and the destruction of its perpetrators. The robot is equipped with radar, thermal imager, video cameras of different types and special software, as well as military weapons.

As many now know, the main armament of the ship Zumwalt are 20 universal launchers Mk-57 "total capacity of 80 missiles" — it seems a lot, but if shipping some "Tomahawk", the ship is completely deprived of air defense and ASW — because cells UWP they have in common.

Sympathy for Russia unites the candidates for the presidency of France, like many other European politicians. According to The Wall Street Journal, anti-Americanism has become a connecting link in the policies of many European countries, so the next U.S. President must take a clear stand against those who are willing to compromise with Russia.

Presidential campaign in the United States was not only tense, but also scandalous. Even without the "Russian hackers" has not done, saying that the U.S. President tries to choose none other than comrade Putin and the elections are held in America, and in the Kremlin. It hinted Hillary Clinton. In turn, D. trump scolded rival Twitter in terms that his advisors were forced presumptuous billionaire from Twitter to separate.

Whoever is appointed by the President in America, but in Germany, this does not become sweeter. Since the concept, promoted by trump, comes from large financial-industrial lobby and can not come personally from trump, for the current elites of the EU the change of American concepts, most likely, will mean retirement. With Hillary, you can stay. And when the trump, most likely, the reins will be taken away.

Although Barack Obama will stay in his post until January 2017, after elections it is possible to summarize the eight-year reign of the 44th President of the United States. It is now clear that the legacy of Obama is not brilliant. He leaves to his successor a lot of challenges that will have to deal with. In particular, the problem of the huge U.S. debt, which in October, closer to the 19.7 trillion. $ .

On the US presidential election was won by the Republican candidate Donald trump. According to MarketWatch, for it gave their votes to 276 electors (to win elections, you need to enlist the support of 270 electors). In some States, the vote count is not yet complete but this, apparently, will not affect the outcome of the election.