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Edition of the National Interest offers readers a material about the nuclear potential of the United States. Talking about Intercontinental ballistic missiles, which the Pentagon need four hundred units, because the old LGM 30 Minuteman III is already not guaranteed. But what guarantees are given now States the old "Minutemen"? And this is an interesting question.

No matter What steps are taken Hillary Clinton to take the presidency in the United States, all her attempts were in vain. Moreover, Mrs. Clinton used such methods of struggle, which would have envied Hitler himself. She sent people to certain death in order to get more votes.

Company shipbuilding company "Huangpu shipyard" (Huangpu Shipyard) in Guangzhou hosted the launching of the 40th Corvette class "Type-056/056A" (class "Csango" (Jiangdao)), intended for the PLA Navy. The ship is the 12th Corvette series, which will be built at the plant "Huangpu shipyard". Currently, three ships are equipped with equipment or undergoing sea trials. As expected, one of these ships will be adopted before the end of 2016.

Operation against terrorists in Syria under the direct supervision of Sergey Shoigu, who exactly four years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed to the post of defense Minister. During this time, the army has become not just stronger, it became more modern and technological.

The Clinton Foundation — beautifully worded mission: strengthening the capacity of people in the United States and around the world for solving problems of global interdependence. No word of untruth, not only sufficient clarification. The present interdependence of people around the world, and the Clintons occurs only in the case if the time is prepaid. And it eventually ceased to hold the FBI.

That, again, Russia is angry and hungry? Guess who is back in the spotlight? Guess who again suffers from paranoia? True, our Baltic friends once again getting ready for some attack, which is exactly what will happen, not now, then later. Dear me, what a visionary...

Editor in Chief of WikiLeaks Julian Assange in an exclusive interview on RT made a prediction of the outcome of the U.S. elections: "Trump will not allow to win this election... Banks, intelligence, military, large foreign companies and so on they are all United around Hillary Clinton." It seems that Assange was not wrong.

In one of the oldest and most famous Newspapers of the USA published an article by the famous writer-politician, a former member of Congress Mike Lofgren. The author talks about what will happen if attempts to "disrupt the elections in the United States," allegedly taken by Russia are proved.

Russia for military and humanitarian assistance to the head of international relations Department of the government of the Kurdish Autonomous region of Iraq, Falah Bakir. It said in the consultations with Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, reports the newspaper "Izvestia".

Newspaper "new York times" editorial says that the policy of the administration of B. H. Obama in Syria were not very successful. And offers to do what had to reverse the whole course of the war. America must recognize the legitimacy of other Syrian government.

The Iraqi military successfully used anti-tank missile system (ATGM) "Kornet" in Russia against the militants of the terrorist group "Islamic state" (IG banned in Russia) during the operation to liberate Mosul, writes the Wall Street Journal.

The Military segment of the Internet's excited messages about the transfer to Syria of a new Russian military boats, which on November 3 was seen on the upper deck selectorname vessel KIL-158 (black sea fleet), held the Bosphorus Strait to the Mediterranean sea. There were reports that in Tartus driven Raptor — high-speed boat designed to patrol the coastal and river areas, and special operations.

In recent years, the United Nations are regularly criticized for the lack of a firm position against the world's problems and accused of pandering to the interests of some Western countries, primarily the United States. In General, an outside observer of these theses to disagree pretty hard, good examples of weak will and the helplessness of international organizations abound.

Solid The Boston Globe a few days before the US presidential elections, slightly raised above the scandalous circumstances of an unprecedented campaign of 2016, and writes: "no Matter who becomes President - the trump or Ms. Clinton: US will start to behave more aggressively on the world stage, and Obama era seem "Golden age" of diplomacy, although it was not."

Interview with the head of British intelligence Andrew Parker was intended to increase the budget for MI-5. This was told the chief editor of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko. According to him, the first in the history of MI-5 interview with the head of the security services, which had been planned as a big exclusive, frankly disappointed.