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Candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton essentially guilty of treason. This assessment of the use of Clinton as U.S. Secretary of state personal computer servers to conduct official correspondence via e-mail, including the contained secret information, gave on Thursday, the Chairman of the Committee on national security of house of representatives, Michael mccaul.

Some time ago became aware of the fact that this winter will be a redeployment of the US military in the framework of operation Atlantic Resolve. According to the data, which were presented to the command of America army, some units will now be in Europe.

Majority of Britons believe that the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may should have the opportunity to start the process of exit from the EU, without consultations with Parliament, according to a survey conducted by the TV channel Sky News.

It so Happens that I feel like Buridan's ass, standing between two armfuls of hay and juicy thinking which of them would be reunited in a joyful burst of food. This refers to the desire to write two articles simultaneously, because the two topics were interesting and important. Of course, it would be theoretically possible to combine them within a single material, but, as one Ukrainian theme, and the second American, then there certainly will be "haberdasher and the cardinal."

In the United States, a new scandal erupted associated with the hackers for exposing financial fraud presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, her entourage and sponsors, a new piece of evidence documents leaked on the background of previous investigations of the facts by the FBI.

In an interview with the popular German magazine BILD, the head of the left of Germany told about their claims to Merkel, spoke about its policy towards refugees, as well as touched upon the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, explaining why the election of Clinton can be dangerous.

The Message that the new Intercontinental ballistic missile RS-28, known in the West, "the Satan-2", can destroy France or Texas, stirred up by Western media. Some doubted such a huge destructive power of Russian weapons. Others started to measure the radius of the territories of their countries to show the readers what space "the new hell of the atomic superweapon" will be able "to plunge into the abyss of nuclear fire".

For Those who like to consider how much each of our flight to Syria who complained that we should not intervene in the Syrian war that is not necessary because some Arabs fighting with a Large White Host, openly declare that Aleppo is near! YOU live in it! And around, relying on the United States of America and their accomplices like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, gather strength already open terrorists — for example, banned worldwide "Islamic state".

Yesterday in Britain was a scandal because of the "politically incorrect" journalists of the national news service of the BBC, which, only to think, called the deceased commander "Sparta" Arseny Pavlov with the Callsign "Motorola" "volunteer," and his murderers — "Ukrainian neo-Nazis".

Orthodox feast of the Intercession of demons too played out. Especially in Kiev and the Donbass. In the Donbass Bandera bastard started shooting at people from heavy mortars and artillery, staging a new attempt to break as a sign of respect for the peace agreements, and in Kiev from caches, the light got possessed shuusei herd.

According to German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, the signing of the agreement between Russia and Turkey on the "Turkish stream" is a defeat for the United States, since the implementation of the project will lead to economic integration of Russia, the EU and Turkey, as well as an increase in Russia's share on the European gas market.

Between Washington and Moscow in recent weeks has reached a new peak of confrontation – against the backdrop of the collapse of the agreements on the truce in Syria and the presidential race in the United States. Propaganda has reached the threshold beyond which offer a real prospect of a military clash, says the Professor, NRU HSE Dmitry Evstafiev.

United States by implementing the plan development of a missile defense system in Europe, are not guarantees it will not be directed against Russia, in reality it poses a direct threat to Russia's security, said Tuesday Deputy chief of operations for the joint staff of the Central military Commission of the people's Republic of China major-General Cai Jun.

The Placement of missile complexes "Iskander" in the Kaliningrad region have caused "serious concern" at the Minister of defence of Poland. His colleagues from NATO countries have agreed to hold an emergency meeting to draw up a response. And this time it is much more than a regular Polish paranoia. Finally, NATO correctly grasped the hint from the Russian Federation.

It's Time to stop thinking about the overthrow of Assad and to reflect on the development of suitable conditions of peace, writes in the American magazine the American Conservative writer and politician Patrick Buchanan, a former head of Department on public relations of presidential administration.