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Political Scientist Oleg Bondarenko, commenting on the warning of the Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden about a possible withdrawal of Euro sing of sanctions against Russia, said these words say that America is not able to keep the EU in this matter. Thus, according to him, Poroshenko can take this as an invitation to start a military operation in the Donbass

Three-Dimensional printing promises to make the weapons available to the public, and attempts to control them is pointless, believe VNIKI against civilian weapons. Download drawings in the Internet, any owner of a 3D printer can already print a pistol, revolver or machine parts. Plastic guns printed at home, can make a few shots, but industrial 3D printers make metal guns, able to shoot a few hundred rounds.

SVR – one of the most closed structures in the power system. Its successes and its failures is usually hidden from the eyes of the observer, but Michael f redcove the was and those and others. Now the head of the Service will be Sergei Naryshkin, and he will have to face a number of serious problems, not zeroing in this case the achievements of its predecessor. But where should you start first?

The Party of Angela Merkel lost elections in Berlin, the worst result in history. The Christian democratic Union, with only 18%. This does not allow him to keep the ruling coalition with the social Democrats. Well, right out of the "Alternative for Germany" and guarantee yourself a place in the 10th of 16 land parliaments. Source

...the Topic of Ukraine again came to the information mainstream of the world media. It happened because of two events — the arrival in Kiev of foreign Ministers of Germany and France Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Jean-Marc Ayrault and the allocation of IMF this year's first loan to Ukraine in the amount of $ 1 billion.

16 September Yerevan hosted the rehearsal of the military parade dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Armenia's independence. The parade will take place soon, on September 21. Rehearsal was very interesting — due to the fact that passers-by were able to see and shoot video camera and a range of stunning new products, entered service in the Armenian army. Most of this equipment was delivered from Russia in the last few months under a concessional loan of $200 million to See what military equipment Armenia gained and how it will affect the balance of power in the region.

Wanted to say "war" but decided that "fracture" will also work. Because it means an end to the patience that showed Russia in beanie radical global changes ahead of time. At the time, the minute of which weight in gold, like gold every step to strengthen the military potential of Russia.

To date, only the most naive believe that America is democratic and fair country ruled by the demos rational and cheerful man, whose wife wears the "Dawn", and her daughter works part-time at the supermarket. In fact, for all this sugary American soda, picture are powerful and ruthless forces that have money and power. For example, such as George Soros. Or the Rockefeller clan.

It would Seem that in Europe, with its well-established procedures should not be disagreements, but unresolved territorial disputes a number of European countries suggest otherwise. Now when the EU is experiencing not the best times, these disputes threaten to emerge with new strength.

The Intrigue of these elections - who will become the second parliamentary party? The gap between the LDPR and the Communist party is minimal. While leading the Communists, but the outcome of the race may decide hundredths of a percent. Observers from political parties have closely followed the voting and counting of votes. From the Communist party to the CEC has already sent several hundred complaints.

Latest news: according to "Izvestia", the Spetsstroy of Russia completed the revision of the test stand of JSC "Kuznetsov", which will release in Samara upgraded engines NK-32 series 02 (original NK-32 was discontinued in 1993), and release of products will begin later this year.

The Kremlin s switched to a new system of automatic monitoring of media. It is based on the system called "Katyusha". As the former system "Medialogia" - it was developed in Russia. Technical support software will cost about 20 million rubles per month.

To Understand art not as difficult as it seems. It's not necessary to learn a few years on the art of Veda . It is enough to communicate with experts who will tell you about the famous paintings so that then in the Museum you can see them from an unexpected quarter.

Former British Ambassador in Moscow sir Anthony Brenton writes to the editor of the newspaper "Financial Times": Sir, your editorial comment under the headline "Moscow and Beijing combines hostility to US" (14 September), contains the same message I have been trying for last few years, dove STI to unbiased Western audience.

In the U.S. declassified record indicator on the windshield of the F-16 Fighting Falcon on which kind but as on-Board automatic system of avoiding collision with the ground (Auto-GCAS) saved the life of the unconscious pilot. As written by Aviation Week, the incident with the fighter of National guard of the U.S. air force in Arizona.