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Japan embarked on a new path of militarization. Having won a constitutional majority in both houses of Parliament, the ruling party and its allies had the opportunity to complete the reforms aimed at preframe of the country in military power. Behind the Japanese "hawks" are the United States, to build in the region an anti-Chinese Alliance.

American intelligence agencies have shifted their resources from surveillance of terrorists and increased surveillance operations in Russia, and the scale is higher than those of the cold war. This writes The Washington Post, citing us officials.

Vladimir Putin forced the US to ask for a ceasefire in Syria, and this makes the Russian President even more control in the middle East than before, said the political scientist Walter Russell Mead. As he writes in an article for American Interest, it seems that the White house did not understand that a demonstration of US weakness has become the fundamental driving force of Russian politics.

The President of Brazil Michel Temer said Tuesday at the start of 25 projects for the privatization of assets in infrastructure. The corresponding statement he made during a speech in his working station tsii - the Palace of Planalto in the capital Brasilia.

Its first flight was made and Tigray" airline "Russia". The Boeing 747-400 painted in the nose and morskim tiger will deliver passengers from Vladivostok, Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the Russian resorts. But the unusual aircraft was intended to draw attention to the process of preserving populations of rare species of wild animals.

During the mourning ceremony in honor of the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in new York, the candidate of the Democratic party of the USA 68-year-old Hillary Clinton suddenly became ill. Eyewitnesses report that she is buckled her knees, she began to fall as if fainting. Security helped Clinton to stay on his feet. They put her in the car and drove away.

While the speaker of Parliament Parubiy habit predicts the next major offensive of the Putin in the next two months, and "talking helmets" declare a large gathering of "Russian hordes" on the border of Ukraine, the OSCE Secretary General directly refutes all the "pugalki" Ukrainian politicians who profit from war. The General staff of the Ukrainian army, too, confounded: according to intelligence in the Donbas war 6,000 Russian military personnel and 35 militants controlled the armed forces.

Hospital ship of the Pacific fleet "Irtysh" took part in joint exercises with ASEAN countries. The maneuvers took place in the South China sea. They were zadeystvovany warships of Thailand, Japan and China. Crews worked cooperation during crisis situations.

Spanish engineers have developed a battery of new generation. It's cheaper counterparts by 77% and allows you to charge your electric car in just 8 minutes and can travel up to 1000 km Graphene battery already took the test two of the 4 German car companies. If such news that a couple in a month - about the batteries of surgemaster/digitalizadas - would be 1% true, we would have walked with mobile phones weighing 30 grams and holding a charge a month or two.

Networks of Russian Telecom operators and data centers must, by 2020, 85% consist of equipment of domestic origin. The volume of its exports by that time it is planned to increase almost twice: from the sixth minute billion to $ 11 billion, wrote in a Friday newspaper"Kommersant", citing a draft "road map" for import substitution of telecommunication equipment in Russia for 2016-2020.

Russia's Permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, outlined the themes to be a priority with implications for the Russian delegation at the opening September 13, the 71st session of the UN General Assembly. Among them is the continuation of "consistent work to counter attempts to revise the history of the Second world war."

The Main newspaper of China, the China Daily said the American editions in allegations of incivility against the correspondents of the ocean at the summit of G20 leaders. Beijing denied the allegations. The publication reported: "China had every reason, in order to provide comfortable conditions for foreign journalists, because we wanted to summit was a success".

The other day, Hillary Clinton reiterated that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake and promised that he will not send ground troops to the Middle East to fight Islamic state. In the new issue of CrossTalk sozdaut experts on foreign policy, declared by the candidate in US presidents from democratic party, and compare it with the policies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama

This year the events of 11 September 2001 marks 15 years. In the morning in new York after the attacks stolen (according to the official, of course, versions of passenger airplanes crashed the world trade center towers. According to media reports, in the evening in Washington, another passenger plane crashed into one of the sections of the Pentagon.

As my Preface: the numbers you can argue. Besides the numbers are not always and not all reflect. For example, the level of real combat training and combat durability of the Baltic armies is questionable. But overall, for a General understanding quite well. Especially the first scheme, clearly demonstrating the real American military support "of the Baltic flank of the Alliance."