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Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

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Alexander Motherland - the champion on fights without rules, alone raising my younger daughter. Trying to accept any job that may bring money, the woman suddenly refuses to participate in the tournament, where she persistently invited. Swallowing the refusal of well-known athletes, the organisers did not put up with it, and started Sasha on a real hunt. To save his life and the life of his little daughter, the women are forced to go on the run, after agreeing to participate, she might never come home. Unexpected help from a stranger women forcing Sasha to guard, because she could be anyone...

Jean - chief of the colony, forced to watch every day for thousands of women, have long lost human form. But, familiarity with the young Anna, which was transferred from other colonies, changes the whole life man. Beauty girl makes him forget that he has a family and a good job, choosing the risk and the next meeting with his new love. Arranged life collapses, and the only thing Jean wants to be there for this fragile passionate girl who can replace him the whole world. But such situation is not like Anna herself, and soon Jean begins to plan her escape from prison.

Very often there is a desire is to escape to a place where nobody knows you, where you can meet new people and start my life from scratch. That's just making such a choice, is it possible to escape from themselves and from their pressing problems? Two friends decide on a desperate act, the Charter of the pressing problems they decide to fake his own death and escape to where they can start their life anew. That's just with a new life, new friends get in more trouble. What do the main characters get back to the old life, to find a way out of problems or to escape again and start another new life.

Strange, and at times, scary creatures, and had infiltrated the human world. But when they start to break the whole Horde, destroying everything in its path, people are forced to leave their homes to escape from danger. Two siblings, when something interrupted communication because of a stupid quarrel, unexpectedly meet in this crazy world. A few hours of conversation give them to understand - it is impossible to trust someone more than the mother the person with whom you spent all your childhood. Together, the boys decide to do something in order to cleanse the world of creatures-invaders, imagined themselves the masters.

Born and growing up in Mexico, Teresa, it seems, had no other fate but to meet her the bad guy. Falling in love with drug trafficker, the girl dreams they will become a happy family. But the plans will not come true, because during another case of the guy killed. Not being able to forgive, Teresa travelled to Spain, and decides to become the most powerful man in the circles of drug trafficking. Then, finding the murderer of his beloved, she will be able to avenge him, beginning life anew. A huge store of patience becomes Teresa's best friend, because she is not going to escape this time...

Bassam "Barry" al Fayed - a young guy, long gone from its home country. In the East where everything runs to his father, the dictator, the guy was not able to find a place. But, once in America, quickly acquired not only friends, but also his beloved wife. The circumstances are that Barry has to go back to the father. Watching a man humiliate all around and does everything to ensure that people were afraid of him, guy decides to try to explain that this is not the best way. But to turn a harsh tyrant in a calm and balanced ruler - an incredibly difficult task.

Two best friends Schoolgirls, obsessed with yoga, ready to study it for weeks. But, the families of both girls are not capable of such a permit, because they are forced to work in the store, hoping that their lives will happen a miracle. Something extraordinary is really happening - girls are witnesses of how an ancient power is freed from a long confinement, began to destroy everything around. Distrust of all adults makes friends speak to the man, which is exactly what will help them, and certainly not to scoff. But in order to restore the world of the original appearance, the man will need the help of his new assistants.

The film will tell the spectator about the people who lived in the eighties. This is an amazing time to remember many people, the keys under the Mat, belated telegram, complete lack of foreign things. Sonia finally decided to move in with her lover, Boris, Katya throws Makar, Masha and Sergei can't disperse peacefully. But the lives of many people and the main characters very soon to change dramatically, because approaching the nineties. World Soviet era is nearing its final stage, people begin to think otherwise, very soon there will be a new time for a new life.

The events of the film carry its audience in the eighteenth century. And it all happens in the United States of America. That is where lives our protagonist named Alex. He spent his entire life engaged in writing activities and he likes it. But his life does not happy, and constantly be falling out all the unhappiness and trouble. First they were with his family and friends, and then everyone jumped on him. In his lifetime he managed to see and hunger, he even visited the slavery where he had to work for a crumb of bread, which is not all battered. Sometimes even happened, that faith in the best simply excised, and he had ceased to believe in the best.

It All starts of course with our favorite squirrel named Scrat. Her attempts to get the ill-fated acorn cause laughter, and perseverance deserves respect. Only this time in pursuit of a walnut or an acorn squirrel finds himself in outer space. This leads to the fact that because of Scrat in the open space takes place in various incidents and clashes, which greatly alter the lives of all living on Earth. This leads to the fact that Manny, his wife, Sid, Diego and the rest of the already familiar characters should go in a new adventure in search of new lands.

The Continuation of this fantasy trilogy, will help to find the long-awaited answer to the main question, which is given by a multi-million audience of fans of the famous comic strip. Well, who is stronger and braver – Superman or Batman? Who will be the real winner – an alien creature from a distant star krypton, or a multimillionaire who comes into the fight with the criminals, using the excellent physical training, creative thinking, and nanotechnology? At this time the "bat" will appear not quite in a familiar role. This is not surprising. It's been more than a decade, since when the last time Batman fought with the enemies. Now it's quite ordinary respectable man named Bruce Wayne. The man no longer "plays" in the war and not saving humanity, and it...

At this time, the mystical events of the film will takes place in a small town called Enfield. Psychics have found that all the tragedy and misfortune that take place in the city – it's one tough demon who wants to claim their rights. But worst of all, the inhabitants of the town do not believe in it and it generates more hatred and distrust. They believe that it's all real and think that all of this takes some of the inhabitants of the town. But who? This question does not give them rest, and he awakens in them the worst qualities and feelings. This mysterious film will not leave anyone indifferent, and great to get the blood pumping.

Teenage mutant ninja Turtles will always be something to do, since the city constantly needs its heroes. Worst of all, shredder is back again and now he is ready for a new showdown as ever. But that's not all, as the city is on the verge of an alien invasion and all the rest. As you can see, there are things to do. At the same time April oneil met a new interesting friend, which turned out to be a street vigilante in the mask. The guy's name is Casey Jones and it is clear that he also wants to help the city, only its methods. And now the girl will have to attract everyone, because the new enemy is dangerous and unpredictable.

The Film will tell the audience about a young married couple, which is experiencing a terrible grief - the loss of a child. In life it was not easy, but the young people found the strength to continue to live. They've got a new motivation to be happy, they adopted a little boy, he was a very sweet and beautiful boy. Baby Cody is eight years old. The couple is perplexed, why the kid is so much afraid to fall asleep. But, long without deliberating, they blamed it on the condition that the stress at Cody, because he changed his place of residence. But as it turns out Cody is afraid to fall asleep because it has unusual and strange gift.

The film is set in Australia. Also in this country, as in any other country there is a huge number of different legends and myths. After all, there is beautiful nature, where you can admire not only the people of this country, but all the tourists who come here to relax. Because here is one serial killer who tracks his first victim, and then attacks it and kills in agony. And here's our main heroes decided to go here to relax and spend time with the whole family. But when they walked through the woods