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Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

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This time Jago went with his friendly and loyal team mates in a place called Lesotho. According to rumors, there still can be found a large number of old rarities and ancient treasures beneath the water. To retreat the young man is nowhere, because he has invested in this case is almost a fortune of half a million dollars, this is why he wants to find out whether they are the whole team, not only to pay the costs of this study, but at least a little to earn for himself. Jago I am sure that in the river valley where there was no exploration, it will be something to make money.

Jim Hawkins sixteen year old teenager, he since the childhood dreamt to go on any adventure. One day he meets a space pirate that goes on an unforgettable journey, trying to find the mysterious Treasure Planet. Thanks to the cyborg John silver, who was the cook on this ship, Jim manages to become a real "kosmonavtlar". Jim not again shows your skills and even saves the ship from problems such as black hole, cosmic storm and explosion. Guy has no idea that there are some real danger, his best friend would do anything for treasure, even to betray Jim.

When it comes to the extraction of gold and treasure, remember the thousands of lives. The thirst for quick wealth makes you forget about such noble feelings, honour, friendship, solidarity. What if to go in search of gold, on which lay a curse? In British Columbia, are the treasures that can ever change a person's life, making him a rich man. Six miners made it their aim to find the cursed gold and went on a dangerous journey. What awaits them in the distant country? Whether people will be able to get what I was looking for and thus save your life?

Jerome Waren successfully engaged in his business. His life is painted on minutes. There is a lot of clear business plans and no place for feelings. But once family problems have demanded urgent presence of Jerome. He put down his things and went to his hometown, where he spent his childhood and youth. Jerome predicted in the short term to solve the problem associated with lawsuits. But meeting up with old friends, shared memories, interesting events, intrigue changed the plans of a businessman. To my surprise, he realizes that in the heart of the hardened bachelor is a place for true love. In his hometown he meets the one the only.

Sarah's Life is full of setbacks, disappointments and empty hopes. There is no loving people – family or friends. The girl acutely feels the loneliness. Once she becomes an unwitting witness to the suicide of a woman who outwardly is an exact copy of Sarah. The girl makes a spontaneous decision – to bury their unsuccessful life. She stole that woman who died. Sara seems to be that another's life will give her happiness, which she always dreamed. But this act complicates the girl's life. She discovers a terrible secret that explains the incredible similarity of the two women. And now danger lurks around every corner.

1987. Police are investigating a brutal crime – the murder of a young girl. Three suspects and the only witness to the crime was a child. The investigation came to a dead end. After 24 years Olivia rønning was determined to get to the truth. She found the archive job and started his own investigation. Perhaps the boy who has become an adult, will be able to remember the details of terrible crimes? And what happened to the suspects? Olivia is going to figure out the motives of a murder and find a part of it. Can she unravel the mystery of the past, where everything seems to have already forgotten?

Several thousand years ago, in the days of mammoths, there lived a brave and clever hunter Kenai. He has long wandered through the forests and hunting, but one day he accidentally angered the Great spirit. Kenai killed the bear kind, which was a sacred animal the spirit. In revenge they turned the hunter Kenai into a bear, since he couldn't speak, lived in the woods and hiding from the hunter who was by himself. Some time passed, and found a bear on the doorstep of her den cute little bear Code that now changes the life of Kenai, and possibly return to his human appearance.

Remy is an unusual rat, which has well-developed taste. He likes to risk his life just to try and show cooking, which he is crazy about. There he seeks out interesting recipes, and foods and condiments. The rat lives with his family, but they don't get it and think that it has anything to do with them. And then one day, Remy manages to get to the heart of the most expensive restaurant, namely, its cuisine. It was there that he realizes that it's the place he really likes and decides to stay to use their awesome skills. He was alone, without his family, but it's not frustrating.

Family Life LeBlanc marred by the tragic death of the guy. Time heals, but to forget does not work. The event involves some kind of terrible secret that has been carefully hidden from the son of guy David. Meanwhile, the young man builds his own life. Beside him true and loving Marie. The couple has two adorable children and it seems that life is filled with carefree happiness. But in David's heart like a thorn stuck longing. He constantly thinks about his father and wants to understand what actually happened on that fateful day. There is a change in the fortunes of the David. What secret have to disclose?

Far back as 1918. Army under the leadership of hard-willed General Pepelyaev captures the city. All rich men are obliged to hand over money and valuables on the content of a large army. Charming young widow Chagin as contribution brings a rare expensive diamond. After some time a jewel disappears, and all are under suspicion, who were in the building at the time of the theft. To investigate this complicated case comes Murzin Andrey sentenced to death. If he can solve this crime and find the diamond, you will be pardoned. Detective story is gaining momentum.

Great dreamlike state in which he lives a lonely green giant Shrek. He lives in the woods, on swampy marsh, which belonged to him. He has no friends, everyone is afraid of him, even though he is very kind and sweet. And then one day the evil ruler of a magical fairytale Kingdom Lord named Farquaad, because of its terrible nature had kicked out all the fabulous people on the swamp, where Shrek lives. Thus ended the life of a lonely kind of a giant. Farmed invited Shrek and ordered to find Princess Fiona, who is in prison, if he succeeds, then he will return to a normal life.

All the inhabitants of the Earth left their planet, leaving an amazing machine robot wall-E. He's the last robot on earth, and purifies it from a huge number of garbage, which left the former tenants. But over the years, the analysis of the waste and solitude it creates its own little world, where they find a place different things that he found. Later, he gets a roach, whom he considers a pet. And once descends on the earth the robot eve that wall-e fell in love at first sight. Despite the fact that they are different, this does not prevent them becoming a couple. And ahead of them an amazing journey to the stars, who so long wanted to see wall-E.

Eugene Storks just perfect. He has a good job, a decent income, charisma, which allows him to be always in the limelight and have success with women. Only, perhaps, what characterizes it from the negative side is that he absolutely can not tolerate children. But one day fate gives him the opportunity to correct this defect. Eugene works as a pilot, and once his ship is wrecked on a desert island. As for evil, next to him is a boy Kolya. The man does not immediately find a common language with it constantly asking questions of the child. However, nothing can be done to survive, they need to reconsider their views on life.

This picture is based on real events and will be the biography of the legendary singer Dolly parton. The future idol of millions of people born in a large family. She had three brothers and three sisters. Parents loved their children, but could not fully provide. This was the reason for the attacks from peers. However, she did not get upset. Even from a young age she proved herself as a bright and talented person, and even at that age knew who to be when you grow up. In life she would have to go through many trials, but thanks to the optimism and faith in fine, she will succeed.

The slaves after several unsuccessful attempts did manage to leave the plantation where they worked for a long time. The fugitives intend to get to the Northern States. Only there they will be able to permanently escape from slavery. The secret railway – the only salvation for the main characters. With its help, hundreds of fugitives were able to become free. Escaped slaves need to hurry. Because they already went bounty hunters. Mercenaries undertake to bring heroes back on the plantation. And there is no value to return they live there or bring their dead bodies.