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Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

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The events of the film bring their audience into the days when was created the Roman Empire. And people divided into different tribes. But sometimes happens so that some tribes had become against the government. They were not satisfied with the work of the Roman Empire and demanded it to be honest. But there were tribes who lived far from the Roman Empire, of course, such tribes was harder to live than other tribes. Because they are constantly attacked, robbed, killed, abused, forced to obey and follow everything they order. And then one day all the tribes decided to get together and rebel against authority.

This film tells about the first confrontation between humans and orcs. For centuries, the human race lived peacefully and was sure that for the solid walls she's safe. People were convinced that all magic cannot harm them, but in one moment everything changed. the Orcs defeated the human Kingdom of Stormwind, but the people rallied under the leadership of Lothar and ready to repulse the Horde. Lothar is willing to sacrifice all for the salvation of his people. In this picture none of the parties has not received the status of heroes or villains. The narrative is from a neutral point of view and tells the story of two peoples.

The Main character of the film is 11-year-old boy named Tom. His life changed dramatically after he found in the basement of his house a spirit that called himself Hugo. The boy felt sorry for the sweet and harmless a Ghost and he agreed to help him. And what need help? Hugo wants to go home, but home is hundreds of miles away from the place where he is now. Tom and with him another female, which, actually, is a hunter of ghosts embark on an exciting and fun journey to bring Hugo home. But it's not as easy as in the house of Hugo dwells a Spirit of Ice, which also must be destroyed.

Sometimes the one who is next, may not be what it seems. Contortionist Lisa received a serious injury on the speech, admitted to the hospital. Maxim Krylov is investigating the case, and falls in love with a girl. They soon marry, and Maxim helped Lisa to get better. But when he returned to his work, she realizes that there do not expect it and the place is busy. She's taking it hard. Soon Maxim is tasked to solve a series of murders, whose victims were former colleagues of his wife. His suspicion falls on Lisa, too, and he destroys all the evidence that points to her.

Vladimir works as a shepherd and loves it. He lives a quiet life. But one day everything changes. He needs to buy new weapons, and you can buy it in Yakutsk, where he should go. On the same day it hit by a car, at the wheel which turns out to be a girl named Katya. Volodya was lucky, he receives minor injuries, but all the same she decides to take him home to take care of him. Having got to talking, they find out that they were former classmates. It turned out that they were in love with each other

It will be about Jesse Custer – preacher in one of the American cities. One day, unexpectedly, the man found himself in the presence of certain beings. A little later it became clear that the hero is enclosed in the Genesis – child, whose appearance is the result of mating a pure angel and a demon doomed. A child carries a maximum bright light clot, but at the same time is a focus of all evil in the Universe. One desire of Genesis and he can become as powerful as God himself. His container, which was Jesse, automatically surpassed by the power of all people on the planet

Now the former enemies must join forces, because the neighbors are once again on the warpath and they were obnoxious new friends. this is All happening after next to Mac and Kelly settles University women's club. From new guests a lot of noise and a variety of hassle and because they do not understand simple requests, you need to act decisively. to achieve the desired result, Mac has to ask for help, to someone who more recently was his worst enemy. This is Teddy Sanders, but it seems that he also wants to teach new neighbors. Neighbors stood again on the warpath!

The Action takes place in the Steppe Barrows – a small provincial town. It is close to the highway, which performs the function of connecting Central part of the country from the South. At first glance, life in the provinces seems too measured and frankly boring. However, it's different here. At the head of the city is gang, whose members accept all financial and legal decisions. One day in the Steppe Barrows sent investigator Andrew smokes. The guy stands out for its integrity and unwillingness to accept injustice

All his adult life Peter Wren was distinguished by a burning thirst for justice and truth. As a result of certain actions associated with the ideals of men, now threatened everything that he has, starting with the family, ending with his own life. the beginning of the adventure was our meeting with an attractive stranger, who asked the main character help. The fact is that not long ago her husband was murdered and now woman is desperately trying to get to the truth

At this time, the mutants will have to face with the most dangerous and cruel enemy, which you can imagine. We are talking about the ancient mutant, which in former times was worshipped by the superstitious people as a mysterious deity. And the name of this deity or the mutant Apocalypse. After he woke up from his centuries of sleep, the mutant came to the conclusion that he was not satisfied with the way things are. He begins to implement his evil and cunning plan. But Professor Xavier and the other mutants can't afford to hurt innocent people. Although, it seems that Magnetto like such changes.

In this movie the main character Thomas is a successful, young and beautiful rarely plagued by nightmares. In these terrible dreams young man always sees the same dream in which it is waiting for a wonderful girl. The girl is in the thrall of sleep, from which you can pull out the main character. Thomas doesn't believe in all this and not stressing. But everything becomes real when he moves into an old house that he inherited from his own grandfather. Along with the house he inherited both the curse and the ghosts in the house. Now he needs to protect all that remain in the house, also not let you go out forces in the world. The nightmares are becoming more frequent, and Thomas goes for help to the priest

Young people from childhood provide their rich parents, not know what the law is. They believe that it can commit thoughtless acts and not to bear for such behavior, no punishment. Sergei Loparev was always under the protection of his father, incumbent mayor of the city. The guy raped the girl. This time the father decided that his son should learn to be responsible for their own actions. He offered Sergei a deal – either he goes to jail or marries a raped girl. Tamara had become the wife of the hero. But family life has not changed a spoiled guy, and made him more violent towards his wife.

Federal service for the protection of witnesses has already saved lives and gave them new life. What will happen if the secret data of people who are protected by this program fall into the hands of bad people. At least the Feds are monitoring this very carefully, but the bandits are always trying to steal the data. But one day, quite by accident cumulative disk with secret information is the child. No one decides to take the child disk, and it is not easy, as the child of Sade's age. the Bandits had already became aware of the fact that the disk is the child and they start shooting. Therefore, the secret agents arranged to kindergarten in order to ingratiate himself with the child.

The Life of a young and talented doctor of barbarians goes over well, she does not complain about his and everyone is happy. But in her life happens, she becomes the victim of a criminal, then her life changes drastically. a barbarian is always committed to justice and goes to get a job in the police. The girl quickly gaining credibility and helps to open up the case. Of course there are those people who are not satisfied with the work girls, but it doesn't stop, thanks to its strong and persistent character not afraid of her threats and she goes forward. a barbarian will Cope with all the difficulties that made her fate?

She grew up in an orphanage so she always dreamed of a rich, beautiful, campy and husband on a big, fancy house. The girl of the dreams will soon come true, and she initially seems to be happy. Her husband in addition to a very successful businessman, is also still a politician. And as soon as he takes off his mask, life Natalia is changing not for the better. At home Natasha finds a diary of his ex-wife's husband, who died under mysterious events. From this diary, she learns that the man is her husband and that just disappeared without a trace to be saved. She fakes her own death, but her past so just let go.