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Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

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Ordinary young family decides to move to a quiet suburb. On arrival in a new house, they start a new repair, want in their little family nest was more light and heat. During a renovation in one of the rooms in the wall, they find a strange diary of a little girl who lived here before them. while reading this diary in the house begin to happen strange and terrible things. The family was horrified to recognize the history of these unusual places and with each page read they understand

Dmitry meets the girl of his dreams, Julia. They fall in love with each other. Dima from a rich and wealthy family, his dad oligarch Boris Chuikin, but Julia knows nothing about it. But the guy used to earn a living. And finally luck smiles at him, he sits in the easy chair superior. Now that he is doing well with the work he intends to get married with Julia and tell her about his family. But there happen unforeseen circumstances, in the apartment of the young bursts into the entire family of the groom.

Comedic drama or a dramatic Comedy about the life of a man named Uwe. He has a very bad temper. Always grumbling, always dissatisfied, looking for all the faults only and does not hesitate to point them out. The work of the Manager of the residential complex is harmoniously suited him. But even then he went too far. And on top of losing his wife, Uwe remained completely detached from this world. An attempt to commit suicide failed miserably. Then our hero thought of a new life, in which all attacks to unleash on their neighbors. However, the new his victims were not all that bad. They made Uwe a different perspective on life values.

Three friends – Dasha, Vika and Sveta, go to Sochi to her classmate Kate to spend unforgettable party devoted to the upcoming wedding of Katie. Everything is planned at the highest level, and a good friend intend to walk, then to indulge in regular family life. But Kate finds her fiancé in the arms of another and decides never to forgive infidelity. And in the hearts promises to marry the first comer. Girlfriends can only find a decent candidate for the role of her future husband. Here only in search of they have only a few hours. Will it be possible to handle them with this kind of job?

The Planet Earth faces great danger. On it flies the shard of the Sun. Ahead of the end of the world and all destined to die. Only the wealthy are able to prepare their own path to salvation. But there is one who is willing to save the planet. And surname corresponding to his – mercury. He claims to have come from the future. But for salvation he needs to conceive a child who will be born a Savior. And for this important mission elected the cashier of the supermarket ghoul. After careful deliberation, the woman agrees to be the mother of a superhero. But after a night with the ghouls, mercury realized that made a mistake and chose the wrong cashier not from the supermarket.

After retirement, former military Lev is not going to stay at home, and decided to organize his own security Agency "Chedr". At work, he is gaining brave boys with muscles of steel, that's just intellectually they are not very strong, so constantly get into absurd and ridiculous situations. Immediately after the opening of the Agency they are hired to protect big business-the centre "the Nightingale", where the young guards show their mental ability to complete the program. But despite the ridiculous situation, the characters still bravely fighting the manifestation of crime in the big building.

Galina ordinary music teacher, which all his life alone to raise his son Maxim. For her, this boy was the only meaning in life. And then one day Steve wants his mother to meet his bride varey, who was an orphan and worked as a house painter. The woman was horrified by the choice of his son and kicked the girl out of the apartment, but the young man did not take the side of the mother and left the house after the second half. After a time, Cooking almost gets hit by a car drunk driver, Maxim manages to repel the favorite, but to escape from the iron monster fails and he dies and she is left confined to a wheelchair. Now between the two women begins a feud, the outcome of which is unknown.

Alexey and Dmitry recently graduated from school and already in full swing to build their plans for further life, but all this was cut short when in their city. the City stormed the Great Patriotic war. Now, once best friends, due to incompatible views on life were on opposite sides of the barricades. Alex is trying to defeat the intruders and entered the service of the partisans, and Dmitry, on the contrary, takes the side of the enemy, and categorically refuses his homeland. Both guys believe that doing the right thing, only none of them knows how this will end for them.

Kate and Andrew are a young couple in love. Unlike most young contemporaries, who are trying to find a wealthy sponsor, Katya is true to her feelings, and ready to go for Andrew on the edge of the world. After some time the couple decides to get married, and begins preparing for the wedding. It seems, their mutual happiness is nothing and will never be able to destroy. But trouble comes unexpectedly, standing in the way of not only happiness, but also in life. Marat is the son of a wealthy businessman, accidentally met with Katya

After Losing his mother and wife, the family is making every effort to restore her old life. The death of a woman has changed not only the father of the family, who lost his chief assistant, and joy, but the sons, bereft of care. Trying to find those who would help them to see life not through the grey clouds of depression, men compare their chosen mother and wife, and each time discover flaws that were not in the perfect woman. Each of them wants to get his old life back and bring back the happy moments, not realizing that the mountain we need to let go. Can they help myself?

Decided to arrange a Grand party, four friends did not even suspect than it is for them to turn around. After collecting a huge number of people, guys I hope to remember this day as the most outstanding in their bright young lives. And, it really becomes so, but not due to the huge amount of booze and beautiful girls around. Police arrived accuses friends of murder in the unfamiliar dwarf, whose body was found on the lawn near the house. The only chance to escape from prison and clear his name - to collect all the cameras that were present at the party...

Never met before, Igor and Olga are introduced in a sanatorium, where he had fled from the commonplace. Both have found the people with whom he tied the knot of marriage, both are equally not happy in the routine. After meeting, the young people quickly find a common language, and soon did fall in love with each other. Knowing that their romance is not able to end well, the pair tries to remember everything that happens to them, not wasting a minute. But, the vacation ends, and each of them is forced to return to his family and his routine. After living several weeks separately from each other, they realize that they are willing to destroy the past, for the future.

Each person who wants to get rid of their hated and apparently the extra pounds, can come to the transmission and start fighting. Daily exercise, special diet, the advice of experienced and proven coaches - eighteen men and women from all over Russia, agree on an experiment to end the person's life with excess weight. But, only some of them will be able to achieve the result, which for so long dreamed of. Only one will reach the end, becoming a winner and achieving incredible results. Man, pretty internally - bound to be beautiful and attractive, and they definitely will prove it!

Hearing the cries for help, a young guy novel, living in a remote village, rescues the girl Nadia. But, due to terrible stress, she loses her memory, and continues to live in the village, trying to remember who she is and how we got here. Feeling responsible for the girl, the novel continues to visit her and soon falls in love. Definite views on beauty has saved, and a local resident Boris, who wants to make a good impression on Nadia. Enemies for nothing knowing girls are all the same age, born in the village. Because each of them is sure that she is a real witch...

Eric and Anna are the husband and wife who live the perfect life too, so it lasted a long time. To family ties not falling apart, they, along with daughter move to an apartment, obtained Erikov inherited. There they embody his dream about creating a perfect society with the same interests and form a commune, which includes both friends and new people. Things are going just fine. All cell companies live in the same house, share stories, build shared plans. From rustic villas turned out a kind of Eden on earth. But everything changes with the appearance of a new member of society. Eric leads the commune his mistress.