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Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

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And then the Chickens lay eggs, but they are so much smooches, as if they won't lay eggs, run the risk of becoming dinner for his evil mistress. Not surprisingly, life on the farm is a nightmare. And then one day one of the chickens named ginger comes to the idea of escape from this awful place. Everything sounds so tempting, but how to do it. Suddenly, the farm is declared a rooster that can fly, and he is willing to help to escape the chickens, but the thing the chickens won't fly. And besides, the hostess bought a special machine

The old days, when life Shrek was filled with adventures and dangers, quieted down. After all, he already found his Princess, and brought peace to the earth Kingdom, and sit on the throne of the righteous king, and got himself a family. But such a calm and measured life not to taste the green Ogre. it happens here, so Shrek meets a sorcerer named Rumplestiltskin. Which assures him that he is ready to help him and to return him to his former life, without hesitation, the giant agrees, and the witch sends him to another reality. Where giants hunt, and Fiona doesn't even know Shrek. The sorcerer at this time was at the throne of the fairy Kingdom. Shrek wants to return everything back, but is it possible?

Now the Kievan Rus', a new threat is coming. The Queen from the distant edges laid eyes on the land, she decides to bagging a Prince of Kiev, using the magic potion with which she bewitched the Prince. Now he intends to marry her, so he could not live without her. The Prince decides to send her his faithful warriors, after all who as not they will be able to deliver the Queen, Prince. But true friends understand that there is something wrong and decide to find out the ideas quiesence. But the Queen is ready to fight back, and it just will not let go. The heroes have a lot of difficulties and obstacles, will they be able to overcome all that?

In this film will tell the story of the protagonist Peter Zubov. He's a young man, who loves children and very friendly people. Peter teaches in a rural school, but when the war started, he was wondering if he should continue his activities. But since he loved this job and their students, he stayed in the same place to teach. But all the time tormented by the question, what can I help children in times of war? Every time asking yourself this question, he decided that he would protect them by all means and in various ways, why would he then not worth it.

In this film will show a strong combat and a story that will not leave indifferent any spectator. Show times of war, when it follows an unexpected knock on the door of our people. And young guys, without hesitation, went to the military front. Because of the war, mothers lost their sons, wives loved husbands, and children of single fathers. But these people are heroes, they went for the sake of their homeland. In 1945, when our boys began to return home, and in the East continues hot and never-ending war. The Soviet army as a true friend and a common ally, goes to help in China.

This film tells the tense psychological history, the center of which is a young woman. The last thing she remembers is a car accident, in which it came, and then darkness. Now the girl wakes up in a dark bunker next to a strange man. He claims that he saved her, and in the bunker because they are the result of the chemical attack the surface of our planet has become uninhabitable. the Girl doesn't know what to think, but she had a sneaking doubts about her new friend, and his explanation of how they got here. She decides to get out...

Fluffy Lovelace, whom we all remember from Shrek. Bold prankster, he bravely fights crime and wins the heart of any cat, which will meet on your way. It does not give anyone the right to make fun of him. He constantly come offer to steal something, and he always does this skillfully, but he always adhered to the principle not to Rob the poor. Now he gave the case to steal the magic beans, one of the couples. These beans are able to grow

All my life home chameleon named Rango does not leave his home, did not know any adversity and grief. But going wrong and randomly it gets in the real world, and that he's really just not ready. Left all alone in the middle of the desert that does not promise anything good. He literally miraculously saved from the claws of the bird that wanted to eat them. After Rango gets to the nearest town under the name

In this cartoon Chronicles the far and beautiful tropical island, where each year the sun is warm, mysterious birds. One of the main characters – red bird named red who has a flaw – he too displays his emotions and temper. He has too frequent fits of anger that flare up due to the usual trivia and moments, also irritate him a variety of things, leading him to crazy problems and consequences. This bird, there are problems in his personal life that oppresses him much more. Red always releases his anger on others, this is what complicates his life. The protagonist begins to attend courses that help to control your emotions and keep control of the rage.

Program "Window of life" was developed in order to give hope for a good future for people in trouble. A girl who is in a difficult situation, forced to abandon her own child. With the new program, they can transfer the kids qualified doctors, without revealing his identity. In the children's hospital opened a box where mothers can leave infants. No one would know who were the parents of the child. Doctors just try to help the kid and give him a loving family. "The window of life" can save from death abandoned children.

There is an amazing world that is hidden to ordinary people, there live strange creatures, they are also responsible for the sunrise and nightfall. One of those things with Myung, he's the most in life wants to travel and live in your pleasure. But he did not realize that he will, because he will become a guardian of the moon. And now comes the advice, which will be selected by two guardian of the Sun and moon. Everyone knew that the Keeper of the Sun choose a mighty and brave warrior by the name of Sohan

Little dog named wolf plays the role of a superhero in one of the TV series. It has everything what can only dream of a normal dog and more. His landlady's crazy about your beloved pet. But there's a problem, because the dog really thinks that he has some ability, as in the series. The dog lived permanently within the Studio. Once it happens that it gets in the real world, where he realizes that he does

Santa and his loyal elves helpers always carefully preparing for the Grand day where every child who behaved well during the year, will receive the treasured gift. But Santa Claus also have children, one of them is named Steve. The guy does not like Christmas and does not understand the meaning of this holiday, which is not true of the younger son, Arthur. He work in the post office, and no one cares about him. And then one day the guy receives a letter from a girl, which by some mistake has not received his gift for Christmas. This could not hurt the guy, so now he is ready to overcome any obstacle, if only the girl received your gift and haven't stopped believing in Santa.

French series Zero platoon (Section zéro) will tell the audience about the crash of the primary way of life on planet earth. In which the rules of peace and tranquility. Instead of the familiar people the world is ruled by multinational corporations. In turn, they are gaining strength and giant companies control the planet. The war began for water resources, the stock of which was coming to an end. One Corporation under the name "Prometheus" is trying by all means to get power on the planet. Instead of the police, they develop their own army called the "Black Squad".

Brilliant scientists for many years he tried to create robots that would be able to help people. And that's what happened, finally he managed to make a great breakthrough, he created a robot. Unfortunately, the mechanism turned out to be quite unconscious, and soon rebelled against his Creator. In the end, unleashed a brutal war where mankind has been defeated. The scientist decided to take a desperate step and gives us human nature in the nine dolls