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Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

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The Beginning of the 19th century, Paris, the city is a true flood, the river Seine overflows its banks. Two friends named Emile and Raoul are constantly traveling and having fun. Emil works as a courier, where he falls in love with his girlfriend named Maude. Once the friends have to send an important shipment to the lab, when they arrive at the place, they met a monkey who is as smart as a normal person.

Lightning McQueen is an ambitious young car to win many races and tournaments. He is so skillful that he manages to confront the old man in this case. It is surrounded with a glory and honour, a lot of fans, countless interviews and taking pictures. Here's coming a new tournament, where him and this time have to fight with their old rivals. But during transportation he rolls out of the trailer. When the car wakes up, he realizes what he lost.

The Film tells about the operation of intelligence of the Soviet army, which tried several times to eliminate the Fuhrer of Germany. For this purpose they chose the main character of a famous spy – Igor Miklashevsky. The hero receives the necessary instructions from the leadership to get to the tournament, where the winner award is awarded personally by Adolf Hitler. Hero under the guise of a deserter-defector hits in Germany.

The Story of a talented young pilot Alexei Gushina. He does not recognize authority, preferring to act in accordance with a personal code of honor. For failure to comply with the absurd order of his being kicked out of military aviation, and only by a miracle he gets a chance to fly on civilian aircraft.Gushchin begins its life flying over. His mentor — the aircraft commander — a stern and principled Leonid Zinchenko. His colleague — the co-pilot, unapproachable beauty Alexandra. Relationships are not simple. But on the brink of life and death, when the ground was slipping from under his feet, around the fire and the ashes and only the sky is salvation, Gushchin shows everyone what he's capable of. Only together will the crew be able to perform the feat and...

In our time people used to believe in what they feel and not in what surrounds them. He live according to its laws and regulations. The opinion of some people can crush or exalt one person or another. But all this is not so important, because there are some very simple things that surround people.

Divorce is always a significant change in my life, so what happened to Danny, but not passed him by, he suddenly became rich. It's all very him to taste and he decides not to dwell on that and continues to change my life for the better, taking up the sport.

The company of friends decide to have some quality time and go to a place where they will not be able to prevent and they dive in head first entertainment. These are the guys who are always in search of extreme relaxation and dangers. And the danger really awaits them, because in the Gulf, to which they went, dwelt a terrible monster, capable of tearing them apart.

A Small group of children went to the local Museum to learn more about the day, which is celebrated annually in their city. It is called Day of the Dead. And then an employee of the Museum told them the story about Catherine the great and Xibalba who became kings of the world of the Dead.

There was in Kievan Rus Grand Prince, and was his niece Zabavushka, she loved local the messenger of Elisha and wanted to marry him. But the Prince did not like it, the Treasury is almost empty, and need to find a rich suitor who will pay a good ransom.

Tito perfect Kingdom in which he lives a huge number of owls. Live here and are developing three wonderful little owl. The boy, whose name is Soren and kludd, and a girl named Eglantine. They often tell scary stories about the existence of Night guard called GA'hoole, which is a team of great and courageous warriors.

Guys Dancer, Serge, Mel, Kostya – best friends. They engaged in street football. Most improved "athlete" Kostya. His girlfriend Nastya insists that Kostya should actively engage to get into professional football team. But he as a true friend and a man understands to leave my friends, mean to betray. Especially because street football for his whole life, but the guys is a team, without which it is not.

Eddie Edwards was born and lived in the UK. In childhood he had a dream – to become a great athlete and participate in Olympic games. Not knowing right away which sport to choose, he began to try to do everything what I could. But the failures fall on him like snow in the winter. And then he decided he was born to be an athlete in downhill skiing.

War is a terrible time, through its millstones were not only military, civilians experienced the horror as much. In the next battle became the subject of strengthening the position Malakanskogo highway, it was decided to send a division the General-major Panfilov. The division included a company of Gundilovich. The level of protection that should be provided, to strengthen the position huge.

Flynn Cerelon is an FBI agent working undercover. His life was not the best of times: - not so long ago under mysterious circumstances killed his partner and best friend - the office conducts an internal investigation, suspecting that the death of agent could be involved in Cerelon; - in addition suddenly disappears Abby Cerelon - wife Flynn.

Sometimes Life presents us with enough unexpected surprises. Until recently these people did not know each other: - a married couple in which the husband was jealous of his beautiful wife (actress) almost everyone who looks at her; - the visiting Director from Hollywood, which is in a potential actress interested in not only her acting talent; - a young boy who was "lucky" to find a job as a courier from drug dealers;