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Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

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Australia. These days. A group of teenagers decided to have a fun weekend in nature - they went to the lake, which was located a hundred kilometers from their town. At night they were awakened by a strange hum of aircraft toli toli helicopters, but they did not attach much importance. What was the buzz they find out then when I get back to the "picnic" home. At first they were surprised by the feeling of "extinct" town - when they drove it on the streets there was not a single person. Then they saw the dead Pets.

Another attempt of a film adaptation of the famous work by American writer Edgar Allan PoE. The storyline of the film close to the "original", but still has some specific differences that create some intrigue for the viewer. These days. New Orleans. The young man lives in the same house with the old man. They have developed quite a trusting relationship, but the guy just infuriates "dead" eyes of the old man.

He who believes that the theme of "body swap" already "boring" and uninteresting to the viewer, we remind you that any topic in the main flow and nuances of the content. I advise you to watch the Russian Comedy "I Remember - I don't remember" (2016) and you will see that this topic has not yet exhausted itself. Alena - a typical geek. She works in a library and reads a lot, participates in the productions of the local theatre and dreams of true love like in the books). Attempts by friends and colleagues to introduce her to young people Alena rejects - she believes that one day "Prince" he will find her.

The Plot of a gripping Thriller from the first moments of intrigues the audience. Four inseparable friends of adolescence Danny, Prue, Slade and mark have been inseparable since early childhood. Boys of twelve years often gathered together to walk in the yard or a nearby Park. Mark had a little brother five years old named Jesse. Usually Teens did not like to take it with you on a walk. But one day, Mark's parents weren't home, and his younger brother still persuaded the boys to take him to the Park. Jesse, like any five year old child, could not sit still in one place. He was playing pranks, running away, hiding and did not listen to adolescents. The boys played among themselves and did not notice that the baby was gone. Initially they decided that Jesse...

The plot of the film develops as follows. Mysterious river called Ar, stretched for tens of kilometers between the rocky terrain, abandoned vineyards and dense forests. Why is this river called enigmatic and mysterious? And why locals fear alone to walk along the shore? The thing is that in the river Ar constantly finding drowned with signs of violent death.

The story of the amazing friendship of two people stranded on the side of life. Ptitsyn – known, controversial rock musician who lived for the day and wasn't afraid of anything. At some point he disappeared from the scene, which was a surprise to fans and rumors among journalists. Built various assumptions, someone thought Ptitsyn is no longer alive. But this time the musician was treated in a closed clinic. He learned too late that ill with tuberculosis. This news altered the usual carefree life.

The strongest love happens in adolescence. Student of the architectural Institute of Barysh is enjoying every minute of your life. He plays the drums, appreciate the freedom, but at heart is a true romantic. Guy is optimistic about the future. Fusun is a young student, a serious-minded study. She spends a lot of time behind books, wants to continue her education in a prestigious American University. Fate brings two young, beautiful young people. The profits from the first sight understands that Fusun – the girl of his life. Love breaks the heart and fills it entirely.

The long-Awaited meeting with their favorite characters. In the new season, nick is waiting for a joyful event – the probation is cleared, the experiment created by the law enforcement agencies together with broadcasters over. The operator with permanently active camera will no longer chase the guy around a lot, so you can breathe easy. But the rest is real kids only dream of. Nikolay Naumov wants to feel like a successful person. He decided to build a political career. Enlisting the support of influential father-in-law Oborin, as well as the help of faithful friends Vova, Antohi, Edik, nick rushed into the fight. To nominate a candidate in deputies having a stormy past and a criminal record, can not do without the professional help of PR agents. So in the...

Roy single-handedly raising eight-year-old son. The clever boy does not cause much worries. Without a female affection is definitely not easy, but father and son do not lose heart, rejoice every passing day.One day Roy notices in the strange child's behavior changes: he seems tired, scared about something. A worried father thinks that the problems associated with health. But it turns out that Alton's has a supernatural ability that most clearly manifest in Sunny weather. Should the boy be frightened, as there is a release of powerful energy, capable at a distance to destroy the building, or to blow up the plane.

To Be a black sheep in any group is not easy. When it comes to police, it is doubly harder to not be like everyone else. Alex has always lived according to the laws of conscience. Raised by a strict father, a Colonel, a young man in difficult situations acted with justice, spoke only the truth and waited to respond the same honesty.

TV Series called "Empire" due to the fact that the main character of the story is a very famous founder of the music Empire and a thrilling, interesting story which is rooted in past centuries. The owner is Lucius Lyon, engaged in their favorite genre in music called hip - hop. The main character with his wife for many years engaged in the erection of the Empire.

The protagonist of the film is beautiful, successful and unmarried young people. He is in search of a narrowed, but "Will to love" it or not, this is a complex issue, as the bride he is looking for is not on their own. Jamel Higgins, was the name of the main character, is heir to his wealthy grandfather. On the basis of the will, a large successful company, as well as control costly stake will get inherited to the protagonist only if he marries. In addition, some part of the property will go to his granddaughter by the name of Monica. Grandpa long was terminally ill, and according to the predictions of doctors to live to him remains not more than three months. Affairs in his company he had not managed, but, nevertheless, did not rewrite it for his grandson...

For the joy, the viewers released the long-awaited new season of exciting and spectacular show "the Voice Kids". Again many talented, charming, touching and cute kids will delight the audience with their performances. the New show, we decided to divide it into 3 stages, 3 teams, 3 coaches and 15 young participants. Let's consider each stage in more detail.

Alexey Barannikov is considered a Soviet scientist with many talents and perspectives in their activities, but during the "dictatorship" was not that hard to harm your existing reputation. The same situation happened with Barannikov, because of someone's unfair a tip he was expelled from Moscow. But he was not thrown in trouble with his lover named Ludmila, as she followed him. Barannikov was surprised by this act of the bride, but it was the beginning of a strong and faithful relationship, even outside the capital.At this time in their life comes several unfavorable period, because the new invention of scientists can't be patented because of existing difficulties. And so all worries are imposed on the fragile shoulders of Ludmila, who is forced to decide...

The plot of the film tells about the events that happened in the big world. It is here that the passage of time goes a different way. The cause of wars in this time becomes a "crown of Westeros". It tries to conquer each of the parties. In the battle will involve several races, adherents of darkness and light. From difficult situations will not save the wall, which for many centuries has failed to defend the world from the followers of darkness. One person said the world is associated with the game, and people are actors. Only he forgot to say which one is good. There will be only one question, who will win in this unequal struggle and will be able to get the crown of Westeros and get a huge power?