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Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

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The monkey King is a beast who is very powerful, but nevertheless a good heart. Many hundreds of years ago, he provoked the wrath of the Gods. They decided to punish him and to expel it and sharpen on the top of icy mountains, which are called Marble. From there it can't escape anyone, even such a strong and powerful beast, so no one expects a return. Takes place about five hundred thousand years, when a small innocent child randomly breaks the seal of the spell, the monkey King is on the loose. But sweet and free life not. He is faced with a very difficult and fateful trials. It appears the main enemy – the Bloodthirsty Dragon that is very large and of incredible size, and only our hero King can stand against him, since only he has the power and strength...

This Comedy series, which describes and tells about the famous American comedian George Lopez. This Hispanic who was able to rise from the bottom to the top of show business. In his childhood he lived in great poverty, his life and his family life were very difficult. And that's precisely the moment he set a goal for the future: his family, relatives and he will not starve; he slept and saw, as he famous as his name sounds out of the mouth of the people. Once opened a new project in which George was led to participate. In this project he performed the duties of a servant the whole day. But our hero easily coped with this task. It was certainly not his whim, it was decided by the organizers of this project to raise funds to help the school. This project...

Lilo, kind sweet girl, her parents died. The girl lives with her sister Nani, which is older than her. The girl has almost no friends, she loves animals and one of them she made friends. Stitch, a cute dog, which was on the ground, is actually an alien, and he ran away from his world. Previously, he was a criminal who was transported to galactic prison, but he escaped and came down to Earth, where he turned into a cute puppy. Later it was found by Lilo and taken to himself. But this adventure does not end Stitch, because he is wanted by the intergalactic community, which will not leave Stitch alone.

It took very little time after my mother died Bambi, he really misses her. Going in search of his mother, he meets with the Prince of the forest, he was the father of a fawn. Bambi happy that he's not alone, but his father is already not very much. And then he asks his friend the owl to find the son of a foster mother. Bambi realizes that he's completely useless and goes for a walk in the woods, where he finds himself in a difficult situation, where there is a choice. But he plucks up courage and jumps over a huge ravine. When he saw his father, he remembered himself as a child and realized that his son has a great future, and he wants to see how he grows up.

Brilliant and lonely huge world villain named Megamind for a long time wants to conquer a great place in Metro city. For this he is ready for anything, but constantly in his way is hero Metro-man. But after Megamind manages to get rid of obstacles, he now understands that he has no purpose in life. And then he creates a new super agent on behalf of Titan, but it was a little overdone and super hero turned super villain. Unlike Megamind, he dreams of a reign of peace, and his only goal is to destroy all life. And Megamind faces a difficult choice, because now he can turn into a super hero who will save humanity.

After Shrek had rescued Fiona from the prison of the evil dragon, and now they parted. Recently, they got married and went on honeymoon. Time passed, and they came to his home, where he found a letter in which the parents of the bride inviting guests to a festive dinner. It is true then they did not know that their beloved daughter Princess Fiona turned into an Ogre. Fiona is afraid to admit it, and whatever distressing for parents, the couple once again go on a journey with his funny donkey. They will have wonderful adventures, many discoveries and new friends.

Count Dracula loves his daughter Mary and he tries to protect her from misfortunes. He built a huge castle, which is called hotel Transylvania and invited all the monsters, that they would have rest from all kinds of worries. But Mary on the contrary want to escape from this castle to see white light, but Dracula did not allow her to do so. The count is throwing a party where the man penetrates, he lost his way and ended up here, Dracula was trying to prevent what would have been his daughter saw the boy. But not everything goes according to plan, and they meet, and later fall in love with each other.

The Actress and the trainer Margarita Nazarova with great talents in the business in his youth, survived the war. In those days she was in captivity, but after the war it was expecting new difficulties and challenges that she had to make to conquer their place under the sun. All the difficulties could make it even stronger, which certainly came in handy to her later in life. Margarita was trying to find their place in different genres, don't have to of training animals, because it is an activity that turned out to be her calling. Wild animals have enchanted her, so soon the audience was able to see incredible performances with many interesting rooms. And after the screens out the work of "Striped flight", she has become a real fame. The old woman was out on...

All the action takes place in the late 17th century in New England, when one family from the UK decided to try his luck and good fortune in the New World. It was a rather religious family, so she strictly adhered to all the rules and laws of the Church.

Anna Ekland belongs to the category of people who never believed and believe still in some otherworldly forces, and mysticism, because they believe it is a fiction and unreality. Anna's a simple housewife from the UK who lives a normal life, because she is happily married and lead a regular life.

A Few friends who loved all sorts of adventures and even adventurous attitude to him, decided to create his own amusement Park on the shores of the Crystal sea, which lies deep in the forest. As for Park, they decided to choose the icons of horror, such as Freddy Krueger, Casey and many others that cause terror. But here is the place that was created under the amusement Park had become a completely different view, because here were often come the ghosts. To build on this advertising was impossible, since it's not a myth but a terrible reality.

Atlanta was rocked by a new outbreak of an unknown virus, which is unable to identify even the most competent scientist, since this is unknown before the incident. Virus are the most dangerous phenomena, and besides, he's easily transmitted between people, so the epidemic simply inevitable. The authorities decided to isolate part of the city, to prevent mass spread of the virus. But in an isolated area there were people, no matter infected or not, he still remains in a closed area, from which you cannot escape.

The Oviraptor stole from a nest egg, trying to escape with him as far as possible, he accidentally drops it into the water. Titerator picked up the egg and dragged to its nest, but it too loses it. So huge iguanodon Aladar fell into a tribe of lemurs. Mother lemur very happy this gift, but the dad lemur against this animal remained in their tribe. Aladar was growing up fast and got so big, but he still believed lemurs to his family. And once on the ground start falling meteorites, which cause huge explosions and fires. Aladar manages to save not only himself, but also helps your family.

Sinbad, world renowned sailor. One day a terrible evil goddess of Chaos named Eris steals the book of peace good, all suspicions fall on Sinbad and he turns into a real thief. He decides to prove to everyone that he is not guilty, and now he has to go to the Kingdom of evil Eris, home to a large number of monsters, Scorpions, strange birds and huge snakes that are made of white snow and ice. And now Sinbad must get rid of the monsters and to cope with the magic of the goddess Eris. She has a magic Apple, and it can turn best friends into worst enemies. Can Sinbad prove his innocence and to establish a relationship with your best friend.

Have grown up and Andy would soon be eighteen years old, after a few days he will go to College. He is busy collecting his things, and his old toys under the leadership of the woody Base and reflect on their lives. From different sides heard different ideas about where they would go, to the dump, to the roof, in the basement or in kindergarten, where they certainly will play. They had guessed that this day would come. And all the toys that used to belong to Andy, fall in kindergarten, "Sun", where they face a real nightmare. And now they need to come up with a new escape plan for which they are prepared for anything.