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Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

Watch movies online for free, movies 2015, 2016, 2017 in HD quality on MONSTERFILMS

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Victor young guy, he lives in a small village and was going to marry a beautiful girl named Victoria. The wedding day is appointed, young and happy here for a few days before the celebration, Victor decides to rehearse the speech he will say during the ring exchange. And it so happened that during rehearsal, he accidentally puts the ring on the girl's body and immediately finds himself in the afterlife with a dead girl is Emily. After a time, Victor will have to decide who he really roads, his beloved Victoria, who lives in normal living world. Or poor Emily, who lives in the afterlife alone.

Tulia Mihiel, and two lazy guys who absolutely do not want to work. They are real crooks dreaming of big money that will fall into their hands. Literally one day they were lucky, they found a map on which the path to large and expensive treasures. The guys realize that this is their chance and decide as soon as possible to hit the road. They find Hernan Cortes who can conduct them to the city of Gold, and hidden treasure they need. Ahead of them the long and dangerous path, but Tulo Mihiel, and ready to do anything to become a little bit richer and to get the treasures that they so long dreamed.

Everything happens unexpectedly on the roof of a house where lives a family of Beavers, a meteor crashes. This may seem strange, but this meteorite gives each member of the family, who at that time was at home, amazing incredible ability. Someone get soricelu, and someone the ability to fly. Thus from losers this family transformed into superheroes who can do anything you want. But soon Bobrovy understand that these forces are only effective if they are all in the collection. As it turns out, is under the same roof for a long time for them difficult.

Louise young girl and she lives in a small town, despite the fact that she was only twenty-six years she has to work at several places, as her family was a very difficult financial position. One day she was invited to work for a very rich man as a nurse, and she agrees, and she begins to look for will Tranum, who was in a wheelchair. The man thought his life was over, he had no desire for her, but the girl was able to prove this man is quite the opposite and look at life from the other side. From that moment on, the lives of the characters changes completely.

Whether gates is a very famous TV presenter, and he's constantly giving advice concerning Finance in its transmission. One day his help decides to employ one man, and as soon as he received advice from him, then immediately decides to use it, but unfortunately, he was unlucky and he lost absolutely everything he had and all his money, now the man wants revenge for his suffering. And once in time the next transfer, which was held in the air, he bursts into the Studio and takes hostage the host, but because of that ratings of transmission instantly jumped and all the people froze in anticipation of what will happen next.

In the country of the giants is home to many giants, and there resides a very special giant, which is very different from all the others, as he has a very kind heart, and he doesn't eat people, unlike the rest of his kin. Once in this country gets a little girl named Sophie, and at first she becomes very scary is in the company of this giant, but she soon realizes how good he really is. And she goes with him to the land of dreams, where the giant gives children good dreams, and besides, he starts teaching the girl magic. But soon the presence of a stranger and recognize other residents of the country, and now the girl and her new friend in great danger.

The Main person involved in this mysterious story – quite ordinary boy, named Jacob. Almost all of the childhood of the boy passed under the grandfather's stories fascinating, about how far the Welsh Peninsula is a refuge where children live with extraordinary abilities. These stories were like a fairy tale, though really, all episodes of grandpa's "fables" were more than real. And this is not surprising, because the grandfather of our hero himself was once a pupil of the boarding school. According to the elderly person, in this orphanage were unusual children. For example, a girl who without harm to their health could hold in their hands lit the fire. There was also a young man who was able to skillfully move through the air without touching the ground...

Hiding from the problems in the Carpathians, the son of a wealthy businessman Valery, finds new life in its charms. He was accustomed to local customs and even our plans can change his fate for the better. The unexpected arrival of his father, who is determined to bring back a disobedient son to Moscow, becomes an annoying hindrance. Valera refuses to leave the Carpathians. Then the enterprising father decides to expand on the Ukrainian land. Beautiful scenery, clean environment can be a good bait for people with a big wallet. This idea is absolutely not like uncle Valery. And local people will not cut down the forest, build a business surrounded by nature. A businessman enters a strange monastery with its Charter, will receive a fitting rebuff. It is not...

He's one lucky and crafty sellers of Antiques in all of Albion. After all, to buy a vintage piece, so it became the crown of the interior is the height of refined taste and unique slice of a bygone era, create a unique decor in the style of classic retro or Victorian style. Here is drew Pritchard is the one who saves the ancient heritage and architectural treasures that people are so easily and thoughtlessly throw away in the trash or put after the repair. This is a hobby, which eventually turned him in for good business, but again not necessary.

Informative documentary will immerse true lovers of everything extraordinary and sophisticated and talk about the brilliant works of art that will be remembered by mankind, as a universal work of technical creation. They have become an important invention for the Russian Motherland, because he left his fingerprints on the development of the whole country and made a considerable contribution not only in the contribution of development of production and industry, but also the entire planet. And were affected by the invention of almost all important areas and issues which urgently faced for generations: the harsh climate, disasters, volatile environment. Technogenia is an important study, the significance of which can be traced back to this tape and make sure...

About the Bering sea, one can perhaps say that it is very harsh and very inhospitable, but in this cold sea Armada, and its own beauty and realized that decided to experience the three intrepid American traveler and lovers of incredible extreme. But as it turns out the characters are not just thrill seekers who decided to try his luck on the ice floes of the Bering sea. Under these ice of unknown depth have cherished gold, and they are professional gold diggers that keep the way to Alaska, in a provincial town called Nome. All the way to the cherished goal and first production, extreme expect not only an exciting adventure, but also unexpected encounters with the local inhabitants. And a lot of them here in this snowy region!

Snow-covered Northern edge of Alaska is a place, remote from civilization, living by their traditions and as time goes by. Those who still survive, have to hunt to get a required food to eat. Once again a strong and agile man goes to hunt, in the hope that he could catch a salmon, which would provide him and his wife well-fed winter. Because in the winter time hunting is something unimaginable and very difficult. The woman sits at home and waits for her man with a booty. Just like in the old ancient times, when man hunted and the woman took care of the house.

Twenty-one calendar day earlier absolutely unfamiliar men and women take on a desert island in the middle of the picturesque seascape. They are not given comfortable housing, appropriate clothing, food – all they have to do and get for themselves, in addition to all escape the terrible weather conditions and wild animals constantly prowling around. All this shows is a serious challenge for people who must learn to trust each other to survive in this difficult situation. Meanwhile, they will be allowed to take one item of greatest value.

Very often representatives of the stronger sex test yourself for strength, not noticing how beautiful the weak, those living near them, do it daily. Couples learn the basics of survival and trying to apply them in practice. So, one of these couples is located in the picturesque mountains of Mexico, the other fights with the hot climate in Morocco, the third tries to save his life and relationships in Northern Norway, where damp and cold. These tests can really show off. Who is strong and who is not, who is able to achieve the proper result, whatever in all conditions and who can't.

Man is a creature that is constantly in danger, because he is so vulnerable. No one knows how much time we allotted years of life, and unforeseen circumstances that can occur at one time or another, but definitely unexpected moment, a large number. For this reason, the presenter of this TV show seeks to reveal all the secrets of behavior, which will help to save your life even in the most desperate and unpredictable fateful moments when it will seem that way out and not at all. But the main thing to understand one Golden rule that there is always hope, however slight it was.