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Warplanes of the USA make regular flights to the airports controlled by the radical group "Islamic state" (IG), and give the rebels weapons, money and food, writes Farsnews with reference to the chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Iran, major General Hassan Firuzabadi.

As a result of the wreck of the illegal migrants in the Mediterranean sea has killed more than 400 people, according to TASS with reference to Reuters. It is known that the ship sank off Italian shores. Currently the coast guard is trying to find and rescue survivors in the crash of people.

This was stated by Vice Prime Minister, Minister of regional development of Ukraine Gennady Zubko. "We are ready to offer humanitarian response plan the situation in Ukraine, and needs assessment for the restoration of the Donbass, making today about 1.5 billion dollars", - quotes the words of the Minister AGENTSTVO "Russia today".

Chinese media reported plans by the government to build a railway that will connect China and Nepal.We are talking about the continuation of the railway line connecting China and the capital of Tibet Lhasa. The tunnel would connect China with Nepal. By the way, the project is discussed at the initiative of Nepal.

In the Boeing 757 airline Icelandair, which was heading from Iceland to Denver, soon after takeoff was struck by lightning. After eight hours he was flying over the Atlantic and landed safely in the USA. Pilots and passengers only after landing, saw the gaping nose liner hole from lightning. According to aviation experts, remembering previous similar cases, the flight safely reached only by a miracle.

April 8 in the evening of Armenia visited the famous American TV presenter of Armenian descent Kim Kardashian with her husband Kanye West, sister and daughter Chloe bucket Elevators. Her trip was organized by the Armenian state development Fund and the company "SIMA Tours USA.

Twitter Shares after the emergence of rumors that Google plans to buy the microblogging service grew by 5 percent, to reach 53,28 dollar apiece, trading on the new York stock exchange (NYSE) on Tuesday, April 7. It is reported Reuters.

In Turkey, seven citizens of the Russian Federation arrested while trying to join ISIS. All the guards stopped 12 of foreigners who wanted to illegally enter Syria to participate in the military conflict, reports TASS with reference to local authorities. The names of the detainees were not disclosed. Soon all must face deportation.

The Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, speaking at the XXVI Congress of the Association of Russian banks, explained why the ruble recently strengthened. According to her, many associate it with artificial clip liquidity from the Central Bank, reducing the amount of money that the Central Bank provides commercial banks.

The Official investigation into the beginning of the Chelyabinsk police on the fact of vandalism in the heart of the city, media reported citing the press service of the police. Last night the attackers desecrated the bust of Lenin, namely, painted it yellow and blue - state in Ukrainian colors.

The Department reports that "we have developed and tested the largest in its Arsenal of bunker-busting bombs that can destroy or neutralize any most fortified nuclear facility in Iran in case the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program will fail" TASS reports with reference to the Wall Street Journal.

The Incident occurred at the restaurant Pukett''s Boathouse in Franklin, Tennessee. As the portal WSMV, when 53-year-old Tony Elliot bit off part oysters, she felt something hard. At first the woman thought she broke a tooth. However, it became clear that it was the pearl, after that the plate was still in 49 pieces.

If you do not agree with the European Union about the program's financial podderjivaet the Greek government said it was ready to nationalize the banking system and put back into circulation of the national currency, the drachma. In Athens stressed that they will have to come to such a plan if they fail to agree with the EU on the programme of financial support.

Actor came to "Crosses" to civilian traffic, and his visit is not of a criminal nature. According to the publication "Fontanka", laureate of state prize, fined the end of March for insulting a police officer, was invited by the administration of the detention facility as a guest.

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves in an interview with the Times unflattering comments about countries such as Greece, Italy, Hungary and Cyprus, calling for the easing of sanctions against Russia, calling these States are "useful idiots" of Vladimir Putin inside the European Union (EU), because they "violate the unity of the EU".