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Close to the railway platform with the Water that is about Sheremetyevo two boys, pupils of the 8th class climbed the bridge, designed for trains.His ascent guys filmed on a mobile phone.And when the boys began the descent, one of them - fourteen-year-old Maxim grabbed the wire under tension 30 thousand volts. Received an electric shock, the boy fell off a bridge.Currently under investigation and will be issued a procedural decision.

Oleg Mikheyev, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation proposed that the United States authorities before taking on the work of employees in the State Department and other organizations to send them for testing to psychiatrists. He sent a proposal to the United States Ambassador to Russia John Tefft.Oleg Mikheev in circulation suggests that the attitude of the country is based on statements from the representatives of the country. The illiteracy of the us state Department spokesperson Psaki, who said that the aircraft of the Russian Federation in Vietnam leads to the destabilization of the situation in the region and the performance of the retired General's call to kill Russians, sparked the desire to create this message.The address of the MP...

The Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov stated that "different media, and organization" by order of the West has started a campaign to demonize the Chechen people in connection with the arrest of Zaur Dadaeva, a suspect in the murder of Boris Nemtsov. According to Kadyrov, the journalists use any excuse to persuade the name of the head of Chechnya".

The Chief of the state Duma Committee on transport management Eugene Moskvicheva was presented a request from the PCM (the Russian Union of youth ) change in law, the rule about Smoking during transport management and to forbid it. According to (RSM) entered into effect this law will significantly reduce accidents.

The Final version of the distribution of Star Citizen is the most ambitious game project, money is collected through perpetual kraudfandingovom campaign - can "weigh" more than 100 GB. This was reported by the developers from the Studio Roberts Space Industries.

In the Argentine province of La Rioja faced two helicopters. Killed 10 people participating in reality shows, and Takashimaya group.Filmed television channel TF1 from France. Most people - 8, located in the helicopter were gradnate Republic. Also among the victims of the famous boxer Alexis Westen and swimming champion Camilla Muff.Helicopters collided at an altitude of 100 meters, when participants reached to the place of recording.

The Mars Curiosity Rover from NASA is expected to remain without movement in the next few days. The experts intend to conduct a technical analysis of the condition of the vehicle after while obtaining rocks shorted on the robotic arm of the Rover. The fault was received on February 27.

Ford has joined the constellation of manufacturers lowering prices and giving good discounts. After the overwhelming demand of the company was expecting him to decline, laying with the appreciation in the new price possible profit. But demand fell by 40%, which leads many to balance on the verge of profitability until the suspension of production.

Loud stream of news from Geneva-2015 nearly lost an important message from the Russian division of BMW - the company announced ruble prices on brand new X5 M and X6 M, whose sales will start on April 18. Prices will start at 5 940 000 and 6 220 000 rubles, respectively.

Despite contradictions with the countries of NATO, Russia in any case is not going to close them. So, from 2 to 7 March sightseeing flight over our territory will make a group of military inspectors from the U.S. and Germany. This "tour" will be held in the framework of the international Treaty "open sky".

The Czech authorities stated that "the preservation of good relations with Poland is ready to give her the disputed territory. We are talking about 3,68 sq km Northern regions of Moravia and Bohemia. However, details of the "deal" are not announced. From Poland's official response has not followed.

In the Black sea again formed a large ship a group of NATO. The official purpose of its collection - naval exercises of the Alliance.About the scale maneuvers easily be judged by the following fact: during one day only, March 4 - in the Black sea entered the canadian frigate Fredericton, American cruiser Vicksburg and German tanker Spessart. In the next few hours to them is to join the Italian frigate Aliseo.

In the North-East Syria several hundred Christians are fighting the militants of the Islamic state", protecting them from their villages and shrines. However, from cleansing that suit Islamists in the Syrian settlements, land begin to apostalate. Those who survived - leave their homes. According to a representative party of the Syrian Association, which provides humanitarian assistance to refugees, the situation in these areas is catastrophic.

Biotechnologists have created a new variety of transgenic potatoes, the leaves of which produce and accumulate specific short RNA molecules that inhibit the functioning of the vital genes in Colorado beetles and kill them in five days, according to a paper published in the journal Science.

Ukrainians because of the collapse of the hryvnia and the subsequent price increases are actively buying in the shops, food and appliances. In some super - and hypermarkets introduced restrictions on the sale of goods. The retailers there are empty shelves and numerous turns.