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Operators of grocery stores belonging to the Association of retail companies (HSE), has decided to freeze prices for a basket of not less than 20 socially important commodities for a period of two months, according to the HSE.

Suffered the girl - she was hospitalized with a head injury. As reported in the national office of traffic, the driver had no permit to carry passengers in the car were no child seats. Only last year a driver seven times attracted to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules, reports radio "Vesti FM".

U.S. Federal court in Manhattan ruled that the Palestinian national authority (PNA) and the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO) is responsible for several terrorist attacks in Israel, and awarded the plaintiffs compensation at $ 650 million, reports the New York Times.

About 770 kg of marijuana seized the US coast guard in the Caribbean on Board a vessel sailing under the flag of Finland, according to the broadcaster Yle. The value of the confiscated party is estimated at $1.6 million in Addition, it is reported that on Board was a citizen of Russia, who is currently detained.

Researchers from Cambridge University have created a company for the production of chocolate, which is designed to slow down the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin by increasing the concentration of antioxidants in the body and stimulation of blood circulation. About the new reports The Telegraph.

To the end of next year, KAMAZ plans to finish work on a new model of the engine for trucks. In 2017, three modifications of the engine capacity of up to 700 horsepower will be launched in the series. This year, the automaker intends to enter into contracts for the equipment necessary for the production of the new engine.

New research has shown that fans soda dark colors are putting yourself at additional risk of developing cancer. And all because of the presence in the beverage unnecessary ingredient. School of public health, Bloomberg at the Johns Hopkins University have found that in some soft drinks as an artificial caramel colorant used 4-Mei (4-MEI) is a potential human carcinogen.

Semen Semenchenko the MP and commander of the Ukrainian battalion "Donbass" on his page in the social network Facebook has published an appeal to Petro Poroshenko. In his post, the commander warned the President that in his area there are cheaters who give false information about the situation in the Donbass.

Just a few hours after Petro Poroshenko has recognized the delivery of the Ukrainian troops of the city Debaltsevo and announced the beginning of the withdrawal of soldiers and equipment from the environment, the head of the self-proclaimed DND Alexander Zakharchenko has announced the appointment of the new mayor.

According to the decision of the State selection Committee, February 15 at 4:00 starting the calculation of the cosmodrome "Baikonur" made the export of LV "Soyuz-U" with a truck "Progress M-26" from the installation and test facility at site 1 ("Gagarin's start"). The rocket was successfully installed in the starting system.

Was established In Yekaterinburg public smartphone Timifon, which will be installed in public places in the spring of the current year. Completed device in the form of a large smartphone handset. City residents will be able to use it completely for free.