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On November 25 at the Children's house of culture named after S. M. Kirov (St. Avtozavodskaya, 6) it will be humorous KVN game among teams of working youth of the Kirov area of Perm. Beginning at 18:00. Admission is free. For the main prize in the competition will compete 5 teams: "GaloDrive" (JSC "HaloPolymer Perm), "Reactive thrust" (JSC "of NIIPM"), "Chojniczanka attack" (JSC "Sorbent"), Battle charge (BFC "PPZ"), "WOW! Rejuvenation..." (school № 87). Each team has prepared a program of speeches, which included a greeting or business card on the theme "I believe in Santa Claus", a competition warm-up and a musical number "And you're so beautiful with a beard." November 16 held a dress rehearsal game. Now the participants will have to speak to the...

More recently, Nordic walking has gained a lot of popularity among the Perm. For lovers of this sport in the city has created a special trail that goes along the Kama river on the Kirovograd street to the Palace of culture named after Kirov. In the Kirov district of Perm appeared trail for Nordic walking. This was reported by the press service of the city administration. With the idea of opening a special trails for this sport were made by the activists of the TOS, the "New January". At the opening everyone could take part in a master class conducted by a trainer of Nordic walking. The route starts at the house down the street Kirovograd, 70. The trail passes along the shore of the Kama river on the Kirovograd street to the Palace of culture named after...

26 November at 13:00 in the business center "GREEN PLAZA" (street of Kuibyshev, 95b, 18th floor) presentation of a new residential house on the street from PSSP Sudozavoda, 15A. Delivery of apartments planned for the second quarter of 2018. As told in the marketing Department PSSP, a large number of customers awaiting the commencement of sales of apartments in this house. For them and everyone in the business centre will be a presentation with detailed information about the object. Consultants construction companies will help you choose a suitable apartment. And staff at the partner banks will provide information about the conditions of mortgage loans. By the way, the presentation will have the opportunity to get a personal discount on the apartment. To...

Vets diagnosed a fractures ankle and a traumatic brain injury. Soon the dog will undergo surgery and recovery. In Perm workers demolished the house with are there puppies. About the incident in social networks reported the Perm animal rights activist Semyon Filippovskiy. — Yesterday afternoon I was called by a resident of Kama and talked about the fact that the street Avtozavodskaya builders bulldozer demolished the house. In the house lived the puppies — four of the ponytail at the age of three months. The woman turned to the driver of the bulldozer and work with a request to postpone the demolition process and help to clean out the kids. Received a reasoned response — "we have issued outfit," wrote the animal rights activist as a result of actions of the...

Bus 80 route caught fire during a flight to Perm. According to preliminary information, the car blew the engine. "Rode the 80 bus route home, the bus caught fire. We immediately called rescuers. A little more, and to stop the fire would have failed. Take care of yourself," – writes in social networks, the eyewitness of incident. Emergency workers quickly arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire. The circumstances of what happened are being investigated, according to preliminary information, nobody was hurt.

In the framework of the municipal program of "Public participation" on November 16 in the Kirov district held a public Forum dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the district. The event was held at the community center at (Shishkina street, 3). The forum was aimed at raising awareness of citizens about public activities and formation of positive image of socially oriented non-profit organizations in the Kirov district. Parting words the Forum was opened by Deputy head of administration of the Kirov district of Perm city Marina Yolk. The event was a colourful presentation about the district and held in 2016 events. So, Lyudmila Bolshakova told about the events held in public organization "Perm regional Committee of soldiers 'mothers" in the Kirov district.

November 15 in the children's music club "classic" was another lesson. It was devoted to acquaintance of children with musical instruments: flute, violin and cello. Children's musical club "classic" working with TOS "Sudozavoda" for the third year. This year it is visited by pupils 3 "And" class of school № 19. The hostess of the club, the teacher of child musical school № 8 Elena Karpova told the guys the history of each instrument. The stories were accompanied by musical numbers performed by the students of the music school. So, Anya Sharina on the block-a flute played Neapolitan song "come Back to Sorento" composer Curtis and Dasha Vyatkina the flute played the dance of the shepherds from Tchaikovsky's ballet "the Nutcracker".

DEAR FRIENDS! We opened the FIRST MODEL IN the STUDIO for children and teenagers in Kama! The OFFICIAL OPENING 20.11(sun) at 16:00! Open RECRUITMENT of CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS from 5 to 16 years! "I'm A Model!"-this is a unique project, a branch of the best-known and largest modeling Agency of the city "great Model"! We have prepared a unique program for children aimed, primarily, at the full development of Your child: ⚜instill the basics of a healthy lifestyle, ⚜working on body plastics, ⚜develop public speaking acting skills ⚜immerse Your child in the creative world of the modeling industry! Your child will have lessons on the catwalk, acting and choreography with the best teachers, professionals G.

On the Morning of 10 November, 18-year-old Anastasia L. left home in the district of New Crimea and did not return. The next day her quest began to engage the police. The police interviewed the relatives, friends and acquaintances of the missing. They also found out who the girl talked to last time and where it can be. November 15 morning, the staff of criminal investigation Department established the whereabouts of the missing. All this time the girl lived at the girlfriend in the Perm region. Her life and health threatens nothing.

Students of schools and institutions of secondary vocational education Kirov district of Perm in the age from 14 till 30 years can take part in the competition "Protect yourself. Self-actualization takes place in two nominations: social poster and propaganda team. Those wishing to apply and prepare a presentation or poster on the theme "Protect yourself". In the category "social poster" accepts papers in A4 format, which are accompanied by a slogan or copyright text. It can be: drawings, watercolor, gouache, using any other materials, collages and images made using computer software and graphic tablets. Work should correspond to the theme "Protect yourself" (healthy lifestyle, legal and financial literacy, family well-being).

In the framework of the plan of mass sports and physical fitness activities of administration of the Kirov district of the city of Perm, Russia, from 8 to 11 November there were games of volleyball among the teams of establishments of secondary professional education and kgau "Management of hostels SPO Perm region" (Kirov region). The owners of the winning of the Cup became students of the Perm College of transport and services and the Perm chemical technology College. The competition was attended by 10 teams. This team of girls and boys in the Perm chemical technology College, Regional multidisciplinary College, Perm College of transport and service, Krasnokamsky Perm branch of Polytechnic school, as well as the team of students residing in hostels of...

November 15 in the afternoon on Kalinin street near the house № 74 there was a collision of three cars: "Subaru", "Chevrolet Lacetti" and "Citroen". According to traffic police in the Perm region, the accident occurred at about 15:40. Three people had been injured. The driver "Subaru" and two passengers of the car "Chevrolet", including a 5-year-old child was delivered in medical institution with various injuries. In fact the incident is checked. At the place of work employees of traffic police.

Snow fell from the roof of high-rise building in Perm, landed on a Toyota Avensis. Car repair master is estimated at 51 thousand rubles. To cover the costs of the owner had a court. Initially, the man demanded money from the Chairman of the HOA "5-ya Kakhovskaya, 10", but was refused. Then the owner appealed to the court of the Kirovsky district. The judge sided with the victim and ordered the HOA to pay the owner of the car 51 thousand roubles for a material damage and about two thousand to pay the state tax. The representative of the HOA appealed, but the Civil chamber of the regional court left the decision of the Kirov court.

On 16 November in the premises of the community centre of the Kirov area (street Shishkin, 3) held lectures on the theme: "Prevention of cancer in older people", "Timely diagnosis of cancer – a life is saved." To attend lectures and to ask questions can anyone. Beginning at 10:00. The lecture will be devoted to the description of the development of benign and malignant tumors, mechanisms and their causes under the influence of heredity, genetic changes, lifestyle. Specifically, they will discuss issues of determining the risk of developing cancer, and its measurement by using analyses to identify mutations of certain genes. Also shows the major diagnostic methods, the early symptoms that are worth paying attention to, traditional and innovative approaches...

On 17 November in the school №64 (street Las'vinskiy, 64 a), a festival of games for students in grades 8-10 "pirates of the Permian sea". The guys are waiting for fun competitions in teams. The main objective of the game is to find the treasure! Already in the welcome area members and guests of the festival will be able to play a Mafia, Twister and other Board games. Next, the guys will plunge into the era of the pirates, real pirate to pass the tests and find the treasure chest, which will become the top prize for the most daring and courageous of the team. The festival program: orienteering, Bop It, jenga, Swamp, Jungle, Pirate quiz, Aptly pirates, Monster, Pirate crossfit. The event is held at the initiative of the Council of seniors of the Kirov...