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On 18 November, the library named after A. P. Chekhov (Avtozavodskaya str., 48) will stage a round table in honor of his 70th birthday. The event will be attended by representatives of regional authorities, public organizations, educational institutions and MPs. Beginning at 16:00. Admission is free. The celebration will begin with the story about the history of libraries and about the people whose lives are closely linked with the library. That readers, librarians and creative partners library: writers, scientists, musicians, teachers and artists. People, who through their creativity and labor has turned the library into a real hub of culture and knowledge, and then maintain and develop this high level of activity for many decades. With stories about the...

Police and relatives continue searching for Anastasia Lebedeva. In the morning of 10 November, the girl had left home to m/R the Crimea to study in Finance and Economics College, on the street Dzerzhinsky. Since then, her whereabouts is unknown. In the classroom the day a student showed up. The day of the disappearance of Anastasia Lebedeva was wearing a black hat, jacket dark green, dark blue jeans. The growth of girls around 158 cm. Everyone who knows anything about the whereabouts of Anastasia Lebedeva, asked to report to the police.

On the basis of "Gymnasium №6" (St. Fedoseev, 16) was an open debate tournament among high school students. This year it was attended not only by students of the Kirov region, but also students in other areas of Perm. The games were held in blitz format "Word for word". In total in tournament took part 10 teams. Kirovsky district was represented by students of the schools №1, №19, №27, №65, №70, №119 gymnasium №6. The novelty of the tournament was that this year the debate was attended by students from other areas: pupils of school №3, school №4 and the subject-the language school "Duplex". The discussion focused on topical issues of national history, world politics, Economics and culture. For example, in the final round, the students debated the topic...

November 15 in the Kirov region launched a regional stage of the Championship XIII "School basketball League" among teams of educational institutions. Meetings will be held in the Gymnasium №6 (ul. Fedoseeva, 16) and school number 83 (Volgodonskaya str., 20A) according to the approved calendar. The competition will be attended by boys and girls of 1999-2001 and 2002-2003 year of birth. Just claimed the championship 30 teams. Team winners of the Championship XIII "School basketball League" will be awarded with medals, cups and diplomas, and the best players will be awarded with valuable prizes. The winner of the regional stage will be eligible to participate in the Championship finals "of the School basketball League "KES - BASKET" of the city of Perm.

The Accident occurred at half past three in the morning on the street Halperin. Today, 10 November at 03:30 on the street Halperin of spermi there was a fatal accident. According to the regional traffic police, 20-year-old driver of the Audi A4 near the house No. 14a chose unsafe speed. The young man lost control, the car went into the left ditch and crashed into a barrier. The driver of a foreign car died on the scene. His 20-year-old passenger is in hospital with multiple injuries. In fact, an accident review.

"Khabarovsk rivederci not so long ago distinguished. And who the Crimean knackers?", - asks the woman. For the last week in the district of New Crimea was poisoned several animals, half of which are from domestic dogs. As reported by the Perm animal rights activists, thanks to the emergency actions of the owners, managed to save almost all Pets. Killed one French bulldog, which the vets initially misdiagnosed. Yesterday, 7 November, in the evening in Perm, in the district of Crimea knackers poisoned stray dogs. "In our yard of the house on street of General Panfilov, 6/1 dead four dogs. You should have seen how they died, the spectacle is not for the faint of heart," he told podistica group "Overheard Perm" in a social network "Vkontakte".

In October, in the Kirov district opened a new multifunctional sports ground in the street Las'vinskiy, 60A. Starting in November, there are organized group classes with a trainer in physical training of children and adolescents up to 17 years. In the framework of implementation of the municipal program "Development of physical culture and sports in Perm" the administration of the Kirovsky district organized sports and recreation groups by place of residence for children and adolescents from 7 to 17 years. So, in November, on the territory of Kirovsky district organized 9 sports fields. Basically, it is training aimed at General fitness. In addition to the playgrounds in the streets Lipatova, 2A, Voronezh, 8 trainings on mini-football.

November 9, near the house № 70 along the street Kirovograd will take place the opening of trails for Nordic walking. The team who attended this event, you will be able to participate in a master class that will hold Ostrer Catherine, orthopedist, trainer of Nordic walking. Beginning at 15:00. The idea of opening the trail belongs to activists TOS "the New January" and is implemented in the framework of the project "Future starts today". The route for the walk will be held on top of the Kama river on the Kirovograd street from the house number 70 and near the end of the Palace of culture named after S. M. Kirov. For reference: Nordic walking is a physical activity that uses a certain technique classes and technique of walk with specifically designed poles.

In the Kirov district of Perm in the hospital was delivered of a man born in 1977 with a penetrating stab wound to the abdomen. The police found that the injured man struck the woman with which they consumed alcoholic drinks in the night from 5 to 6 November. And then quarreled over a minor issue. On the fact of deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm, a criminal case under investigation. Only 5 of November on the territory of Perm region was 51 crime. Police revealed the 41 crime, of which hot pursuit – 23.

Attack on small Spitz happened in front of his mistress. The woman intends to go to the police, but the statement is not yet written. The incident occurred on November 2, in the Kirov district of Perm. As explained in the press service of the regional Moi, the owner was walking his dog when it was attacked by the dog of combative breed. Now the injured animal is in the clinic. His dog the man was walking without a leash and muzzle, and a Spitz a broken pelvis in three places, punctured in the abdomen, the mission of paws not moving.

Victims of the fire there. The preliminary cause was careless handling of fire. Tonight, November 1, on Kalinin street in the Kirov district of Perm has burnt down a wooden house. Photos of the fire appeared in the group "Overheard Perm". In the EMERCOM in Perm region reported that the fire area has made 300 square metres. According to rescuers, the building was not maintained. The preliminary cause of fire — careless handling of fire unknown persons.

29 October in the school № 83 (Volgodonskaya str., 20A) in the framework of the sports gaming holiday held open competitions for the game of Darts. In a competition of accuracy was attended by the residents of the district of New Boaters of all ages. Amateur athletes competed in singles and team competition. In addition to the participants at the festival had a lot of fans, who actively supported the players. According to the results of competitions 1 place was taken by Vladimir Tagosaku, 2 place Zinaida Osipova, 3rd place was shared between Eugene Tokarev and grandma Valentina. All participants were awarded sweet prizes. For reference: Darts is a sports game, in which players must throw Darts at a special circular target located at a certain distance from...

On 4 November in Russia will celebrate Day of national unity. 3 November in the framework of the celebrations in the Palaces of culture of the Kirov district will host festive concerts. For citizens are the creative teams and will work exhibition "Temples of Russia". In the Palace of culture named after S. M. Kirov (street Kirovograd, 26) will pass the celebratory program "Day of national unity – our common holiday!" Conference attendees will enjoy performances of your favorite bands: folk ballet, "Divertissement", folk circus "Youth", Exemplary theatre of a fashion "Diva". As a gift to the audience is waiting for the new program performed by Folk academic choir. Residents will be able to sing your favorite hits together with Folk ensemble of Russian song...

Anti-Monopolists fined the company "T Plus" for violation of the terms of connection of the house to heat networks and the failure of commissioning. The amount of the fine amounted to 500 thousand rubles. A complaint about the inaction of the company filed Perm developer "Right coast". Between the two companies was signed a contract on connection to the house on the street of Admiral Ushakov, 36B to the heat network. To fulfill the contract was for 18 months, but during that time the house was not hooked up. At the same time, "T Plus" explained the delay to the lack of permission from the city administration. But the company has applied for statements only when halfway through the term of the contract. "Violations cannot be called insignificant. The fault...

Saturday, October 29, in school № 83 (Volgodonskaya str., 20A) will open competition for the game of Darts. To take part in the festival are invited to attend. Beginning at 11.00. The event is organized by the TOS of the "New Water". The festival will be dedicated to the Day of elderly people. At the end of the competition, the judges will determine the winners, all participants will get sweet prizes. For reference: Darts is a sports game, in which players must throw Darts at a special circular target located at a certain distance from them. Throwing Darts is one of the oldest pastimes in the world.