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District Water managers held a competition crop. It was both a celebration and a competition. The participants demonstrated the vegetables and fruits grown on their garden plots, and culinary delights made himself. Autumn is the time to sum up the summer. How bothered gardeners of the neighborhood with the Water, was visible on the festive table at which they gathered. Each of the participants tried to make the dish more interesting other, to surprise the original filing. Winners-chefs were chosen in three categories. So, in the contest of salads (winter preparations) by voting 1 place was awarded to Svetlana and video recording / editing, 2nd place – Tatiana Nemirov and 3rd place – Lyudmila Maltseva. In the contest of sandwiches, the winner was Tatyana...

Last week in the premises of the primary trade Union organization "Perm porohovye" (street Zakamskaya, 31) was the annual harvest festival "Gifts of autumn", which was organized and held a Council of veterans "Perm gunpowder factory". The festive table was full of different dishes. Holiday guests were treated to each other with their culinary delights, secrets of taste. Showed himself to veterans in a creative way. So, in the nomination "the most artistic" recognized the Love Ponomarev, "the most charming and attractive" was Elena Rabinovich, and in the nomination "Golden pen" won Valentina Silina. Having tasted all the fabulously delicious food, the guests decided to announce the contest and choose the winners.

Commands of working youth of enterprises, organizations and institutions located on the territory of Kirovsky district of Perm city can apply to participate in the competition of KVN, which will be held on November 25 at the Children's house of culture named after S. M. Kirov (St. Avtozavodskaya, 6). To participate in the game the teams need to prepare a program statement, which must include a greeting (business card) on the theme "I believe in Santa Claus", a competition warm-up and a musical number "And you're so beautiful with a beard." 2 November at 18:00 in the Children's house of culture named after S. M. Kirov for teams that have applied for participation in the competition will be held a master class. The presence of commands on the master class is...

The Administration of Rospotrebnadzor in the Perm region urges residents not to use water from springs located on the territory of Perm. The city registered an increase in the incidence of viral hepatitis A, one of the reasons of which there could be drinking unboiled water from municipal sources. For this reason, in Perm have introduced a ban on the use of spring water for drinking and household purposes. According to the Department, for the first 9 months of this year in Perm recorded more than 250 cases of hepatitis A. compared with last year the number of cases has increased in 6 times. The rise in the incidence began in August of this year and continues to the present. Only for the first ten days of October in Perm was 55 cases of hepatitis A.

Every October the world celebrates the international day of older persons. On this occasion, in the Kirov region during the whole month of festive events and concerts, different programs suit territorial public self-government district. So, TOS "Nikolsky" is organized for seniors a sightseeing trip to Botanical garden of Perm state University. See the sights of our city are 34 elderly resident of the Kirovsky district. The tour participants not only had an interesting time, but were able to purchase planting material for their gardens. TOS "Gimcracky" had an address of congratulations. Activists of the TOS presented gifts to the retirees who for health reasons, are unable to attend events on the occasion.

Wednesday, October 26, at the community center of the Kirov district will host a meeting of the creative club "circle of friends", organized by the Chairman of Committee of soldier's mothers of the Kirov district, Lyudmila Bolshakova. The theme of the meeting: We are young at heart! Beginning at 17:00. Theatre Studio "Moments" show scene "Retirees of the future" and several small thumbnails. The meeting will read poems about the wonderful feast of wise men and songs of his youth. By tradition, the meeting will end with tea and a conversation.

All who had entered into contracts for the purchase of apartments in under construction houses Perm on the streets Proletarian, Tantsorova and Sailing, please contact the Prosecutor's office. Against Builder prosecuted. Several homes under construction there was no permission. The building was never commissioned. Besides, since 2012, individual entrepreneur concluded contracts for the sale of apartments with the team as an individual, and the law was as legal. Concerning the businessman criminal case under article "Implementation of business activity without registration, involving the generation of income in especially large size". Victims found 31 people. The damage from his actions in the regional Prosecutor's office was estimated at 9 million rubles.

27 September at the community centre (St. Shishkin, 3) held the first reporting event of the seniors Council of the Kirov district of Perm city. You guys summed up for the year and shared plans for the future. The seniors Council is a voluntary Association of students of schools of the Kirov area, existing with the support of NGOs "Colors of life" and the administration of the Kirov district. The main purpose of the Council is to involve pupils in the public life of the district, as well as the development of school government. The work of the Council is multifaceted and covers almost all spheres of public life. The event was attended by the Deputy Directors of district schools for extra-curricular part, together with representatives of the asset of the...

Thursday, October 20, in the Kirov district of Perm after the overhaul will open the children's library № 3 named after I. A. Krylov (St. Las'vinskiy, 14), which invites everyone to open doors Day "the Library meets friends". Admission is free. Thursday, October 20, at 15.00 will be held the official opening of the library, which will be attended by the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Perm Krai Alexander Motrych, representatives of administration of the Kirov district and MBUK "Association of municipal libraries", Perm artist Vladimir Posokhin and other guests. This day will feature greetings from longtime friends of the libraries, students of schools №119, 87, 27, music school № 4. Updated after the repair, the library welcomes all friends to visit.

October 21 in the library №7 named after A. P. Chekhov (Avtozavodskaya str., 48) will be held on the evening of the urban creative Association "Silver ladle". The event program is designed for people with a variety of interests, from literature to legal literacy. Admission is free. Beginning at 16:00. The evening will begin with the message of the head of library L. I. Lazakidou on the outcome of the program of literary studies "We read!" In the framework of this program starting in 2016, the library had 6 evenings of presentations creativity and new books by authors such as T. F. Sokolova, V. A. Bogomolov, Butyrina T. I., Y. I., Aslanyan and others. Besides the exhibitions, tours, talks and reviews about the work Perm the authors, because the main aim of...

In the Kirov region has appeared the sixth multi-sport field. Last Friday took place the solemn opening of the yard of the mini-stadium along the street Las'vinskiy, 60A. Grand opening of the site was visited by the Deputy head of administration of Kirovsky district of Perm Sergey Kuksenok, the Deputy of the Perm city Duma Arsen Bolkvadze, Deputy Perm municipal Duma, the Director of mku "City sports and cultural complex" Vasily Kuznetsov. Guests who came to the feast were able to enjoy the creative numbers of a group of cheerleaders "project", demonstration performances of Denis Molotov with kettlebell juggling and modern dance performed by Dmitri Zig-Zag.

The Chief sanitary doctor Perm region ordered to prohibit the use of water from springs and Perm for any purpose. In the near future the administration of the districts could close all the springs of the city. The order was sent to the head of administration of Perm Dmitry Samoilov. The doctor needs to take measures to ban the use of municipal sources throughout the city. However earlier recommended that residents use water for domestic purposes only. With a population will also conduct outreach, put up posters and information leaflets. Close the springs during the period before October 17 monitoring of compliance rests with the CPS. According to chief state sanitary doctor Vitaly Kostarev Perm only Oct ill 55.

On 12 October at the stadium "Kama" was held the final match of the Cup "School football League". Team MAOU "school №119" defeated the team of MAOU "school №19" with the score 2:1 and became the winner of the competition. From 4 to 12 October at the stadium "Prikamye" have been playing the Cup "School Football League" of the Kirov district of Perm city among teams of educational institutions, pupils of 9-11 classes. Participation in the competition was attended by 14 teams, which were distributed in 4 groups. The qualifying matches of the Cup "School Football League" were 4,5 and 6 of October. Team, 1st place in each group advanced to the second final stage of the competition, where they competed for prizes. So, the winners of the group stage became the...

In the Administration of the Kirov district summed up the work with citizens' appeals for the 3rd quarter of 2016. In the 3rd quarter of 2016 to the administration of the Kirov district of Perm city received 407 cases, which is 13.3 % more than in the same period of 2015 (351 treatment). Among them: written requests – 403, an oral – 4. From the Perm city administration for consideration under the competence of the district administration has received 153 treatment, including 69 of the complaints addressed to the head of the city of Perm with 63 of them from the website of the Head of Perm. From the Internet - a reception of administration of Perm city received 46 applications, 3 – from the office of the President of the Russian Federation, 1 – from the...

On 16 October in the Palace of Culture named after S. M. Kirov (street Kirovograd, 26) will host a jubilee concert of "young And old", devoted to Day of elderly people. Joint creative project will present a choir of Russian song "Oh, Yes we do!" and the children's Exemplary ensemble of Russian song "fairy Tales". The event starts at 14:00. Admission is free. All of October in the Kirovsky district with the support of the district administration holds various events dedicated to the Day of elderly people: dances, concerts. So, 16 October at 14.00 the older generation of residents of the district will find another creative gift. In the Palace of culture named after S. M. Kirov will host a jubilee concert, a joint project of the Russian song choir (veterans...