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In the Kirov district of Perm springs closed because of the epidemic of hepatitis A. the Largest springs of the area was blocked by fences with warning tapes and information signs. "In connection with the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the Kirovsky district among the population on the incidence of viral hepatitis And the use of water from the spring is forbidden", – informs the administration of the district. Indefinitely will be closed two a spring of Water, 37 and Kirovograd, 194 (Church of St. Prince Vladimir). Use water from these sources will be prohibited until further notice Rospotrebnadzora.

The administration of the Kirov district and representatives of the Federal project "Urbania" checked the readiness of snow removal equipment to work in winter conditions, as well as the process of procurement of deicing materials at the company "SU-157". This company serves the road network of the district within the framework of the municipal contract. This week the team were able to watch the first snow. The city is preparing for winter. The first sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall contractor will have to immediately begin the filling of the roadway and footpaths. The administration of the Kirov district together with representatives of the Federal project "Urbania" called for material-technical base of LLC "SU-157", where he checked the readiness...

Jaundice sick six people living in the district with the Water of the Kirov district of Perm. There are cases among children. Since August of this year, the CPS began to register cases of hepatitis A, informs the press-service of the Ministry. The causes of the disease began swimming in open water and drinking unboiled water from decentralized water sources. In September we identified the disease in three educational institutions of Perm school №1 — three cases, school №83 — one case, kindergarten №395 — one case. Conducted emergency vaccination of all who might have contact with infected. Vaccinated more than 180 people. As note in Management, the situation is under special control.

Still not found the pensioner, who on 3 October went to pick mushrooms and never returned. Volunteers will be out looking for a woman this week. Wednesday, October 12, announced the total collection in search of Nina Borisova. The woman is 80 years old. Searches will be conducted in conjunction with the police, military, dog handlers and emergency situations. The gathering will take place at the police division No. 3 address: Kirovogradskaya, 72. It is established that the woman came on the afternoon of 3 October, of the house on street Las'vinskiy, 39. She had planned to go by bus to the village of Crimea, and on the way to come to a stop the Forest for mushrooms. Until now, her whereabouts are unknown. Signs: growth 158-160, stout build, brown eyes. Was...

The Attacker struck the victim on the head and stole her bag with money. The cashier for the delivery of pensions in Perm was attacked in Kama. As told in the press service of the interior Ministry, during the operation she was attacked in the stairwell of the house on the street Ushakov. Unknown struck the cashier in the head and stole a bag in which there were 30 thousand rubles. The guards detained the suspect. They found 30-year-old repeatedly convicted nowhere running Permyak. Criminal case is brought.

Dear teachers! Accept sincere congratulations with professional holiday – teacher's Day! Each of us discovered life with your lessons, knowing the world through the kindness and knowledge that was given you. Throughout life, we remember school, are at the heart of the warmth of her fires, happy to meet with their teachers. Among the teachers of the Kirov district a lot of owners, premiums, honorary titles and high qualification categories, the winners of the competitions. Special admiration worthy veterans. Many of them continue to work, as an example for young teachers, a model of deep loyalty to his calling. Thank you, dear teachers, for the difficult but very important and necessary work! I wish a lot of happiness, good health, professional success...

On the school the stadium school №64 (Pobedy street, 46) was the day of the yard "Autumn kaleidoscope". The event brought together 50 young inhabitants of the Kirov district. Activists TOS "October" prepared for children interesting competitive program, where everyone can Express themselves. Children actively participated in all the competitions and sports competitions with great interest to solve riddles, puzzles and riddles. "Autumn kaleidoscope" is the second festival this fall, which organizes the TOS "October". Activists expect the TOS to continue to please young people in interesting, case, bright, fun activities. Autumn holiday gave the children a wonderful mood. All participants received small prizes.

At the community center of the Kirov district held the first meeting of art club "circle of friends" in the new season of 2016-2017, organised by the Chairman of Committee of soldier's mothers of the Kirov district, Lyudmila Bolshakova. The theme of the meeting: the autumn came. The meeting began with a reading of poems about autumn. Theatre Studio "Moments" staged on the play by Victor Lyapin "Disabled for life", Studio artists performed a humorous miniatures. All together singing songs. Valery Smirnov performed a few original songs under a guitar. Lyudmila Bolshakova read their own poems and sang the song "Indian summer". - We were not many, only 18 people, but the atmosphere was festive and very warm.

More than 700 elderly people, representatives of veterans ' organizations of enterprises in the district society of the disabled and other residents gathered for the festive evening devoted to Day of elderly people, which took place on 1 October in the Palace of culture named after S. M. Kirov. In the lobby of the Palace guests of the festival met choir of Russian song "Oh, Yes we do!", together with which people sang their favorite songs and danced. At 16.00 in the great hall of the Palace the gala concert began. The head of administration of Kirovsky district of Perm Oleg Glyzin congratulated all those present on the occasion and presented letters of Appreciation and memorable gifts. Then came the words of welcome and congratulations from the deputies of...

Tomorrow, October 4 kicks off the group stage of the Cup "School Football League" of the Kirov district of Perm city among teams of educational institutions, pupils of 9-11 classes. The qualifying matches of the Cup "School Football League" will be held on 4,5 and 6 October at the Playground down the street Lipatov, 2A and at the stadium "Prikamye" (street Las'vinskiy, 1). To participate in the competition announced 13 teams were distributed in 4 groups. The winners in each group will be determined by highest number of points. Team (1st place in each group will go into the second and final phase of the competition where they will compete for prizes. The semi-finals of the competition will take place on October 11th, then October 12 will be played for first...

Workers completed the rehabilitation of streets Halperin on the stretch from the streets of Las'vinskiy street sivashsky, the press service of the city administration. The total area of the repaired area amounted to 39 thousand sq. m. Contractor removed old paint, put alignment layer and the upper layer asphalt pavement. "When forming the list of objects of repair for 2016 in the Kirovsky district were taken into account the wishes of the residents and of industrial enterprises. Street Halperin was a priority, as there are administrative buildings of the city-forming enterprises", — explained in the city hall. Note, just at the moment in the city of Perm renovated 900 square meters of roads.

From 20 to 24 September 2016 at St Las'vinskiy, 18, on the square near the former cinema "the Screen", hosted a universal exhibition, which gathered participants from many parts of the Perm region and Perm city. Fair mass form combined buyers and tovaroproizvoditeley in a noisy and positive mechanism for mutually beneficial relations. Residents of the Kirov district bought products at prices from the farmers. A wide variety of vegetables and fruits pleased the eye of the buyers. Beekeepers in Perm region offered fresh honey from their apiaries as a field, and forest lands. Private farms - flowers-mnogoletniy, saplings of fruit bushes and trees. Not without additional and related products for gardeners - the choice was a lot of fertilizer, additives, and...

24 September 2016 at the stadium, "Kama" was held, which has already become the annual Festival of national cultures "Zakamsk-our common home". The organizer of the Festival - administration of the Kirov district of Perm city - invited old and new friends, like-minded people on the bright holiday of music, dance, songs and cuisines. The aim of the festival was revival and preservation of national rites and customs, traditions of the peoples: Russians, Uzbeks, Armenians, Bashkirs, Udmurts, Tatars, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Koreans and other nationalities living on the territory of Kirovsky district of Perm city, the promotion of national creativity, to identify and support young talent, the harmonization of interethnic relations.

24 September in the Kirov district of the city of Perm were unusual competitions – competitions among representatives of CBT area. In the framework of this competition the participants had to pass the standards TRP, which included pull UPS, push UPS, jumps and the slopes of the body forward from a standing position. The purpose of the event – development and support of territorial public self-managements, drawing attention to their activities, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and attraction of the population to systematic physical training. In addition, the program includes sports and athletics such sports as track and field athletics relay race "Merry starts", mini-football, Darts and tug of war. For all test team members warmly supported each...

24 Sep dyusshor on the territory of Perm city and a forested area on the street Sysolsky 10/5 was a paramilitary game on the ground for young people of pre-conscription age "summer lightning". The game was attended by 11 teams from secondary schools and 2 teams of students residing in hostels of Kirov district. The event began with demonstrations of dog training group of Military unit No. 3426. Then was the start of the game. Each team received your itinerary. During the game the guys had a serious test: showed mastery of the military drill, deciphered Morse code, assembled and disassembled the machine, crossed the borders of the "Night guide", "Semaphore", the command "Gases", "cars", war song, medical care.