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Because of the short-circuit wiring in an apartment located on the fourth floor of a residential building, the fire occurred. In the room were two children. The incident happened in the afternoon of 7 February in the apartment on the fourth floor of a five storey residential building on the street Voronezh in Perm. Due to a short circuit started a fire in the apartment was a boy of nine years and his seven year old sister. Before the arrival of firefighters independently from the building were 10 people, and from the burning apartment children behaved their mother, who had just returned from the store. On fire profits 33 personnel and two volunteers. The apartment burned down sofa in the room, a fire damaged the fridge. No one was hurt.

Next (first this year) meeting the city's creative Association "Silver ladle" was held last Friday in the library. Chekhov. It began symbolically with a review of the literature associated with Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and presented in the walls of the library. It should be noted that this year for our "Czehoski" special: 155 marks anniversary of Chekhov's birth, and because the library bears the name of this great Russian writer, couldn't stay away. Library staff noted that on the pass and in the reading room you can find many works of Chekhov and about Chekhov, that there is only one valuable collection of his works in 30 volumes! Then made head of the library Lyudmila Lazutina.

Perm again expect a short frosts, according to the Perm GIS center. Today, February 6, day in Perm around -6°C, partly cloudy, no precipitation. In the evening, in the Perm region will begin a sharp chill. By morning across the region will be cloudy weather with light wind, air temperature drops to -20...-25°C, Perm minimum temperature is expected to -22...-24°C. during the Day will warm up to -13...-17°C. In the next two days will remain mostly cloudy weather without precipitation and the almost complete calm. In the night of Sunday, February 8, Perm -25°C. during the Day on Sunday will be partly cloudy, air temperature -12...-18°C. At the beginning of next week will be light precipitation and temperature increase to -6...-10°C.

After months of searching novel Lopatin was found dead. According to preliminary data, the signs of violence were found. The coordinator searches Marina Barmakova reported that the body was found missing more than a month ago, the 19-year-old resident of Perm Novel Lopatin. The relative of the deceased said that the body of a young man was found in the gardens in the building like the baths on the street Novorzhev. Presumably, the novel itself climbed there. "According to the investigation, today, February 4, about 12 o'clock the body of the young man discovered a local resident on the territory of his under construction house located in the garden cooperative "SNT No. 85 in the Kirov district of the city of Perm. During the inspection made on the spot by...

Dear participants of the road, be careful! In the Kirov district at the intersection of Admiral Nakhimov and Zakamskaya signs of a priority. So, the Admiral Nakhimov street was the main road, and street Zakamskaya - secondary. Now, instead of rules "right arm" drivers must follow the rules of the regulated intersection.

Barbara Putin, 3 years. Russia, Vereshchagino, Perm region. The diagnosis of retroperitoneal neuroblastoma IV degree with metastases in the bone marrow(see here ). History: Details: Contacts parents: You need treatment for "border". Required amount: EUR 30 000, 2 000 000 rubles p.s. Due to the unstable situation on the currency market, the amount will vary depending on the Euro.

The month of February in the Kirov area is rich in anniversaries. Ten of them will celebrate their anniversaries. The administration of the Kirov district of the city of Perm congratulates anniversaries with the 90th anniversary birthday: Kachalov Nina Grigoryevna, 04 February 1925 birth, Gorlanov Mikhail Alexandrovich, 08 February 1925 birth, Ovchinnikova Tamara Dmitrievna, 09 February 1925 birth, Bakhtin Maria Semenovna, February 10, 1925 birth, Krivasova Viktor Petrovich, February 10, 1925 birth, Mezentseva Anna Konstantinovna, February 10, 1925 birth, Cavasino Valentina Vasilievna, February 16, 1925 birth, Khramtsova Maria Vasilievna, February 17, 1925 birth, Yakimova Alexei Ivanovich, 19 February 1925 birth, Trascina Valentina Efimovna, February 20...

Employees of the police Department of the Kirov region have identified the man suspected in a series of thefts from cars. Also confirmed his involvement in fifty criminal episodes. The offender was chosen cars of foreign manufacture, and at night they broke the side window and stole out of the cabin left by the owner of valuable property. For an attacker valuable as money, equipment, and documents. In the result of investigative work, the police arrested the thief. Now 34-year-old resident of Perm is under recognizance not to leave. In all criminal case. The investigation examines his involvement in similar crimes in other parts of the regional centre.

The Changes will affect bus No. 28, No. 29 and No. 80. On the basis of proposals Permyakov in a Single route transportation network changes. The Department of roads and transport announced the revised operation of bus routes No. 28 and No. 29. Bus 28 connects the Kirov area, the proletarian neighborhoods and Train with the campus (complex PPI). Bus route No. 29 will allow citizens living in the district of New Crimea, direct access to the medical unit No. 133 and anadromous Perm gunpowder factory. Will also change the final stop of bus No. 80. Now he will run to the bus stop "Theater "Ironic company in the city of Aranci (earlier it was planned only to stop "Goznak").