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On 29 September in the premises of community center of the Kirov district will host a meeting of the new season of art club "circle of friends", organized by the Chairman of Committee of soldier's mothers of the Kirov district Bolshakova, L. M. the theme of the meeting: the autumn came. The event starts at 18.00. The meeting will start with reading poems about autumn. The theatre will show a new performance, perform comic miniatures. All the participants will tell how spent the summer, will treat each other with blanks and share recipes. We invite all our friends and guests at our fall meeting.

In the Kirov district of Perm held a sports and cultural festival "Young runner", which was attended by 280 children from 20 kindergartens. Traditionally, the academic year in kindergartens of Kirov district begins with the preparation of preschoolers for the competition "Young runner". There is a serious selection, only the 14 fastest guys from each preschool in the fall teams (7 boys and 7 girls). The competitions were held in the form of a celebration. Young athletes overcame the distance of 30 meters. After the races in the game room of the sports complex "Prikamye" for children was organized entertainment program and held an awards ceremony. The winners got first in my life cups and diplomas, and all participants received sweet prizes.

Road works in the Kirov district of Perm on the homestretch. The contractors completed the repairs already scheduled 120 of 175 thousand square meters. We are working on laying the top layer of a road cloth in the street Halperin. Here the repaired area from the street to the streets of Las'vinskiy Sivash total area of 39 thousand square meters. Thanks to additional funding from budgets of different levels in 2016 in the Kirov district failed to fix not only large objects such as street Las'vinskiy and small streets, and driveways. So, last week completed repair work on the streets Chistopolsky, Svetlogorskaya, the repaired area of street Kirovograd, junction Admiral Ushakov - Kalinin, driveway on the street of Admiral Ushakov, 53.

Tomorrow, September 21 at the stadium "Prikamye" (street Las'vinskiy, 1) held among preschool institutions of the Kirov district "Young runner". Beginning at 17.00. Each academic year in kindergartens of Kirov district begins with the training of young preschoolers to the traditional competition "Young runner". There is a serious selection in the team, only 14 of the fastest children from each preschool will be in teams (7 boys and 7 girls). Young athletes have to overcome a distance of 30 meters. Traditionally, the event will be held in the form of a celebration. After the race the young athletes will be invited to the game room of the sports complex "Prikamye", where they will be organized entertainment and awards at the awarding ceremony.

The Repair of roads held in the regional center under any circumstances: if the team once again noticed the work of road services in bad weather. At this time, motorists noticed that the road service placed the asphalt in the rain in Kama. Earlier eyewitnesses reported that the work did not stop due to bad weather in the Leninsky district. Then in the mayor's office said that the road will then have to pass and in this form it will not take.

According to preliminary data, the minor passed the carriageway in not put place. 15 September at 19:00 in the Kirov district of Perm, on the street of Kalinin occurred traffic accident, which injured a teenager. According to the police, from the street in the direction of the street of Svetlogorsk moved Citroen under the control of the driver born in 1976. Opposite the house No. 74 on the street he knocked 16-year-old dawusu, which, according to preliminary information, passed the carriageway in an unspecified place. As a result of incident the minor was injured. In fact, accident is checked, set all the circumstances of the incident.

In Perm eyewitnesses saw the animals similar to wild boars. They ran across the road right before close going transport in Kama. Permyak spotted the animal in the evening, 14 September, as evidenced by the data of the DVR. When leaving the track Krasnokamsk–Perm from the Kama in front of his car ran three small wild boar. The animals managed to avoid a collision with a car.

Heat Supply in apartment houses of Perm will begin on Saturday, September 17. Issued a decree of the city administration. Previously city administration adopted the official decision on the start of the heating season. From September 15 to the supplier and the organization was ready to run the heat in the institutions of education and health. In the city Department of housing warned that during startup of heat possible leaks from heating systems in the apartments or the lack of heat in separate batteries from-for air "tubes". In this case, the tenants must immediately inform the Manager a management organization that supports the building and call emergency services. In the near future in the city Department of housing and regional administrations will...

Infamous unfinished, left in the number of defrauded investors of more than 450 people, will soon take the new settlers. The contractor JSC "PZSP" who worked under contract with housing co-operatives "of Admiral Ushakov, 21" through project support of paizhk, completed all the construction work. With the support of the regional government and JSC "PAIZHK' work was carried out in all areas, including cost optimization, contracts were signed with the network organizations with zero connection cost or minimum possible, also reduced the rent for the land. The result has been to minimize the total cost of completion and terminate the object. "This project is socially important, so all participants in the process worked to solve problems of shareholders.

Yesterday at the ski base "Prikamye" TO MAU Detsko-yunosheskaya Sportivnaya SHKOLA Zakamsk city of Perm was autumnal cross among teams of educational institutions. The team from each institution was represented by 4 boys and 4 girls. Each team member had to overcome the distance of 500 meters for female and 1000 meters for boys. The calculation of the team result were recorded at the three best technical results in boys and girls. So, the fastest and most enduring was the team of school №64 (among boys and among girls), 2 place – school No. 27 among teams of boys, school No. 1 among girls, and 3 place was taken by team of school No. 63 (boys) school number 83 (girls). In the individual competition 1st place among the girls took the pupils of the school №64...

In the framework of the city program on landscaping of the yards in the Kirov region completed work on 51 of the local area. Over the summer, paved more than 14 thousand square meters, 68 trees were crowned and installed 383 per meter of fencing. Work on the improvement of the first yards, once in the program, started in June. The last yard has been renovated to 5 September. The main types of work in the local area of steel paving, installing fences, cutting of trees. Thus, in the framework of the program carried out a complex of works on improvement of the local area the longest of the twelve entrances of the house №53 along the street of Admiral Ushakov. There is a pedestrian area, equipped entrances, installed curb and lawn fence.

Robbery Attempt on Marshal Rybalko happened tonight. 35-year-old suspect is detained. Now wanted by the second participant in the crime who managed to escape. Today at about midnight, September 14, in a call center of police of the Kirovsky district of Perm, it was reported the attempted theft of money from the ATM on the street of Marshal Rybalko. Arrived at the scene by patrol forces and investigative team. The police established that the crime involved two people, one of them was arrested. It was them earlier judged for robbery, 35-year-old Permyakov, released from places of deprivation Svobody five days ago. Upon attempt at theft criminal case is brought. Now wanted and installed the second participant of the crime, according to police Perm.

In September in the Kirov district will host two of the agricultural fair "Harvest-2016" and "Honey Fieldfare". Continues accepting applications for participation. 18 September from 10.00 to 16.00 at the square in front of the former cinema "the Screen" will be held agricultural fair "Harvest-2016", which for the second consecutive year the administration of the Kirovsky district will organize jointly with the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Perm region. Places at the fair are free. The main condition for participation is to sell its products exclusively from own production. Applications are being accepted now at St Zakamskaya, 26 (phone 283-30-55). From 19 to 24 September from 08.00 to 19.

By the end of October there will be a football field, and next year — hockey rink and a Playground. In Perm, began reconstruction of the stadium "Avangard" in the street of Svetlogorsk in the Kirov district. In the fall of 2015, the city government tried to sell the land to replenish the city Treasury, but the auction was postponed several times, but in the end did not take place at all, as no bids were received. The new stadium will be located on an area of 1.3 ha. will be the football field and hockey rink with bleachers for spectators, summer basketball and volleyball courts. Along the perimeter of the stadium will be Packed polyurethane safety coating. In addition, the sports complex will appear for children and fitness areas, locker room and storage...

A Forensic examination showed that death of the missing girl was of a violent nature. In the Kirov district on the discovery of the body of 27-year-old Permyatski missing 4 September 2016, a criminal case. The woman's body was found September 8, 2016 in the woods of the neighborhood Shipyard. After receiving the data of the violent nature of the death of a young woman investigating authorities opened a criminal case under the article "murder". According to the investigative Committee, the body was found by volunteers participating in the search. PR initial inspection of the scene, the experts told about the places without traces of violent death, however, after forensic examination, the experts came to the conclusion that death after all was of a violent...