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According to preliminary data of the investigative Committee, the death of men and women came as a result of poisoning with burning products. The night of 12 September 2016 in the summer house in SNT "Berezka" in the Kirov district of Perm there was a fire. After its liquidation in place were found the bodies of 39-year-old man and his 38-the summer cohabitant. On this fact the investigating authorities carried out a preliminary examination. According to preliminary data, on the eve of the couple stoked in a country house. Upon inspection of the visible traces, indicating that the dead were victims of violent crimes, not detected. According to preliminary conclusions it is judicial-medical examination the death of the man and his concubine was caused by...

Road workers started milling the top layer of asphalt. Road workers started renovating the building Halperin in the Kirov district of Perm. As reports a press-service of city administration, it is planned to repair a section of road from the street to the streets of Las'vinskiy Sivash. Total square footage, where he will hold the reconstruction, is 39 thousand sq. m. in Total this year in the Kirov district of the city plan to repair the 175 thousand square meters of roadway.

On 29 August in the Park "Youth" on the street Hudanina with the support of administration of the Kirov district held a bright and exciting event "goodbye summer!". In the beginning of the holiday entertainers welcomed the audience and invited to take part in the entertainment program. The event was opened with a rousing performance of professional dance Studio "Hit" and vocal Studio "Hope" (group of boys) that gave the occasion a cheerful mood. Then began the game program. She was "broken" into blocks by colors of the rainbow. Competitions, games, quizzes. The celebration was attended by adults and children. They all received gifts, Souvenirs and sweet prizes. Throughout the event young people paint face painting.

30 August in the premises of community center of the Kirov district held a competition "Gifts of autumn", organized by the District Council of veterans. The competition was attended by 56 participants from six veterans ' organizations. On pageant veterans competed in the ability to turn gifts from the garden, cottages and forests into works of art - bouquets and vegetable salads, fruit fantasy. So, presented a beautiful composition, unusual vegetables. For example, tomatoes in the form of ducks, zucchini in the form of a penguin, a lizard. In addition, the jury was presented billets of vegetables and fruits, salads, pastries, all sorts of recipes. All the participants were in the original autumn costumes made with their hands.

After increasing the capacity of heat pipes created new opportunities for construction in the Shipyard districts and Water managers. Energy "the Perm network company" complete works on reconstruction of heating main of M4-01, passing through Main street in the Kirov district of Perm. In the framework of the summer repair campaign is here updated sections of the network with a total length of 186 meters. As a result, the diameter of heat pipes increased from 700 to 800 mm were applied During reconstruction and the modern heat pipes with a factory insulating material. This simplified the installation process, increase the service life of the pipe, as well as to improve the energy efficiency of the expenditure of the heat carrier and the reliability of heat...

In the Kirov district of Perm has opened a new platform for workout. To engage all students. Na Kalinina, 74 already passed the first practice under the guidance of a coach. On the Playground is for exercise – uneven bars, horizontal bars and fitness equipment. Class workout – warm up all muscle groups – held on the grounds twice a week. In addition to the structured lessons, the facility is open for individual exercises. Now in the Kirov district has 11 playgrounds. In September I plan to open another in the yard on Las'vinskiy, 60A – there will build a mini-stadium.

On 1 September in the Park "Happiness is" (street of Marshal Rybalko, 106) will pass the action devoted to Day of knowledge. The festive program under the slogan "Jackson go to school" starts at 14:00. The celebration will begin with a speech exemplary theater of fashion "Diva". From 14:00 heroes of the cartoon "Barboskiny" Buddy and rose will play with guests in a big Board game, for every cell which hides the job. At the end of the game participants have to overcome a dance marathon. The tasks participants will get prizes. From 14:00 to 16:00 in the Park will work to creative site: "Be healthy!", "Paintings on the water" and "Funny arithmetic".

In Kirovsky district continue the yard holidays for children. This week of events under the title "the jungle" will be held on the street Glazovskaya, 11 and Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 25. Event "Holiday of our yard" is organized with the support of the administration of Kirov district. 30 Aug entertainment program will be held in the yard on the street Glazovskaya,11 and 31 August on the streets of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 25. The event starts at 19:00. During the festival, the young team can make a wonderful and exciting journey. Team "predators" and "grazers" will compete in sports competitions, to get the coveted points for the win. To raise team spirit and strengthen the desire to win the kids will help with their incendiary dance support group in the person of...

More than 800 young people participated in leisure activities "And we have in the yard", which took place from 17 to 24 August in the neighborhoods of Chistopol, Central and October with the support of administration of the Kirov district of Perm city. Within the entertainment programs that were held in the yards, the boys and girls participated in contests and sports competitions. Friends cooked, baked pancakes, caught fish and pulled the rope. Under the guidance of the charming fairies Toffee and Caramels guys were flying on a big parachute, performed good deeds and had fun at the disco. At the end of the event all children received sweet presents.

"harvest Festival" will be held in the Kirov district at two sites. August 25, at 18.00, the event will be held on the square near Palace of culture "Ural" (street Fadeeva, 7), and 26 August the festival will be held on the territory of the school №64 street Las'vinskiy, 64A). Festivities will be held with traditional Russian scale and fun. A festive concert was organized within the framework of the day of the harvest, will show the breadth of the Russian soul. Creative teams will decorate an event costume styled rooms, thereby accentuating the theme of the celebration. In the framework of the "Harvest Festival" will be held a master class of carving, where everyone can learn the art of carving fruit and vegetables in order to transfer this skill to the...

Last Saturday on the sports ground on the street of Marshal Rybalko, 107 held its first annual tournament on mini-football memory of Alexander Vshivkova. The event was organized by the TOS. The match involved three teams of six people. All the participants are former wards of Alexander Vasilyevich, the kids he coached. Following the meeting, the first place took the team "PZSP-2", the players of "Olympus" in the second place, the team sporting the third place. The referee of the match was made by a member of TOS "Central" Mikhail Maltsev. All participants of the championship were awarded medals and commemorative pennants. Aleksandr Vshivkov was the founder of football club "Folk", coach, referee, player, social activist, member of TOS "Central".

At the end of last week in three Parks Perm hosted a series of qualifying stages, the results of which the best dancers got the opportunity to compete at the gala concert of the festival of street dances "Augustine", which will be held on 20 August in the Park of the Kirov area "Happiness is" (street of Marshal Rybalko, 106). The event starts at 12.00. For the first time the dancers clashed in the battle in the Park. Chekhov's Friday, then Saturday was found in Garden of them. Mindovsky, and ended the qualifying rounds in the Park "Happiness" on Sunday. The skills of young people in the direction of hip-hop and braiking was assessed by authoritative dancers their Ufa and Naberezhnye Chelny. The winners of the qualifying rounds will compete for the victory...

On Saturday 20 August at the sports ground, located on the street of Marshal Rybalko, 107 will be the first annual mini football tournament in memory of coach-referee-player of the Perm territory of the member TOS "Central", founder of football club "Folk" Alexander V. Vshivkova, convened by the Chairman TOS "Central". We invite all sports fans to support the team. The start of the event at 16.00.

In Perm, began repairing the streets of Las'vinskiy, Avtozavodskaya, Lipatov and Marshal Rybalko. The contractors have already conducted the milling plots, which will soon lay new asphalt. In mid-August has been prepared land for repairs on the following sites: Avtozavodskaya street (from the street Shishkin to the street Lipatov, Lipatova street (traffic MSRD), driveway on the street of Marshal Rybalko, 99. In the near future will begin laying asphalt on the milled sections. Thanks to additional funds from the Federal budget preparatory work began on the street Las'vinskiy, in the area from the street Uzhgorod before departure on the route Perm–Krasnokamsk. Here took the old road surface.

17 July on the territory of the school №83 in the district of New Vodniki held sports event dedicated to the Day of the athlete. It was attended by more than 150 residents of all ages. A real sports festival organized and hosted TOS "New Water" in conjunction with trainers and activists. Traditionally the event was held at the sports ground of school No. 83. To celebrate the Day of the athlete was planned last Thursday, but due to the bad weather the festival had to be postponed. Last night was eagerly awaited by many, especially the children. On the school Playground gathered more than 150 people of all ages, from small to large. The first in the sports program of the evening was football, in which teams of teenagers.