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Agricultural fair "Honey Fieldfare" and "Crop-2016" will be held in the Kirov district of Perm city at the end of August and in September. Applications for participation in fairs can be submitted now. Traditionally, in August-September in different parts of Perm region are agricultural fair. Kirovsky district of Perm is no exception. Here unfold two fairs that people can attend as a participant and as a buyer. From 26 to 28 August on the square in front of the former cinema "the Screen" between 08.00 and 19.00 will work universal exhibition-fair "Honey Fieldfare". The event will act as an independent non-profit organization in the field of culture, folklore and sport "the Art workshop".

Public transport Stop "the Cinema "Screen" and "Cinema "the ruby" will soon change its name. Until September 1 at administration of Kirovsky district accept the suggestions of residents on renaming these stopping points. Cinema "the Screen" and "ruby" in the Kirov district of Perm has not existed for several years. Thus, the names of stops of public transport, named in their honor, lost their relevance. The administration of the Kirovsky district takes the options for new names of stops until 1 September. Already there were suggestions of renaming the stop "the Cinema "the Screen" into "Alexander Nevsky", "Gymnasium No. 6", "Street Las'vinskiy". To stop "the Cinema "the ruby" proposed the name "Street" Tsar-cannon" and "Duck swamp".

Tomorrow, August 18, at 09:30 in the Kirov district on the territory of LLC "Perm chemical company" (Voronezhskaya, 56) will test the health of the local warning system. Sirens will sound for 10 minutes. Test will be held in accordance with the plan of major events of the Kirov district in the field of civil defense, prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and fire safety in 2016. Residents who heard the sound of sirens and voice warning, don't worry. Check alert system is educational in nature, it is a planned event.

The bailiffs of the Kirov district of Perm, pursuant to a court order suspended the operations of the cafe "Hutorok". The institution was located in the annexe to dwelling house and prevented its residents permanent odors. At the request of the residents of an apartment building on the street Kirovograd, 66 the staff of the CPS was conducted to verify compliance with sanitary-epidemiological norms. The audit showed that OOO "Evenings on a Farm and" put the wrong device and equipment mine ventilation. According to the court, "Evenings on a Farm and" have been found guilty of committing an administrative offense. Also a legal person explained that if the violation is corrected prior to the expiration of the term, based on the determination of the court of...

By the control of a detour on the assessment of the improvement and the maintenance of territory of objects of social sphere of the Kirov district inspected all the institutions of culture and education received 5 points. On 9 August the members of the control and analytical Department with the participation of representatives of the Department of education and the administration of the Kirov district held checking the status of improvement and maintenance of territories of objects of social sphere in August. In the course of the tour was checked for 20 objects. In General, for the state of their territories, they received a score of 4.9 points, which is slightly higher than the result in August last year to 4.7 points. Perfectly describes the territory of...

On 14 August for the first time in the Kirov district of the city of Perm at the stadium "Prikamye" will be the match of the championship of Russia on football. Perm "Steel tigers" will compete with the team Vityaz Podolsk city. The game will start at 13:00 hours. The cost of the ticket of 50 roubles. For reference. The American football team "Steel tigers" exists since 2010 and in a relatively short period of time to achieve tangible success. The first match the team played on the road in 2011. Played with the team from Yekaterinburg. Then the Team failed to win, but obtained invaluable experience. In 2012, the team from Perm took part in the Championship of Russia in the division of the Urals and then took revenge by defeating the same team from...

August 11 at the stadium "Kama" was held a sports holiday devoted to Day of the athlete. The event program was intense. Despite the rain, the sports fans of different ages who came to the stadium, celebrated the feast of actively competing in various sports. At the opening ceremony with the participation of Deputy head of administration of Kirovsky district of Perm city M. L. Yolk and the Deputy of the Perm city Duma A. D. Bolkvadze in honor of day of the athlete the residents were given letters of thanks for active participation in sports life of area. Then started sports. So, on the volleyball court gathered five teams. The games were held according to the Olympic system (shootout).

11 and 13 August in the Kirov district held a chess tournament in honor of celebration of day of the athlete. Thursday, August 11, chess play area at the stadium "Prikamye". The chess tournament included in the program of the festival devoted to Day of the athlete. Beginning at 18.00. On Saturday, August 13, in the premises of the community centre of the Kirov area (street Shishkin, 3)held a chess tournament dedicated to the Day of the athlete. The event starts at 12.00. Chess tournaments are held in the Kirov district on a regular basis. So, on every second Saturday of the month chess club meets in the building of the public centre of the Kirov area (street Shishkin, 3). Every last Thursday of the month chess players demonstrate mastery in the premises of...

Last, according to preliminary information, was crossing the road on the unregulated pedestrian crossing. This morning in the Kirov district pedestrian fell under the wheels of cars. As informs traffic police, the accident occurred in the early morning on the streets of Svetlogorsk in the direction of the Western bypass. Driving the Hyundai Veloster was 22-the summer young man. Near the house No. 11, he hit a man born in 1984. The latter, according to preliminary information, passed the carriageway on the unregulated crosswalk. As a result of road accident the pedestrian with head injuries delivered in medical institution. In fact, an accident review. The state traffic Inspectorate of the Perm region reminds pedestrians of the need to cross the road only at...

By the end of 2015, Kirovsky district took first place in the competition for the title of "Best district of the city of Perm for the cleaning of objects of street-road network". The funds allocated from the prize Fund due to the budget of Perm will be spent on repair of four problematic roads of the Kirov district. In June last year, the head of administration of Perm Dmitry Samoilov has signed a decree on holding a competition for the title of "Best district of the city of Perm for the cleaning of objects of street-road network". The prize Fund of the contest amounted to 10 million rubles, which were distributed as follows: first place - 50% of the total prize pool for second and third place 30% and 20%, respectively. According to the decision of a city...

Two wonderful evenings filled with music and fun took place in the district of New Crimea, Kirov district of Perm in the framework of the festival "Crimean PM". Festival "Crimean PM" has been held annually for several years in the midst of the summer holidays. Traditional theme nights filled with music and fun. This year the event kicked off on 28 July in the square near the Palace of culture "Ural". Residents of the neighborhood in anticipation of the holiday came to the Palace in advance to walk, take pictures and take seats near the stage. Getting lost here was impossible, catchy music served as a guiding landmark. Several hundred kids and parents gathered that day at the scene.

In connection with increase of tariffs for housing and communal services in information and consulting points concerning housing and communal services of the Kirov district expected influx of visitors. On the basis of the community centre and the territorial public self-managements in the Kirov region operates four information-consulting point for housing, utilities and major repairs. In place residents can get free advice on how to create a Council of an apartment house, "to establish relations" with the administering organization, to learn about the latest changes in housing legislation, and so on. So, at the community center of the Kirov district on the street Shishkin, 3 reception of citizens leads a consultant to Autonomous non-commercial organization...

Area, where selling watermelons, was occupied illegally, had no documents confirming the phytosanitary condition of the goods. In Perm on street of Marshal Rybalko during the RAID were discovered to the point where illegally traded watermelons. Besides the fact that the sellers had no right to occupy this land, they have no documents confirming the phytosanitary condition of the product, informs a press-service of city administration. The police seized the goods prior to submission of the required documents. Now manufacturing at this location ceased.

At this intersection received the complaints of citizens with requests to bring it in. He posed a threat of accidents for motorists. The stretch of road at the intersection of Makarov and Sokolskaya could be called one of the most problematic in the Kirov district. The address of the district administration has received numerous requests from residents asking to repair the intersection. A big hole in the road made it impossible to turn off the street Sokolskaya on the street Makarova without going into the oncoming lane. At the end of July as part of the ongoing repairs by the contractor, OOO "SU-157" the pavement at this intersection has been repaired. Total area of the executed works amounted to 160 square metres.

Because Of the works 30 and 31 July will be narrowed roadway, and the speed will be reduced to 40 km per hour. In Perm on 30 and 31 July will be surface treatment of roads outside Yakutsk, linking the Kirovsky district of the city centre. In this regard, the roadway will be reduced. Movement speed reduced to 40 km per hour in the processing days and the next few days, informs a press-service of city administration. For the treatment of asphalt coating is applied chippings with bitumen emulsion, which is placed with the help of special road cars. Work will be carried out with the temporary restriction of movement – the roadway will be closed alternately on the right and left side.