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After turning waterworks normal water supply will be restored within the next day. From 20:00 on 15 July to 08:00 on 17 July will stop Chusovsky treatment facilities. All work in accordance with the regulations is given no more than 36 hours. To repairs and prevention were consistently on numerous objects, all planned in advance — preparing the specialists of "Novogor-Prikamye in conjunction with the city began at least six months. The period off without water following areas of the city: Ordzhonikidze district (full); Dzerzhinsky district, the right-Bank part of area — wide basis; Sverdlovsk district (all but m/R Nikolaya Ostrovskogo); the Industrial district (except St.

The hospital treated two victims . Work Perm gunpowder factory, which received more than 90% burns in the incident, died today at 6 a.m. in the burns unit of the clinical hospital № 21. This was announced by the chief doctor Vadim Babin. To date, the hospital treated two injured employees of the gunpowder factory. One is in intensive care, the other in the burns unit of the hospital. On the morning of 11 July 2016 in one of the shops because of the violation of requirements of labor protection occurred ignition of fuel components, resulting in four employees suffered burns of varying severity.

The building of one of the shops FKP "the Perm powder mill" the ignition of the fuel components. Four employees suffered burns of varying severity. In fact the incident TFR checks. According to preliminary information, on the morning of July 11 in the building of one of shops of the enterprise from-for violations of requirements of labor protection occurred ignition of the fuel components. Injured four workers of the plant. "Currently, conducted an inspection of the scene, interview witnesses and victims, necessary examinations are appointed, verified the presence or absence of fault of the management team of the company. According to the results of the preliminary investigation will be a procedural decision", – reported in the SU TFR in the Perm region.

In the Day of family, love and fidelity on the school the stadium school No. 64 street of Victory, 46 was held on the occasion. Organized TOS "October" in the framework of the project "Happy childhood". Holiday "Day of family, love and fidelity" was fun, bright and at the same time was very sweet and touching. People of different ages at the festival was one happy family. Young families with children actively participated in various competitions, spectators have cheered them. Adults and children danced, guessed sayings and Proverbs on the theme of the family took part in a musical flash mob. All families – participants of the festival received gifts. Special attention was surrounded by special guests of the event, couples, Golden and diamond jubilees, the...

In January 2015 the police Department of the Kirov area of Perm has addressed 72-the summer grandmother: a phone scammer tricked her, pretending to be a grandchild who "got in an accident". According to the Moi, the excitement and noise entered the elderly woman in confusion. Entangled, she gave the attacker of 200 thousand rubles. Later it turned out that the grandson never had an accident and did not commit any illegal acts. The offender was caught the other day. Rascal was 33-year-old native of the Republic of Tatarstan, previously brought to criminal responsibility. For fraud committed with causing significant damage to the victim, a criminal case. Now the suspect is arrested. Police are checking on his involvement in similar crimes.

The Accident occurred on the highway Perm. One of the cars flew over the fence. According to eyewitnesses, on the bridge over Lesivo the collision occurred SUV and Hyundai Getz. The car received a strong mechanical damage, and the SUV hung on the railing of the bridge.

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At the community center of the Kirov district on the street Shishkin, 3 Perm residents can ask questions on housing and communal services and major repairs. To consult anyone and absolutely free. Reception of citizens is conducted by the consultant to Autonomous non-commercial organization of additional professional education "Institute of innovative technologies" Polishchuk Ivan. Pre-registration is not required, the reception is in a queue every Monday from 16:00 to 18:00. -Often with your questions to ask elderly residents. Permyakov concerned with the issues of the overhaul, the tariffs for communal services and validation of their calculation, as well as other issues related to the housing sector, - said Ivan Polishchuk.

Subject to receipt of Federal co-financing to complete construction of the facility is planned for the end of 2017. The authorities of Perm have chosen the site for construction of the municipal pool. The pool will be built in the Kirov region to the address: street Sysolsky, 10/5. About it reports "Vusiness Class'", referring to the words of the chief of a municipal government of capital construction Denis Ushakov. To complete construction of the facility subject to receipt of Federal co-financing is planned by the end of 2017. Design documentation will be ready by the end of 2016. After the project will be used as a model for obtaining Federal funding. According to preliminary data, the cost of the pool will be about 100 million rubles.

Emergency shutdown m-new and Old Crimea 10:45 AM, OOO NOVOGOR-Prikamye is reported that from 10:00 05.07.2016 to the end of emergency operations (elimination of leakage) produced by the disconnection of water supply, the work is being done at the address: str. Yalta, 17. Without water: - New and Old Crimea. The company "NOVOGOR" apologizes for the inconvenience. Additional information can be obtained by phone or 2100-680 068 (for calls from mobile phone).

The Staff of criminal investigation Department took two days to search for the suspect. Now test events are held. In the Kirov district of Perm, in the night of 1 July of the current year, Bank street Las'vinskiy triggered the alarm. It is established that in the room detonated an improvised explosive device. As explained in a press-service GU MVD of Russia on the Perm edge, the damage was minor. ATMs are not affected, the funds were not stolen. From the scene, the attacker fled. In a course quickly-search actions the suspect was arrested. In the night from 27 to 28 June on highway of Cosmonauts, next to the "Goznak" the robbers opened several ATMs.

In the administration of the Perm an estimate for the repair of the sports complex "Prikamye". On bringing the object to the manner will need several tens of millions. In General, the modernization of the sports complex "Prikamye" can cost 60-70 million rubles, according to Vusiness Class ' with reference to the representative of the mayoralty of Perm. Earlier FKP "the Perm powder mill" officially handed over the complex to the balance of the city administration. The former owner did not have funds for the maintenance of the facility. Recall, for many years the sports complex "Prikamye", is the main sports centre for the residents of the Kirov and the right Bank of the Dzerzhinsky district. It carried out training municipal and regional sport schools. Most...

Resident of Kama will be tried for a brutal murder in the stairwell. The reason for the crime was jealousy. According to investigators, the evening of may 12 39-the summer inhabitant of the Kirov area of Perm in the entrance of the house down the street Avtozavodskaya to death, hacked to death a 38-year-old man, who began to cohabit with his friend. A criminal case under article "Murder" is directed to court, informs a press-service of regional SU TFR.

More than 500 people took part in the Ivan Kupala holiday, which took place in the Kirov district of Perm city. Guests from different cities of Russia attended the event. The event was organized by the TOS Nalimikha with the support of administration of the Kirov district of Perm city. This year the geography of participants has expanded greatly. Guests came from Kostroma, Vyatka, Ekaterinburg, Kudymkar, Krasnokamsk, Ufa, Kaliningrad, Karpinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Trinity village, Gelendzhik and Chusovoy. More than 500 participants plunged into the atmosphere of the holiday. "Very pleased with the presence of many children at the festival. The children were happy to run across the meadow, to play old folk games",- Chairman TOS "Nalinika...

July 4, there will be changes in bus routes №8, 15, 53, 64 and 67. In Perm from July 4, they changed the schedule several bus routes. So, on a route №53 will increase the number of flights on weekdays. Will also change the time of the first and last departures on the route. From the stop "the 10th micro-district" buses will start work at 05:50. The last flight is scheduled at 22:19. From the stop "ulitsa Pushkina route begins at 06:25. The departure time of last flight - 23:13. On the bus route №8 will change the departure time of last flight. From the stop "ulitsa Pushkina after 22:00 will be introduced additional departure at 22:30 and 22:50. From the stop "DK im. Kirova will be flights at 21:28 and 21:50.