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The Beginning of a new object of repair Studio apartment of 35 m2 in Moscow at the address: Moscow, Kherson str. 25. According to a preliminary estimate of repair and is composed of estimates will amount to 310 000 according to the classification of the major types. Provides full replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment with the installation of the power panel, as well as comprehensive replacement of water pipes and sewers. With the customer agreed to the demolition of the old toilet partitions with the subsequent construction of new from the foam block. Read more about the new object of "the maintenance" can be found in the news on the website: Photo report of the progress of repair...

Masters of "the maintenance" completed repair of two-bedroom apartment in a new building with an area of 78 m2 with a partial redevelopment at the address: g. Vidnoe street Fokina 2. Details about the timing and stages of implementation: http :// www . rembrigada . ru / novosti _ podrobno . html ? id =65 Detailed photo report about the performed repair

After the completion of the joint repair bathrooms turnkey 2.7 m2 and renovation of corridor of 5 m2 at the address: Moscow str. in Odessa 7. Customer repair posted a positive review on the fulfilled work of masters of "the maintenance team.RU". Read more: Photo gallery of the facility

New video from the masters of the company "the maintenance" on the pasting of walls non-woven Wallpaper without matching the pattern. Video report: Photo gallery of the facility

Pasting wall paper Wallpaper with a matching pattern on the walls in the room where the masters of "the maintenance" carried out cosmetic repairs. Video of work: photo Gallery object where you performed the video Photo video gallery object

Laying laminate flooring in the room where he conducted a comprehensive cosmetic repair to the masters of the company "the maintenance". Video report on the progress of the work: photo Gallery of the facility where you performed the videography. Photo gallery of the facility